Skarloey and Rheneas (seasons 9-12)

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Skarloey & Rheneas (seasons 9-12)
Skarloey and Rheneas.png
These once old and wise engines have been reduced to hyperactive little kids.
Gender: Male
Type: The Immature sides of Skarloey & Rheneas
Species: Steam Locomotives
Portrayed by: Michael Angelis (UK; seasons 4-12)
Michael Brandon (US; seasons 7-12)
Media of origin: Thomas & Friends

Skarloey and Rheneas are recurring characters in Thomas & Friends and are the oldest engines on the Island of Sodor.

Sadly, they got flanderized during Seasons 9-12.

Why They Caused Confusion and Delay

Note: This page will only focus on how badly they were butchered during Seasons 9-12.


  1. They have gotten flanderized and have lost all of the charm they had back in Seasons 4-7. During Seasons 9-12, they have gone from old and wise engines into immature, reckless, hyperactive, idiotic children who like to race and fight over taking special trains.
  2. While they are supposed to be the oldest living engines on the Island of Sodor, they are portrayed as younger engines. It would make more sense if Seasons 9-12 took place during their childhood. But, because of bad writing from HiT, it's a continuity error.
  3. "Push Me, Pull You!" ended their appearance in the model era on a sour note. After this, they were never seen again until Season 16.
  4. They are some of the worst flanderized characters in Thomas & Friends.


  1. His flanderization is inconsistent in these seasons, as in some episodes, he's portrayed as a wimp who's scared over everything ("Wharf and Peace" and "Skarloey Storms Through"), while in other episodes, he's portrayed as a childish engine ("Skarloey the Brave" and "Push Me, Pull You").
  2. He's done some very unlikable things during these seasons.
    • In "Skarloey the Brave" (the episode that started his flanderization), he attempts to be pulled up the incline to show how brave he is. However, doing this isn't brave, but instead is stupid and very dangerous.
    • He's at his absolute worst in "Push Me, Pull You" as he downright refuses Rheneas' help pulling a special train because he thinks that he’s strong enough to pull it on his own. This is Skarloey at his most childish, even more so than in "Skarloey the Brave".
  3. His CGI face in Season 12 is very creepy, as his eyes are very buldgy.
  4. Michael Brandon gives him a very annoying and childish voice.
  5. His infamous "WEEEE" while racing down the incline in "Skarloey the Brave" is so cringeworthy.
    • Michael Angelis sounds alright, but Michael Brandon sounds horrendous.
  6. At times, he acts even more childish than Rheneas.


  1. His flanderization is also inconsistent, though not as much as Skarloey.
  2. His voice provided by Michael Brandon is also annoying and cringeworthy.
  3. Much like Skarloey, his CGI face in Season 12 is also creepy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They were decent characters during the first half of Season 9. It wasn't until "Rheneas and the Dinosaur" when Rheneas' flanderization started and it wasn’t until "Skarloey the Brave" when Skarloey’s flanderization started.
  2. They can still be likable and have their original personalities in some episodes.
    • Skarloey somewhat felt in-character in "The Magic Lamp" as he was the one who told the legend of Proteus.
  3. They still mean well and care about their friends and each other.
  4. At least Skarloey no longer has his wimpy flanderization in Season 12, while unfortunately he still has his childish flanderization.
  5. Skarloey's small scale model from Season 4 and some of Season 5 is used in some shots in "Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out".
  6. Thankfully, they've reverted back to their original personalities in Seasons 16-24.