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    Sierra (Total Drama)
    "Best view in New York City!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Obsessive Stalker
    Age: 17 (during Total Drama World Tour)
    18 (during Total Drama All-Stars)
    19 (during Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Annick Obonsawin
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Total Drama
    First appearance: "Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1"
    Last appearance: "Suckers Punched" (physically)
    "The Final Wreckening" (in a balloon)

    Sierra is one of the three newcomers from the Total Drama series who debuted in World Tour. She was originally a member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot before switching to Team Amazon in "Walk Like an Egyptian--Part 2". She later returned in All-Stars as a member of the Heroic Hamsters.

    She was voiced by Annick Obansawin.


    With blogs dedicated to every member of the cast and personal information extending as far as their dental records, Sierra is Total Drama's biggest fan, and Cody is her favorite contestant and crush. She also adores the host of Total Drama, Chris, although this fades fast as he puts her through the same torture that he puts all the contestants through. Being a blogger, she sometimes uses Internet slang acronyms such as "LOL" or "OMG" when she converses with the others. She quite evidently spends a lot of her time online based on her dependency on the Internet throughout the series. Aside from blogging, she also plays an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game).

    Whenever deprived of the Internet and her devices, Sierra will devise questionable and unusual methods to cope with it, such as using a pizza box as a laptop during Total Drama World Tour or having a mental breakdown when her smartphone is broken in Total Drama All-Stars. Sierra admits that a great amount of her knowledge and her multiple skills have been garnered from the Internet, her family, or a relative of another contestant. She seems to be a maternal person, having adopted two animals and referred to herself as their mother. She is generally polite, enthusiastic, and easygoing. However, she is also psychotic and can also be aggressive and violent, especially when Cody is threatened or near another girl.

