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    NOTE: Any .exe characters are forbidden but this is the only exception as a lot of them are just generic and parodies of this one, this is the only exception as this one started the whole .exe trend while the others are just trying to copy him.

    Sonic.exe/Lord X/X
    Gender: Male
    Type: Interdimensional Energy-based Entity
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Energy-based entity
    Demon Hedgehog
    Media of origin: Sonic.exe games
    First appearance: Sonic.exe

    Fleetway Super Sonic, Friday Night Funkin (vs. Sonic.EXE mod)

    Sonic.exe/Lord X is the titular main antagonist of the infamous indie game series of the same name. He is an anomalous, interdimensional energy-based entity driven by an instinctive lust for destruction and pain. His goal is to enslave all of humanity and (somehow) take over the world.

    Why He's Intentionally Not God

    1. Given that he is made bad on purpose, along with the fact that nothing justifies his existence, it's possible that he could be a product of stupidity.
    2. His design isn't even scary to begin with (except for maybe a five year old), and more akin to creepy. It's literally Sonic the Hedgehog with black eyes and red pupils (not unlike Metal Sonic), blood pouring out of his eyes and sharp teeth, and nothing else.
      • In fact, he may actually look kinda cool.
    3. His "I Am God" quote doesn't even sound scary at all. At least the voices in his "Hello. Do you want to play with me?" and "You're too slow. Want to try again?" are a little deeper.
    4. Misleading name: The ".EXE" in his name might make some more uninformed fans think that he's some sort of Mega Man Battle Network Sonic-inspired OC, but instead, he is an energy being that does nothing but repetitively kidnap and enslave the souls of his victims.
    5. Despite being a unique and creative character, he is extremely one-dimensional and lacks the sufficient character development and other entertaining qualities, that helped other indie game villains such as Monika and Freddy Fazbear achieve critical acclaim from viewers.
    6. His plan is what you would expect from a generic doomsday villain. He just wants to take over the world and put everyone under his control, and... that's basically just it.
    7. Like Jeff the Killer, his original creepypasta has too many clichés and it was moved to Trollpasta Wiki for that reason.
    8. Aside from the 2020 remake parody, his atrocities are recycled again and again. He just steals the souls of his victims, claims to be God and initiates his generic plan regrading WHING#3, meaning no character development aside the 2020 remake parody of the game.
      • As a matter of fact, him kidnapping and torturing the souls of his victims makes them Butt-Monkeys to him. It also makes him a karma houdini
    9. Because of all the flaws, he even overused the generic .exe games that are powered by GameJolt and Scratch. Which are overall just the same thing as the original Sonic.exe, except those like ToyStory.exe or My Little Revenge.
    10. Copyrighted laughing sound effect: It's just a copy of Kefka's Laugh from Final Fantasy VI.
    11. In addition to that, he spawned a plethora of Friday Night Funkin' mods, and each and every one of them are as generic as they are repetitive.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. The idea of ​​making of a demonic entity who haunts a PC version of a classic game by disguising as the titular character and steals the souls of other characters out of sheer bloodlust is pretty creative, even if it's very poorly executed.
    2. He's been so hated and panned by viewers to the point that he's more or less ironically one of the most memorable indie game characters.
    3. His lore and abilities can make him a somewhat unique and creative character, as mentioned above.
    4. Considering he comes from games that are meant to suck, it's not too farfetched to assume that he's supposed to be equally bad.
      • His original creator JC the Hyena admitted that he wasn't even meant to be enjoyed or liked to begin with, as stated in this interview.
    5. The Sonic.EXE series later expanded from a duology of crappy deliberately indie games into a series of full-fledged games with actual plots, lore, and character development.
    6. Many users have created their own version/incarnation of Sonic.EXE. Some of them have the following qualities:
      • Some incarnations of him can actually be likable and/or interesting.
      • Several incarnations of Sonic.EXE in the later games, and other media have enhanced the character, such as Darkest Struggles, Sonic PC Port, and ShutupJoseph's adaptation "Needlemouse".
    7. While his original creepypasta was just pure shock value with no plot, lore or message, its sequel "Round 2" has an actual plot and significant lore.
    8. His backstories (whether official or fanmade) are interesting, like the one created by DedGrafic.
    9. In 2021, due to having a new ownership, Sonic.EXE got an overall revamp. His new canonical incarnation of him gave him an improved redesign, abilities, and lore, as well as a new name, "Xenophanes".


    • He became an internet meme..
    • Since his debut in the early 2010s, Sonic.EXE's original incarnation has been not only one of the most unlikable Sonic fan-characters ever made, but also one of the most notoriously unlikable videogame characters to date.
    • Many people think that PC Port was the first time he was called by the name "Lord X" or simply X, but actually, this name comes from the sequel to the OG creepypasta which was also written by JC-The-Hyena.
      • Also according to Sonic.EXE Round 2 (The official sequel to the original Creepypasta), he has seven guardians and a cult named "The Cult of X".
    • Regarding WHING#4, there was actually a Mega Man Battle Network OC named Sonic.EXE who was the main protagonist of a sprite webcomic titled Future of the Net, before the horror indie game character was created.



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