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    Skeletor (Masters of the Universe: Revelation)

    Skeletor (Masters of the Universe: Revelation)
    What on Earth have you done to the Skeletor, Kevin Smith?
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Weaker Side of Skeletor
    Overly Childish Simp
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human (formerly)
    Part Skeleton
    Cyborg (currently)
    Portrayed by: Mark Hamill
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

    Skeletor is the main antagonist of the media franchise Masters of The Universe, serving as the main antagonist of both the original 1983 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon, its 1990 continuation The New Adventures of He-Man, and its 2021 Netlix series, a secondary antagonist in Masters of the Universe: Revelation, as well as a recurring antagonist in the 1985 spin-off She-Ra: Princess of Power. He is the leader of the Evil Warriors and He-Man's archenemy.

    While he's normally a likable character in the franchise, the same can't be said about his character in Masters of the Universe: Revelation, which this article will focus on.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He has been horribly flanderized. What made Skeletor in the original series an iconic villain is his personality, his relatability, his harsh comments, and his motivations that made him a great foil against He-Man. While he was a bit disrespectful and irreverent to his minions, he's still a pretty funny villain overall. Meanwhile, this iteration of Skeletor has turned into an imbecile, an incompetent dunce, an incel who's a bit cowardly and whinier than ever before.
      • He's known to throw fits when Adam and his friends are able to escape, making him very childish in a bad way.
    2. Just like He-Man, his death was just as underwhelming.
    3. Skeletor's motivations often switch from place to place that which gives off a really confusing manner. First, he gloats that he himself killed He-Man and on the other, he wants to keep He-Man alive because Skeletor thought it's meaningless to take over the Universe without his arch-nemesis around.
      • This type of motivation is something that the Joker (or maybe the Riddler) would do and not someone like Skeletor.
    4. On the subject of the Joker, Mark Hamill (depending on your view) was miscast as Skeletor and ended up using his performances of the Joker from various Batman cartoons or even Skips/Walks from Regular Show. Except Hamill did a much better job playing the former two than he did playing as Skeletor.
      • Hell, his laugh is exactly the same as Joker!
    5. The sex scene with Skeletor and Evil-Lyn is very awkward, disgusting, and out of place in a show that's made to sell toys for children (which makes you ask why if you were to watch it).
    6. Skeletor's wastes his time trying to find answers on how to kill He-Man in his Hulk-like form when he's already strong enough to wipe Adam out very easily, but was too stupid enough to not do it, nor even tried.
    7. He's also the type of villain who wastes his time monologuing and gloating when he's about to kill the heroes, then fails to do it the next second.
    8. His infamous line: "Look at my face child! It's furnished for me a lonely life in which none would have as a man.", proves that Skeletor is only evil because he couldn't find a love interest for himself.
      • This doesn't seem in character for Skeletor to do, as he just wanted the power of Greyskull to feel superior and powerful enough to defeat He-Man and his brother Randor.
      • Oh, there hasn't been a single reference to Skeletor's old alias as Prince Keldor nor his family relationship with Adam and Randor. Which was always canon to the Masters of the Universe lore.
    9. He tends to have bad dialogue from time to time. These include:
      • Time for some new blood!
      • Mer-Man and I may have our differences, but we share one thing in common: OUR HATRED FOR HE-MAN!
      • You're not He-Man, you're barely A-Man!
    10. Him betraying He-Man by the time Teela and Evil-Lyn started battling was just too early. Yes, Skeletor is supposed to be the villain of the franchise, but this was evidence that the writers didn't know what purpose to give him and this is an attempt to make him do something for the second half of the first season.
    11. He's often treated as a joke throughout the second half rather than being an intimidating villain, especially when he was screaming in agony when turning into one of Hordak's cyborg of minions.
      • Skeletor was a butt-monkey in the original, but it was never pushed to the extent that's more sad than funny to watch.
    12. He acts more like a Nimura Furuta wannabe from Tokyo Ghoul rather than Skeletor:
      • Both happen to be Big Bads of their own franchise, and have similar motivations.
      • Both want to be with their love interests. (Rize for Furuta, and Evil-Lyn for Skeletor)
      • Both transformed into their ultimate forms (Kakuja/RC Cells/Kagune/Kahou and The Power of Greyskull).
      • They both have histories with their archenemies.
      • Which coincidentally, both of their respective archenemies have their behemoth forms (Dragon/Kakuja/Cross-Guard Kagune for Kaneki, and Savage He-Man for He-Man).
      • Both have decided on not wanting to kill their archnemisis'. Except Furuta wanted Kaneki to live so he could suffer more, and gloat whatever Ken do will fail in the end, and the crimes he's done to achieve world peace were no better than what Furuta had done. But in Skeletor's case, it just wasn't specified enough if Skeletor wants to keep He-Man alive or dead in order to keep living after destroying the Universe.
        • They'd also temporarily team up with their respective archenemies (Skeletor teaming up with Adam to stop Evil-Lyn, and Furuta being Kaneki/Sasaki's partner and assistant until the latter's betrayal to the CCG).

    Good Qualities

    1. His character design is still awesome. Even in his form as Skele-God.
    2. As much as this moment was used for shock value and rendering Teela's journey in the first part pointless, Skeletor gaining the upper hand and stealing the Sword of Power from Adam is a great change of pace from the franchise.
    3. His skull is also very expressive, like usual.
    4. Skeletor lashing out at Evil-Lyn in anger for killing his pet Panthor is justified.
    5. His line: "Don't just stand there you royal boob. Invite me in." heavily references his insults from the original. Often calling everyone a boob out of spite.
    6. "Now I, Skeletor... AM MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!"


    • The opening narration in The Power of Grayskull describes Skeletor as a demon, which hearkens back to his backstory in the earliest mini-comics, rather than the origin that was developed in the late eighties that revealed Skeletor to have been born as Keldor, brother of King Randor.


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