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    Siggy (Rumble)
    This man is a pathetic excuse for an antagonist given how depressed he looks throughout the film.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Spineless Coach
    Age: Middle Aged Adult
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Tony Danza
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Rumble (2021)

    Siggy is the tertiary antagonist of the 2021 Paramount+ animated film Rumble. He is an old friend of Winnie Coyle and her father Jimbo Coyle and the coach of Tentacular.

    Why He Is A Terrible Antagonist Coach

    1. Siggy is a flat, one dimensional, and boring character who acts very depressed and monotone for most of his screen time. He does not undergo any meaningful character development throughout the film.
    2. Despite being an antagonist, Siggy does not do anything villainous in the film as he is designated as a villain just because he is Tentacular’s coach. It would have made more sense for both of these characters if Siggy turned out to be an abusive coach to Tentacular but he isn't.
    3. He is incredibly spineless as he agrees on everything Tentacular says and does for no particular reason other than being his coach. He does not object to any of Tentacular’s actions or Jimothy’s.
      • His spinelessness even extends outside of Tentacular as he listens to Winnie when she breaks stadium rules and tells Tentacular how to win. He never calls Winnie out for her actions.
    4. He undergoes a redemption in the film but that redemption is half baked, lame, undeserving, and forced as it just consists of him rekindling his friendship with Winnie after Steve beats Tentacular in the championship match.
    5. His bonds with Winnie, Jimbo, and Tentacular are very artificial and forced as it is explained that they are friends through the exposition dump at the beginning of the film.
    6. He is also completely wasted potential as he had the opportunity to elaborate on Tentacular’s backstory but he does not, causing Tentacular to come across as a one note villain in the process.
    7. He shows no concern towards Tentacular when he is beaten by Steve and is implied to be injured so badly that he needed to be sent to the hospital.
    8. His character design and attitude makes him look like a lame and depressed rip off of Mickey Goldmill from the Rocky franchise and Myles Standish from Free Birds.
    9. As the film is based on the graphic novel Monster on the Hill, the film crams in original characters with No counterparts from the novel. Siggy is one such character as his existence shows how unfaithful the film is from its source material.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Siggy is a friendly guy despite his role
    2. He also has a somewhat neat and impressive character design.
    3. Tony Danza does a decent job voicing Siggy.


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