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NOTE: Any .exe characters are forbidden but this is the only exception as a lot of them are just generic and parodies of this one, this is the only exception as this one started the whole .exe trend while the others are just trying to copy him.

You say YOU, ARE, GOD, but in a fight against actual God, you wouldn't have a ghost of a chance, especially considering you're a demon.
Gender: Male
Type: Seriel Killer
Demon Hedgehog
Processed Sonic Body
Age: Dead
Species: Ghost
Media of Origin: Sonic.exe

X, or better known as Sonic.exe (sometimes spelled as Sonic.EXE), is the titular main antagonist of the Creepypasta of the same name and its sequel "Sonic.exe/Round 2", and is the overall main antagonist of the series.

Why He Is Not God

  1. His design isn't even scary to begin with, it's just Sonic with black eyes, red pupils, and blood pouring out from his eyes and that's it.
  2. His quote where he talks about the fact "he is God", doesn't even sound scary at all, at least the voices in his "Hello. Do you want to play with me?" and "You're too slow. Want to try again?" are a little deeper.
  3. His plan is what you would expect from a generic villain. He just wants to take over the world and put everyone under his control, and... that's basically just it.
  4. Like Jeff the Killer, his story has too many clichés, that it was moved to Trollpasta Wiki.
  5. Aside from the 2020 remake parody, his skills are recycled again and again. He just kills the cast and then said "I. AM, GOD!" and does his generic plan regrading WHLS#3 when he's done killing meaning no character development aside the 2020 remake parody of the game.
  6. Because of all the flaws, he even overused the generic .exe games that are powered by GameJolt and Scratch. Which are overall just the same thing as the original Sonic.exe, except those like ToyStory.exe or My Little Revenge.
  7. Copyrighted laughing sound effect: It's just a copy of Kefka from Final Fantasy's laugh.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His appearance in the 2020 remake parody of Sonic.exe is funny, especially the "Uh, meow" part.
  2. The boss fights with him on some takes of the Sonic.exe games like "Sonic.EXE: Spirit of Hell" or "Nightmare Beginning" are fun.
  3. His characterization in one of the fangames, known as Darkest Stuggles, was greatly improved.
  4. Some portrayals of him in fangames can actually be likable.


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