Smedley and Hedley (Rugrats)

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Smedley and Hedley (Rugrats)
Smedley and Hedley.png
Phil and Lil may not be perfect, but they have lovable personalities. Their cousins here are the perfect ones, but don’t have the lovable personalities they have.
Gender: Male (Smedley)
Female (Hedley)
Type: Gary-Stu and Mary-Sue Baby Twins
Age: 1
Species: Humans
Portrayed by: Jason Marsden
Lauren Wood
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Rugrats

Smedley and Hedley are the one and a half year old twin children of Winifred and Shegret, the distant cousins of Phil and Lil (their maternal grandmother's great aunt was Betty's great uncle's second cousin), and along with Angelica, are the main antagonists of the Rugrats episode, "The Perfect Twins". They live in England with their family.

Why They're Not Perfect Twins

  1. They are pretty much a duo of a Mary-Sue and Gary-Stu, respectively, as they are both perfect with no flaws shown, even though they are babies.
  2. They do and agree on stuff together perfectly, and they usually never fight, which is boring.
  3. They don’t treat the Rugrats with respect, especially Phil.
  4. They are the reason Lil decided to not be Phil’s twin anymore for about half of the episode, because they scared Lil into thinking not being perfect Twins is not a good thing.
  5. They listened to Angelica’s every word, thinking she’s the queen of America, and they are easily tricked by her.
  6. While Lil was with them, Lil wasn’t feeling comfortable when it comes to doing things for Angelica, but they pressured her into doing those things with them.
  7. When Angelica orders them to get some cake while the adults weren’t looking, they tried to convince Lil to join them. When Lil did the right thing by not doing what Angelica ordered to, they show their complete disrespect for Lil, saying she’s not a perfect twin, and in a bad way.
  8. They steal some cake and when the adults come, they hide the cake in their pockets and left Lil in the dust, so Lil got in trouble by being put in a time-out, even though Lil didn’t do anything wrong, and that was just cruel of them.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Like the other Rugrats, they are very cute.
  2. Jason Marsden and Lauren Wood did a good job voicing them.
  3. While boring, being portrayed as perfect at a young age, 1, is very impressive.
  4. They have some funny moments, like when they copied the babies dancing in front of everyone, especially when it annoyed Angelica, and when they fought and covered each other in mud.
  5. They got their comeuppance at the end of the episode when the babies tricked them into dancing, and when they did the rolling part, the cake fell out of their pockets, exposing them to the adults as the ones who took the cake, and proving Lil’s innocence, which is satisfying.


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