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    Silver the Hedgehog (pre-Super Genesis Wave)

    Silver the Hedgehog
    (Pre-Super Genesis Wave)
    "IT'S NO USE!" - Silver when he saw how writer Ian Flynn flanderized him
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Dark Side of Silver
    Age: 14
    Species: Hedgehog
    Portrayed by: Pete Capella (2006-2010)
    Quinton Flynn (2010-2019)

    Bryce Papenbrook (2019-present)

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sonic the Hedgehog

    Silver the Hedgehog (シルバー・ザ・ヘッジホッグ) is a supporting character in the Sonic the Hedgehog Pre-Super Genesis Wave comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is an anthropomorphic white hedgehog gifted with psychic abilities from a post-apocalyptic alternate future in the year 3437 P.X.E., two hundred years away from the Mobius Prime's timeline.

    Why It Was No Use for Him

    NOTE: This only applies to his Pre-Super Genesis Wave incarnation, not his video game counterpart. Any attempts to add loathsome moments of Silver's in the video games will immediately be reverted.

    1. Writer Ian Flynn misinterpreted the context behind Silver's actions in Sonic 06 and so wrote his Archie counterpart to be gullible and incompetent rather than someone competent being tricked by a master manipulator.
    2. While still being a selfless, kind-hearted individual who protects his future like in the video game series, this version is much more rather, rash, reckless, and impulsive. Not able to think as well at the moment and is absent-minded, constantly jumping to conclusions without thinking things out because he doesn't have a partner to help guide him in the right direction like his game counterpart.
    3. Although also from an apocalyptic future, this version of Silver doesn't have the same hardened experience as his game counterpart and behaves more like a normal awkward 14-year-old boy than his more introspective and comparatively calculating game counterpart. Being even less mature due to not experiencing the same loss, hardships, and constant battles his game self did.
    4. His rash decision-making causes him to assume that several of the Freedom Fighters were traitors without even asking or gathering facts and information.
      • He tried to blame Antoine who was in a coma for stopping Metal Sonic, to the point where Sonic attacked him in a rage and explained his sacrifice. The WORST part: He became one of his enemies towards him!
      • He then assumed Bunnie was the traitor when Sonic mentioned her, making Sonic angrier and telling him to leave.
      • He even tried to kill Rotor assuming him as a traitor without research.
    5. He makes the same critical mistakes at least four times.
    6. When he grabbed Sonic and his evil counterpart Scourge, he assumed Sonic was the enemy and threw him against a wall.
      • Even Rob o' the Hedge was annoyed at him for his lack of common sense.
    7. His traitor hunt interrupts the plots of other characters.
    8. His failed attempts at finding the traitor ends up turning him into a pariah hated by Sonic and the Freedom Fighters.
    9. His impulsivity sometimes causes him to accidentally offend people. In Mobius: 25 Years Later he accidentally ruins Sonic and Sally's peace with their kids Sonia and Manik, by bringing up the time he tried to kill Sonic, despite Sonia and Manik being 4 years old and being able to hear him from upstairs.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. The game version of himself learns from his mistakes much quicker and he finally learns from his mistakes himself towards the end of The Pre-Super Genesis Wave.
    2. He greatly helped improve the general opinion of Silver during a time when the character was widely hated.
    3. He dearly loves his two old mentors even if they mistreat him(Edmund hits him and Mogul sends him on impossible missions by himself despite only being 14).
    4. He has a fun and sarcastic though at times awkward personality.
    5. He has a cute bashful side that doesn't know how to handle people complimenting him and sometimes awkwardly stutters can also be cute.
    6. Modern Silver's more awkward and innocent personality comes from this version of the character.
    7. He saved Miles/Anti-Tails from Super Scourge when the kid was moments away from being torn apart.
    8. He helped an alternate version of Lara-Su save her apocalyptic future and stop her evil corrupted father.
    9. The Encyclopedia reveals that the events of Sonic 2006 also happened to him but were also erased. Meaning that all the good (and bad) points of his game version in that game can also be applied to him to some degree.
    10. He THANKFULLY stopped accusing people afterward.
      • And likewise, he became a better hero after joining the Secret Freedom Fighters, too bad it only lasted until the Super Genesis Wave.
    11. He has great banter with Shard The Metal Sonic who often ribs him for his mistakes.
    12. He safely defeated Mecha Sally when the other Freedom Fighters couldn't bring themselves to fight their robotized friend.
    13. He still vows to protect the future.
    14. He was born with incredible mysterious powers but uses them to help people.
    15. Like his game counterpart he'll stop his mission and go out of his way to try and help people in need.
    16. He can be smart when he steps back to think instead of rushing in. He defeated Enerjak by turning his powers against him and was the only one who thought to simply talk to Geoffrey which ended up working.
    17. He is considered handsome.
    18. He still cares about his friends and feels remorse for what he does.
    19. Many of his mistakes can be chalked up to his age and lack of experience. Unlike his game counterpart this version of the character acts like a real 14-year-old middle school kid with all the awkwardness you would expect.
    20. He can be sympathetic to fans in a fair way, considering the fact he's just misunderstood!
    21. The fan continuation comic, Heroes Come Back, removes the more irritating flaws he had in Pre-Genesis while also giving him the positive qualities of his game self.


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