Solid and Nebra Silva

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Solid and Nebra Silva
These ugly-haired jerks (Not you, Nozel, you're good) have no right to mock their own little sister like that.
Gender: Male (Solid)
Female (Nebra)
Type: Abusive and Egotistical Siblings
Age: 18 (Solid)
24 (Nebra)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Solid: Shouma Yamamoto (Japanese), Christopher Wehkamp (English)

Nebra: Yurika Aizawa (Japanese), Mallorie Rodak (English)

Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Black Clover

"Now, now. The most useless fool here is you. Wouldn't you agree, Noelle? You can't even control your magic. You're such an embarrassment."
Solid Silva
"You've basically been exiled from the Silva family. I'm surprised you had the nerve to return to the Noble Realm."
Nebra Silva

Solid and Nebra Silva are the minor antagonists of Black Clover. Solid is the second son and third-born child who controls Water Magic, and Nebra is the first daughter and second-born child who controls Mist Magic. Unlike their eldest brother Nozel in terms of reasons, they blatantly abuse their little sister Noelle for having a lack of controlling her Water Magic since childhood. In fact, they were born from a highly arrogant noble family with their own Magic Knights squad, the Silver Eagles, in which Noelle is the only Silva family member who did not join, much to the formers' cruel mockery against her.

Bad Qualities

  1. Unlike their kind-hearted mother Acier, they are overly arrogant and mean-spirited siblings who always consider Noelle as a "disgrace" and an "embarrassment" to the Silva family for the sake of her lack of controlling her Water Magic since childhood, and they do not have any good reason of protecting her like Nozel's. Thus, Solid and Nebra are the main reasons why Noelle develop a crippling inferiority complex towards them and create an overwhelming water sphere that nearly drowned her in the center while remembering her tragic memories.
  2. Speaking of mean-spirited, in the aftermath of the attack of the Royal Capital, they disrespectfully mocked and defected the House Vermillion and its Magic Knight squad, the Crimson Lions, just because of the injured Captain Fuegoleon, who lost his right arm after a fight with Licht.
  3. They are the worst examples of mean alpha royals who believe that they, along with Nozel, are very superior than everyone with a low status (commoners, for example), especially the Black Bulls and other Magic Knight squads that are lower-ranked.
    • In fact, the big difference between two rival noble families of the Clover Kingdom are that the strength-desiring Vermillions judge people by their true worth while the arrogant Silvas judge people by their social status.
  4. They are NOT the types of older siblings who share a better bond with their younger siblings like Mereoleona and Fuegoleon with Leopold, Satsuki with Ryuko, Tanjiro with Nezuko, and so on.
  5. As of the Elf Reincarnation Arc, their relationships with Noelle are not fully reconciled after being saved from an elf attack in the House Silva.
  6. Like Floch Forster prior to the timeskip in Attack on Titan, they both have ridiculous and ugly hairstyles.
  7. For Solid:
    • He abuses Noelle by not only just teasing her for having a lack of controlling her Water Magic, but also slapping away her food and destroying her toys both mercilessly and sadistically.
    • In the War Merits Conferment Ceremony, he attacked Asta with his Water Magic without having a second thought nor accepting the latter's declaration to become the Wizard King in the future.
    • As a Magic Knight with a cruel and demeaning personality, he is not the type of person who forgives people easily.
  8. For Nebra:
    • She tends to judge and laugh at others (including her own sister) that she look down on.
    • After Noelle saved her and Solid from the elf invasion, she has yet to acknowledge the former that she is more powerful than before, but she merely witnessed it with shock.

Good Qualities

  1. Despite their antagonistic nature against Noelle and those who defy their opinions like Asta, they do respect and follow lawfully good authority figures like their brother Nozel, the captain of the Silver Eagles (and the only sibling who truly cares for Noelle due to her similarities with Acier), and Julius Novachrono, the 28th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom.
  2. Solid did get what he deserved from Noelle in the Royal Knights Selection Exam.
  3. Although Nebra has yet to acknowledge Noelle, Solid did acknowledge her, and he finally admitted that she is stronger than him in the Elf Reincarnation Arc. However, neither of them owed Noelle an apology for the hardships she suffered for years.


  • Solid's favorite food is grilled pork chops, and his favorite thing is to talk sarcastically.
  • Nebra's favorite food is pork sauté, and her favorite thing is to mess with people.
  • In the Black Clover popularity polls:
    • Solid ranked #32 in the 1st and 2nd poll, #43 in the third poll, and #30 in the fourth poll.
    • Nebra ranked #50 in the 2nd poll, and #54 in the third poll.
  • Aside from Nebra's Mist Magic (which is a derivative of Water and Air Magic), Solid shares the same Water Magic as Noelle, though their creation spells are different.
  • Nebra is similar to Mai Zenin from Jujutsu Kaisen.
    • They were born from famous families with noble values and arrogant personalities respectively.
    • They each have one sister who uses support tools (Noelle and Maki). The difference is that Nebra is older than Noelle while Mai is younger than Maki.
    • Since childhood, they look down on their sisters and consider the latter "useless" and "weak".
    • While their sisters are truly powerful with support tools, they possess a weaker amount of power despite the strong reputations they uphold for their families.
    • They tend to insult others from their rival groups.


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