    Why She Doesn't Deserve Cody

    1. Her entire character revolves around Cody, so she thinks she's nothing without him. So much that she goes as far as stalking him and acting like a complete sociopath around him. In fact, her behavior had turned Cody into becoming extremely paranoid.
      • In fact, in “Awwwwww, Drumheller”, after Alejandro showed her a photoshopped picture of Heather and Cody snuggling, she tries to drill the former as “revenge”.
    2. She knows things about the contestants like their dental records and things they did when they were in elementary school, which is incredibly disturbing and illegal to an extent.
    3. She's obsessed with Cody so much that she'll stalk and harass him and others just so he can love her.
      • She kisses Cody multiple times without his consent, which is sexual assault.
      • She even has a picture of Cody in the shower.
    4. She's ignorant to how others feel around her or how other feel sometimes. Such as acting incredibly perverted around male characters like Chris and Cody.
    5. She's obsessed with Chris and kept saying embarrassing stuff about him in "Broadway, Baby!", although some can argue that Chris does deserve it; this started in season 3, the final season where Chris was still a good character before his flanderization.
      • She even wanted to name her team "Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot".
    6. She hates anyone who gets between her and Cody, making her incredibly possessive.
      • She hates Gwen because Cody likes her (her hatred for Gwen is somewhat passable, considering Gwen made Duncan cheat on Courtney)
      • She hates Alejandro for wanting to sit in first class with Cody. Her hatred for Alejandro can be more passable since it’s mostly because she figured out he’s just as evil as Heather is, if not even more evil.
    7. When she found out Cody voted for her in "The Am-AH-Zon Race", she threw a fit like a child and wasted half of the episode on her. She's treated like being in the right even though she's been stalking Cody, and Cody has every right to vote her off. Even worse, she was doing it for her attention.
    8. She's addicted to technology, as shown when she has a psychological-epiphany meltdown over losing her phone and uses a pizza box and a mouse as her "computer".
    9. A boatload of idiot moves:
      • In "Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better", she threw Cody at a rock when he was already freezing.
      • She was tricked into stripping the London guard when it has a Cody mask.
      • She thought Cody and Heather were having an affair.
      • She adopted mutant rats.
    10. When she hates someone, she becomes a sociopath.
      • While it's justified that she hated Gwen in "The EX-Files", she sings a creepy song about her and rips off her head from a paper doll.
      • She tried to attack Heather twice, once with a giant wrench in "Sweden Sour", another time with a drill in "Awwwwww, Drumheller"; the former is passable, since this was one of Heather's most unlikable moments as she was trying to murder Cody all because he made her and the rest of the team build Gwen's head as their boat, so Sierra is justified in that episode since she was actually protecting Cody from Heather.
    11. In "Niagara Brawls", she tries to get herself married with Cody.
    12. In "Chinese Fake-Out", she poisoned Cody with tea, though she did cure him using his EpiPen.
    13. She has 2 "children" with Cody, who are both mutant rats.
    14. She was unlikable in the first half of "Awwwwww, Drumheller" as she threatens Heather for cheating at Cody, even though it was Alejandro who edit the photo in the first place.
    15. In Total Drama All-Stars, she can't function without Cody until Cameron becomes her replacement Cody.
      • In actuality, Sierra was pointless as the majority of her character development revolved around Cody in World Tour though Cody was originally supposed to be in All-Stars but ended up being cut for unknown reasons. Therefore, Sierra could have been replaced with another character, had her scenes replaced with ones tailored to the replacement character's personality, and their elimination occurring when Sierra's does, and it wouldn't have made much of a difference.
    16. She treats Cameron somewhat worse than the way she treats Cody, and while Cameron himself wasn't too likable either in All-Stars, due to being flanderized, the way that Sierra treats him actually makes him unintentionally sympathetic compared to her.
    17. She's sometimes mean to people for no reason, like in "No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition", when Zoey talks to her, and she insults her. Zoey, while flanderized in that season, actually didn't do anything wrong in that moment.
    18. The Villainous Vultures encourage this behavior, telling her to run back to Cody.
    19. No one ever reprimands her or helps Cody, and she is mainly a Karma Houdini as she usually gets away with her actions.
    20. Her crying can get annoying to listen to.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her voice is nice, as Annick Obonsawin did a great job voicing her.
    2. Her design looks pretty.
    3. She was made to mock fangirls in real life.
    4. She sometimes uses her Total Drama knowledge to help her team.
    5. She inspired the Total Drama contestants to get back on the show in the "Celebrity Manhunt" special.
    6. Some might find her funny.
    7. She carried Cody throughout Total Drama World Tour, showing she does have a genuine care for him despite her obsessive and creepy side. There are times where she was actually protects & helps him, like the time where Heather was trying to murder him, and the time where she saved him and everyone else from a waterfall using Owen and her strength.
    8. She has many abilities such as basket weaving and enhanced strength.
    9. She supported Courtney when she was cheated on.
    10. She becomes tolerable in the last 4 episodes of World Tour.
      • In "Rapa Phooey!", knowing Alejandro's evil plan, she teams up with Heather to foil his plan and save Cody from his manipulative ways. She also helps Cody in the episode by making baskets for him to carry his eggs.
      • In "Awwwwww, Drumheller", while unlikable in the first half, one of her positive traits in the whole episode is that she remembered Cody's birthday, something even Cody forgot, and it was sweet of her to say happy birthday to him. She becomes tolerable in the 2nd half, as Cody helps her realize that Alejandro tricked her to try and eliminate Heather, so they team up with her to eliminate the evil guy. She also baked a birthday cake for Cody, which was also very sweet of her, even though the candles she used ended up accidentally blowing up Chris' plane and caused her elimination (which is mixed: half-deserved, half-unfair).
      • In "Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles", she helps Cody tie with Alejandro to make it to the final two-ish. She is less creepy and more helpful than usual, as she encourages and helps Cody throughout the episode, which is very sweet of her. She also sees Chris for the bad guy he is deep down, now hating him like almost all other contestants from Total Drama (with the exception of Owen).
      • In "Hawaiian Punch", she saves Cody from a shark that ate him after Alejandro swatted him into the shark infested water. For the rest of the episode, she cheered on Cody to help Heather, and Heather to beat Alejandro. She also cheered in Heather's ending when she won against Alejandro.
    11. She was sometimes nice to her teammates, like Zoey.


