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    Soap (The Strive for the Million)

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    Gender: Female
    Type: Pointless Filler Who's Always Silent
    Species: Pink Bar Of Soap
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Strive For The Million
    First appearance: Computer Madness - Part 1

    Soap is one of the female contestants from the object show The Strive for the Million.

    Why She's a Slippery Sucker

    1. To get the elephant out of the room, she hardly does anything to be competent.
    2. Her character design is lazy, alongside many characters with the same art style of having beady eyes and small limbs plastered on an object, and Soap is no exception.
    3. Just like other early object show characters, she gets little to no screentime whatsoever, making her a filler character.
      • Just like Phone and Sharpener from Object Mayhem, she has no point to exist, other than to be a filler character.
    4. She is pointless, dull, bland, forgettable, and left out of the show.
    5. She has absolutely no character development. She could have developed, but unfortunately, the writer of the show refused to, leaving her to be wasted.
    6. Speaking of development, she mostly gets undeveloped.
    7. She's pretty much the object show equivalent to and a combination of Brimmy from South Park and Billy from Thomas & Friends.
    8. She is always silent, has no voice acting, and doesn't even say a single word. This is hinted in the first episode when Traffic Light told Soap to watch where she was going, and Key told Traffic Light that Soap can't talk.
    9. She is quite disobedient. In one scene, she refuses to get out of the way when someone was coming to the point where she gets injured.
    10. She is bland and also hasn't got a clear personality, like other The Strive for the Million characters, who barely have any proper personalities.


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