Simoneta Molina

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Simoneta Molina
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"For all I care."
Gender: Female
Type: Spoiled girl
Age: 7
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Natalia Juárez
Media of origin: ''¡Vivan los niños!''

Simoneta Molina is a character of the Mexican soap opera ¡Vivan los niños!. She's 7 years old like her other classmates and friends and she's (With Rodrigo Ricardi) the richest girl in the classroom.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main reason for all this: She keeps belittling and humiliating her classmate Angel just because! But it gets worse when she ruins his dreams of wanting to be a doctor just because he's poor.
  2. It shows that she's a snooty. Saying that she has a lot of money, that her dad has a great profession and is well known, that she has the best grades and that she has a luxurious house compared to the rest of her classmates.
  3. For her, only thinks wealthy people are worth it.
  4. Hypocrisy and contradiction: She sometimes says that some of her classmates are rude, but she's also it by being cruel to Angel just because and calling some of his colleagues "naco".
  5. As if that were not enough. She even goes to far as to belittles several of her classmates such as Lucas, Citlali (specifically in episode 9), Marisol, Damián (although with this one at least he's justified) and even all the children when they decided to give her the silent treatment.
  6. She goes so far as to blame Angel for things he didn't do or didn't plan. For example in episode 6 where she blamed Angel for the toy scorpion prank, in episode 27 where she blamed him for ruining her ballet show (When these two were actually Damian's fault) or in episode 136 where she accuses him for stepping on her foot (When this one was actually Marisol's fault).
  7. Although she claims to be Rodrigo's friend, it almost always seems more like her unhealthy obsession as she almost always supports him in his actions and comments no matter how bad they are.
    • She also says he is very polite just for saying please and thanks. Are you kidding me, right? Is insulting people lower class than him, being arrogant, running someone out of the house in a violent way, not wanting to help and believing to be absolutely right about everything being polite?
  8. She's not only snooty, but also tantrum-tossing. For example, in episode 11 when her maid brought food to make her feel better, she rejected it in a very rude way. Or in episode 95 where she gets angry because she didn't win in the school eating contest. Or in episode 141 where she gets mad because didn't get Mechita as her new baby sister.
  9. In the episode 56, she belittled the father of one of her classmates. Which is Lucas's dad, simply because she says that being a mechanic is inferior to being a doctor but she doesn't give a brief and valid argument as to why and only says that because her dad is so famous. Fortunately, though, they ended up making peace in the end.

Good Qualities

  1. At least her parents try to scold and correct her when she makes a mistake. Especially her dad.
  2. She's a nice girl with some children like Santiago, Diego, Lucas (Sometimes), Citlali (Except for that episode) and Wendy.
  3. She's nowhere near as bad as Rodrigo Ricardi and even her cousin Carlita. Not to mention that she turned against the first character several times, especially from episode 147 to 152. Almost at the end of the soap opera.
  4. She isn't 100% bad to Ángel. Since she has done a few good things for him like giving him a soccer ball after Damian's and Yuyi's prank played on him regarding the love letter or when she decides to help him by telling the truth to Rodrigo's parents that their son ran Angel out of their house insulting him after she lied.
    • Not to mention that in the last episode, when she's surprised that he pulled her out of the pit while she was unconscious, she decides for the first time (although it's too late) to get along with him, forgive him and even kiss him on the cheek.
  5. As the soap opera progresses, she becomes less spoiled brat and learns new things and about life.
  6. She is quite calm and takes responsibility for her studies.
  7. To be fair, Ángel does have an obsession with her and never accept that she doesn't like him in that way, even if it still doesn't excuse her actions.
  8. She may be looks cute for some people.
  9. ¡Vivan los niños! plot would not be complete without her.


  • She is inspired on Maria Joaquina Vilaseñor from Carrussel (1989).


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