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    "There's no way he can survive!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Likeable and Friendly but Arrogant, Stubborn, and Overly Temperamental Tomboy.
    Age: Unknown, but possibly teenager or adult.
    Species: Smurf
    Portrayed by: Michelle Rodriguez (Smurfs: The Lost Village), Cherise Silvestri (The Smurfs 2021)
    Media of origin: The Smurfs (2021)

    Smurfingly Bad Qualities

    1. To write down the first problem about her, while she is Friendly and caring deep down, she can be overly boastful to Hefty and constantly tries to show off to him, and can also get the others into trouble.
      • An example of her doing this is in "Smurf Racers" when she and Hefty are racing and accidentally push both Blossom and Dimwitty off of their smurfmobiles. But more on that episode later.
    2. Another problem about her is that she, like a military general, always feels like she needs to be the leader.
      • While this is a good thing that she isn't afraid to take charge, she doesn't hesitate in the slightest to boss others around.
    3. She has a habit of gloating. In "Challenges for Hefty Smurf" in Smurfs: The Village Behind the Wall, she sneers at Hefty for getting annoyed at her leaving so much out of her explanation of what it entailed. Her gloating habit is what leads to a more negative aspect of her personality, which is shown in "The Betrayal of Smurfblossom", which shows that she cannot accept not being #1 in a contest. Even the prospect of a tie is too much for Storm to consider, and her desire to prove herself better than everyone else spurs her to repeatedly risk her life while dealing with Growlers, even after her injury.
      • Storm's competitive side also brings out the worst in her. When competing against Hefty in "Smurf Racers", both she and Hefty accidentally push both Blossom and Dimwitty off of their smurfmobiles. Instead of trying to get them off of the cliff, they prioritize winning against Smurfette and Brainy and abandon them.
      • Storm also insults Dimwitty's Gargamel snail in "Shell Game", which upsets the snail and causes him to knock Storm away with Hefty. Which not only shows the gloating point, but it also shows that she can be a jerk.
    4. Another notable aspect of her is her tendency to be very sarcastic, especially towards Smurfette and Hefty. She insults Smurfette in "Alien Smurf" when she claims an an alien has taken over the village and in "Wanna Bet?", she mocks Smurfette when she refuses to lose the bets she makes, which angers Smurfette to the point of her making more bets. She threatens Hefty in "Wanna Bet?" after Hefty attempts to fight her for moving Smurfette off the clearing in the forest.
    5. At times, she can be rather abrasive. Also, she has a quick temper and can be a hothead, jumping into action without thinking things through and creating her own brand of chaos.
    6. Storm is not the least bit touchy-feely and has no patience for the mushy stuff – except when it comes to kittens. She melts at the sight of them, though this something she doesn't want anyone to know (which is similar to Raven from Teen Titans Go! And her liking for Pretty Pretty Pegasus). She'd hate for her tough-girl reputation to be compromised.
    7. Storm often jumps to conclusions on everything. In "The Crow in Smurfy Grove", she assumes that Growlers are crushing their squash and wants to attack them immediately. When Lily holds a vote with Blossom tallying, Storm accuses Blossom of cheating and forces her into the forest with Smurfette and another Smurf Girl.
      • Storm's habit of jumping to conclusions also makes problems. In "The Betrayal of Smurfblossom" after accusing Blossom of having a crush on Hefty, Storm starts wondering whether she was actually correct in her accusations. When she and Hefty are surrounded by the Growlers, she asks him whether he and Blossom are really sweethearts, though this confuses him.
    8. In the Lost Village and thecomic books, she is even more abrasive and noticeably shows distrust towards the other Smurfs. She also lacks her competitive personality towards Hefty (here, she simply ignores his complaints) and the other Smurfs and is quick to discredit the existence of Gargamel.
    9. Overall, she is arguably the worst character in the current Smurfs reboot, which is actually an otherwise decent show.

    Good Qualities

    1. Although she can be offensive at times and jump into action without thinking, she is extremely loyal and protective of her friends.
    2. She's a no-nonsense, tomboyish, tough-as-nails warrior, who immediately questions why Smurfette and the boys had to come to Smurfy Grove. Her protective nature made it hard to trust them. But through her tough exterior lies a heart of gold, and underneath it all, she's a girl who would do anything for her family and friends.
    3. She's likable in the comics and especially in Smurfs: The Lost Village.
    4. Her Anger can be Justified at Times. One Example can be in "Blossom goes Wild" She Undestandably Scolds Blossom for Sitting on the Diver's Seat on the Waffle Cart and Almost Destroying it.
    5. She Can Have her Vulnerable Side at Times.
      1. In "Storm Looses her Mojo" She Did say She Melts at the Sight of Kittens, But that's Never been seen.
      2. In "Smurf your Seat Belts" She did Hug Handy one time thanking him for Catching her when she was falling only to end Quickly.
      3. In "Smurf Day Care" She couldn't stand the Torture having to Take care of the Smurfs who were Baibies due to a Potion and Began to Cry When Lilly and Blossom Turned into Baibies.
      4. In The Season Finale "Poetry Slam She was Touched when Lilly Gave her Kindness to Poet in the Poetry Contest.
    6. The Smurfs Franchise Wouldn't be the Same Without her and they are Plenty of Fans That May Like Her Despite her Flaws.
    7. Michelle Rodriguez and Chrise Silvestri do good jobs voicing her.
    8. Her design is pretty cool.
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