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    Sidmouth Soggington
    "You horrid boy!" Speak for yourself, Sid.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Bad authoritarian influence to Henry and Ralph
    Age: Adult
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Aidan Cook (show)
    David Schneider (movie)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Horrid Henry
    First appearance: Horrid Henry's School Fair
    Last appearance: Horrid Henry's Most Horrid Day Ever

    Sidmouth Soggington, or Soggy Sid, is one of the characters from Horrid Henry. He is the physical education (P.E.) teacher at Ashton Primary School. Despite being known as Soggy Sid, he has only taught swimming in one episode, "Horrid Henry Goes Swimming", so his 'soggy' sobriquet likely refers to him being something of a drip. He is also the detention supervisor and undertakes caretaking/cleaning duties in a few episodes. Not many of the students at Ashton Primary seem to like him.

    He was voiced by Aidan Cook in the show and played by David Schneider in the movie.



    Sid is portrayed as a very mean and impatient teacher who rushes the Ashton students into doing things quickly. He abuses his own power as well, as he makes anyone do what they ask him to do and won't let them get out of doing the task.

    He can be quite stupid and unintelligent at times as well, where at the end of "Horrid Henry Flicks the Bogey", he believes that the students are running, when they were actually walking, and in "Horrid Henry and the Horrid Hat", he insists that the students aren't wearing appropriate clothing to play in the snow, when they were dressed in coats, hats, scarves and gloves.

    Despite the fact he is a teacher, he is the school bully due to the amount of bullying power he has over the Ashton students, especially Horrid Henry, the boy he hates the most, frequently saying 'You Horrid Boy!' to him. In Series 4, he hates Henry even more, which further expands into Series 5, where in "Horrid Henry's Most Horrid Day Ever", he tries to get him arrested when he mistakes a criminal wearing one of Henry's jumpers for Henry in the bank.

    Despite his cruel persona, Sid does sometimes have a good heart. He likes Miss Battle-Axe very much and sometimes takes her out to shows, such as in "Horrid Henry and the Miserable Musical". He also likes his pet goldfish Goldilocks very much as well and gets sad if he goes missing. He cries in "Horrid Henry and the Phantom Fish Filcher" when he loses Goldilocks. In "Horrid Henry Takes a Shortcut", he supported Henry and Ralph to win the cross-country race against The Brick House Boys.


    Sid is the tertiary antagonist of the movie. In it, he is the bouncer for the talent show held at the school, checking for the Zero Zombies. Henry and the gang manage to fool him until Bert blows their cover. Though the band manages to hide before Sid can catch them, Brian tries to distract him. But it's not long before Ed Banger appears in the backstage room, Sid reveals to be a huge fan of him and shows him to the washroom (after he shakes hands with him which were most likely unsanitary). This buys the band plenty of time as they get ready to perform. Upon realizing that the Zero Zombies are playing, he attempts to shut them down by pulling the cord on Al's keyboard. But Vicky manages to bite him multiple times, subduing him. Due to failing his job, a sobbing Sid with now ragged trousers is fired on the spot. He wails to Henry, 'I hope you're pleased with yourself!' before crying some more.

    He later comes back in Too Cool for School, with vengeance and insanity on his mind, he tries to make Henry lose the challenge during the Bog of Doom by lowering the platform on which he is standing. Thanks to Margaret's quick thinking, Henry pulls the lever, propelling Sid on the exercise bike, leaving him unconscious.

    Why He Intentionally Leaves a Soggy Taste in People's Mouths

    1. Being one of Henry's enemies, he often attempts to get him in trouble for things he didn't do.
    2. He is abusive as he tells the student to rush what he demands them to do.
    3. He abuses his power and authority to take advantage of Henry and his classmates. Sound familiar?
    4. He enjoys giving detention to amuse himself, he even had a fantasy where he wishes Henry got arrested!
    5. Despite the fact he is a teacher, he is instead more like some school bully due to the amount of bullying power he has over the Ashton students, especially towards Henry, the student whom he hates the most, frequently calling him a "Horrid Boy!". In fact, he is almost as bad as Mr. Burton from Bully.
    6. He was at his worst in "Horrid Henry's Most Horrid Day Ever", where he tries to get Henry arrested when he mistakes a criminal wearing one of Henry's jumpers for Henry in the bank.
    7. His yelling can get on your nerves very fast!
    8. In "Horrid Henry and the Awful Author", he gives Henry a detention because--get this--Henry wasn't Dreadful Deirdre, a character in a book based on him! Yes, you got that right!
    9. Despite "Horrid Henry Goes to School" being one of the greatest series 4 episodes, he's very unlikeable as he chases down Henry for being late for school.

    Intentional Not-So-Soggy Qualities

    1. Aidan Cook and David Schneider did amazing jobs portraying him.
    2. Much like with some of Henry's other enemies, it's likely that he was purposefully written to be unlikable.
    3. He's sometimes shown to not be entirely heartless.
    4. He's sometimes pretty funny in episodes, like "Horrid Henry Goes Swimming".
    5. He was more likeable in series 1 and 2 as he certainly wasn't as mean in those seasons.
    6. It could be argued that having to put up with students like Henry might've worn him down to the point of becoming spiteful and cruel.
    7. He doesn't advocate cheating as seen in "Horrid Henry Takes a Shortcut".
    8. He has gotten karma for his actions from time to time (Such as when he was told off for grabbing Goody-Goody Gordon in "Horrid Henry Goes to School" or when Peter threw a bucket on his head in "Horrid Henry and the Detention Diva", plus in the same episode, he ended up having to share a detention with Henry).
    9. There are times where he'll tell off Henry for a valid reason, e.g. Henry pretending to be sick to get out of P.E.


    • Even though he is the sports teacher, he was one of the only teachers absent in "Horrid Henry's Sports Day". However, this is because he hadn't been properly introduced at that point. The only other teacher who was absent in this episode was Madame Tutu.
    • It appeared that Sid dislikes the Brick House Boys as he suspected they cheated in "Horrid Henry Takes a Shortcut", and they made excuses to why they lost in which Sid called them sore losers.
    • His episode character has a much bigger role than his book character as in the books, he only makes one appearance.
    • In some episodes, it's implied that he has a crush on Miss Battle-Axe in "Horrid Henry and the Miserable Musical"; he has two tickets to see a musical and asks Miss Battle-Axe to go with him, and she gladly accepts. He is also a dance partner with Miss Battle-Axe.


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