Snoop Dogg (Def Jam FFNY)

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"You're gonna win back my clubs, and put my bosses back in place. Anyone asks, you had a chance of heart, decided to make some real money. You say otherwise, the deal is off, and so is she."

Crow (Snoop Dogg) is the main antagonist of Def Jam Fight For NY.

Why He Sucks

  1. When Hero is winning and taking his clubs from him. He starting to do bad things to get Hero to fight for him, such as.
    • Tried bribing Hero to double his money that he won from his matches.
    • When bribing Hero failed, he kidnapped Hero's girl and cut some of her hair to show Hero. And that made Hero fight for him.
    • After Hero saved his girl, he later tried to kill Hero by telling Magic to shoot him. But that failed and Magic later betrayed Crow.
    • When Hero declined his offer again, he stabbed Hero in the back with a knife hidden in his cane.
    • He also tried to throw Hero out of the window if you try to beat him.
  2. He also ordered Hero to kill his friend Blaze (Method Man) who has helped Hero since the beginning of the game. Hero later refused and fought off Magic and Crack. Crack later betrayed Crow, after Hero saved his girlfriend.
  3. He was a part of D-Mob's arrest when Hero won against Crack, as he ordered Trejo, Sticky Fingaz, and Magic to shoot up D-Mob's Car and crash it.
  4. He also caused a few murders/attempted murders from most of his crew members or D-Mob's Crew members.
    • Trejo: Died from getting ran over from the train.
    • D-Mob: Tried to assassinate D-Mob by ordering his crew to shoot up his vehicle and crashed his car. D-Mob did survive, however he is in prison.
    • Blaze: Was almost beaten to death, Hero was told to finish him off. However Hero refused, and betrayed Crow.
    • Hero's Girlfriend: Suffered a coma from the fire.
    • Sticky Fingaz: Died from the warehouse fire, that he started.
    • Hero: He tried getting Hero killed from the assassination attempt of D-Mob, tried to stab him to death in his building.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. He was a awesome villain in the Def Jam game franchisee.