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    Sleepy Sam, Bouncy Bee, and Hunny Bunny (Adventure Time)

    Sleepy Sam, Bouncy Bee, and Hunny Bunny
    "Up, Down, Left, (2x) Right, (2x) Down, Spin, Up, Down, Left (2x), Right (2x), Down, Spin, Up, Down, Left, Right" - (Sleepy Sam eats and poops Finn) - Finn the Human.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Overpowered mooks in the first level of the game
    Species: Frog (Sleepy Sam)
    Bee (Bouncy Bee)
    Slimy Rabbit (Hunny Bunny)
    Portrayed by: Dee Bradley Baker (all)
    Status: Alive (in the game)
    Media of origin: Adventure Time
    First appearance: Guardians of Sunshine
    Last appearance: Guardians of Sunshine
    LEGO Dimensions (Sleepy Sam only)

    Sleepy Sam, Bouncy Bee, and Hunny Bunny are characters who appeared in the episode "Guardians of Sunshine" from Adventure Time. Interestingly, they only appeared in this episode and did not come back. They are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

    Why They Intentionally Don't Deserve Sunshine


    1. First and foremost, those three enemies are extremely overpowered and they can simply kill Finn or Jake without hesitation, which makes Detroit Red Wings from South Park a much better character.
    2. Speaking of overpowered, they are considered enemies from the first level of the game, we kid you not.
    3. Unlike the time Finn plays the game (where the player punches Bouncy Bee and uses the "Bomba" to throw it into Hunny Bunny), he and Jake did not simply kill them using their weapons, which makes it a completely wasted opportunity.
    4. They are also mean-spirited to Finn and Jake, even though they are found in the first level of the game. You know, enemies from the early levels are weak and they can simply kill them such as Goombas from Super Mario Bros.
    5. After they (along with Finn and Jake) enter the real world and see the sun, they simply try to kill BMO, thus making them mean-spirited.
    6. Their video game designs are very uncanny to look at, especially Hunny Bunny.
    7. Overall, the viewers will most likely root for them, instead of Finn and Jake (thus having a hard time trying to root for the latter two), just to make them punching bags.

    Sleepy Sam

    1. When Finn attempts to do a combo move, he simply eats and poops the player, thus giving him a game over, which is mean-spirited.
      • This can be considered as a plot-hole, when an enemy kills the player it loses a life, just like how players lose a life after they kill something like obstacles. Here, Sleepy Sam eats and poops the player, thus giving him a game over, which doesn't make sense.
    2. In the game world, Finn and Jake attempt to sneak into Sleepy Sam, but when they come closer to him, he roars so loud he can eat Finn with no hesitation.
      • Speaking of him, his scream is so loud, it can hurt the viewers' ears, thus it is considered 'ear bleeding.
    3. After he and the other enemies see the sunshine, he tells Finn and Jake that Hunny Bunny and Bouncy Bee are trying to kill BMO for imprisoning the game, which is a complete waste of emotional moments.
    4. His design is generic, as he is only a frog without any detailed appearance. It could have been better when his appearance have patterns, just like in real life.

    Bouncy Bee

    1. When Finn and Jake face him, he simply stabbed Finn on the chest with no explanation needed.
    2. Like Sleepy Sam's roar, his buzzing sound can be ear-bleeding, but at least it is not that obnoxious.

    Hunny Bunny

    1. After Jake collects all the coins, he appears without hesitation, thus losing all the coins and lowering the score to zero, which makes them poor as a result.
    2. His design was supposed to look like a more detailed rabbit, but it looks like it belongs from the dump due to his dirty look.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. Bouncy Bee's design is the only enemy out of the three to have its cool-looking design.
    2. Dee Bradley Baker did a decent job voicing Sleepy Sam (except his ear-piercing scream), the other two do not, despite the two having his voice given in the credits.
    3. The three get their comeuppance as Finn uses a combo move to transport them away to the game they were sent there.
    4. Finn calling Sleepy Sam "Stinky Sam, stupid frog!", is kind of hilarious and it is considered as a mock to this OP boss.
    5. The LEGO Dimensions version of Sleepy Sam is much better and relatable than his television counterpart, as he never uses sonic screams to intercept Finn's combo move or get closer to him, unlike this version, and instead gets an easier comeuppance.
    6. Thankfully, they have never made another appearance in the Adventure Time franchise after this episode except for Sleepy as mentioned above in RQ#5.
    7. It's clear that they are meant to be hated because they are overpowered since what WTID'tDDSO#1.


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