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    Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch is a recurring character in the Monster High franchise. He is a zombie and was originally featured on the webseries in 2010 and has since become a regular character. While he doesn't speak, his vocal effects are provided by Audu Paden, who also did the vocal effects of Ghoulia Yelps.

    Why He Sucks

    1. He's a totally one-dimensional character with no personality, just one of the many slow and immensely dumb zombies at Monster High.
    2. His design, although it looks more faithful to a zombie than to Ghoulia Yelps, can be considered too ugly and doesn't seem to match the design of the other characters in the show making the character sometimes look out of place.
    3. Like most zombies he tends to be ill-mannered and somewhat aggressive.
      • In the episode "The Bermuda Love Triangle", he gets into a fight with his friend Don Ofdadead just to get Ghoulia's attention.
    4. His romance with Ghoulia is very poorly written with moments where Ghoulia appears alone or with another boyfriend like Heath Burns instead.
    5. Just like many of the male characters on the show, such as Hoodude Voodoo, Manny Taur and Heath Burns, Slo Mo isn't very smart and sometimes even risks doing immature things at school. Being a bad representation of the boys on the show.
    6. He has no development over the course of the series other than being Ghoulia's boyfriend making him a completely useless character and can be used just for filler.
    7. He is sometimes used as a butt-monkey character in the show, as in the episode "Parent-Creature Conference", where the girls cross-dress Slo Mo to look like Lagoona Blue's aunt.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. His design, despite being ugly, is pretty faithful to a zombie.
    2. His vocal effects by Audu Paden are also faithful to a zombie, thanks to his moaning and groaning sounds related to a zombie.
    3. He's fairly decent natured with a reserved sense of humor.
    4. He's not just a dumb jock stereotype; he is shown to represent Monster High in a City Championship Chess Match.
    5. He's good friends with Gillington Webber and Heath Burns.
    6. Although he might be slow, Slo Mo is thorough, a team player, and one of the smartest students at Monster High.
    7. Despite him and Ghoulia's poorly written romance, at least they're both good close friends along with Don.


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