    • Sierra is one of several characters who possess more than one main design as she has her original design with long hair and her later design with a shorter ponytail. Other characters include Staci, Heather, Ezekiel, Mike, Dakota, Lightning, and Scarlett.
    • Sierra is the tallest female contestant from the first generation and is shown to be even taller than Alejandro, whose height was mentioned to be six feet, meaning she is over six feet tall.
    • Sierra, along with Ezekiel and Alejandro, are the only contestants to use the confessional in a season that they did not participate in.
    • Sierra is one of ten characters to have dyed hair: the others are Duncan, Gwen, Zoey, Blaineley, Max, Lindsay, Tammy, Bowie, and Scary Girl.
      • Sierra is also one of three contestants to have purple hair, with the others being Max and Scary Girl.
    • Sierra is one of the three new contestants in Total Drama World Tour, with the others being Alejandro and Blaineley.
    • Sierra is one of nine characters on the show to have been bald or currently be bald, with the others being Chef, Alejandro, Ezekiel, Chris, Staci, Dakota, Dave, and Heather.
    • Sierra is one of the seven contestants to not have their full audition tape released.
      • Sierra herself confirmed that she auditioned twice, but either of them still have yet to be seen.
        • This also makes her the second character to have more than one audition tape with the previous being Izzy, although in this case she did have her audition tapes shown.
        • Sierra is one of eight contestants known to have lost their hair on the show, others being Heather, Ezekiel, Alejandro, Staci, Dakota, and Dave.
    • Sierra is one of six characters known to role-play. The others are Harold, Noah, Sam, Leonard, and Tammy.
    • She is the only newcomer of Total Drama World Tour to not have appeared in either of the spin-offs.
    • Sierra is the fourth contestant to be eliminated in a challenge she won in. In this case, it was in "Awwwwww, Drumheller".
      • The others being DJ, Ella, and Izzy, where each of their teams won the challenge the day they were eliminated.
      • She is also the first and only contestant to be eliminated despite earning solo immunity.
    • Sierra is one of twelve contestants to switch teams, the others being Izzy, Katie, Brick, Jo, Scott, Dakota, Duncan, Courtney, Cameron, Max, and Sky.
      • Furthermore, Sierra is the second contestant in the Total Drama series to switch teams with Izzy, with the first being Katie.
    • Sierra is one of three contestants from the first three seasons that never were in the same team with Izzy, the other contestants are Blaineley and Katie.
    • Sierra is one of six contestants to be kicked out by Chris without being voted off. The others are Owen, Duncan, Gwen, Max, and Ella.
      • In her, Duncan and Gwen's case, they were disqualified for destroying Chris' personal property.
    • Sierra has been eliminated back-to-back with Duncan in both seasons she participated.
    • Sierra received votes at every Barf Bag Ceremony she participated in except two. Ironically, she was disqualified in the only episode that she didn't receive votes in due to having immunity.
      • The majority of these votes were from Cody, who voted for her even when she was immune, such as in "Chinese Fake-Out".
    • Sierra has ranked three places behind Alejandro in both seasons they competed together (counting Alejandro's ending of Total Drama World Tour).
    • Sierra has never been eliminated in the traditional way:
      • In "Awwwwww, Drumheller", she was eliminated on the spot by an angry Chris after she destroys the plane.
      • In "Suckers Punched", she was chosen to be eliminated by the opposing team as part of a twist devised by Chris.
      • This makes her one of the fourteen contestants never to be voted out normally, with the others being Amy, Anne Maria, Cameron, DJ, Ella, Jasmine, Max, Mike, Scarlett, Shawn, Sky, Sugar, and Zoey.
    • Sierra is one of the only contestants in the third season to not be eliminated because of Alejandro, with the others being Ezekiel, Lindsay, Gwen, and Izzy.
    • Sierra is the second contestant to stay on the show after being eliminated without officially returning, with the first being Ezekiel.
    • According to Alex Ganetakos, Sierra was created for Total Drama World Tour in order to "mix things up and add an element of surprise" to the cast and the audience. In Ganetako's words, Sierra was conceived when the production crew wondered what if someone in the audience joined the show, feeling that Sierra represents a Total Drama fan who is up to sign for the show due to their wishes to join the experience.
    • Sierra's obsession over Chris and the contestants of Total Drama (especially Cody), to the point where she knows many details of their personal life implies that she suffers from Celebrity Worship Syndrome.
    • Sierra is the only contestant to make the camera in the confessional run out of battery.
    • Sierra's ethnicity is partially German, as she mentioned her grandparents were from Germany in "Slap Slap Revolution".
    • Sierra claims to be a certain "generation" of various things:
      • She claims to be a third generation Chris McLean scholar (Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special).
      • She is a fourth generation basket weaver (Walk Like an Egyptian—Part 2).
      • She is a tenth generation slap dancer (Slap Slap Revolution).
      • She is a fifth-generation fun-factologist (mentioned on Fresh TV's site).
    • Sierra appears to have monstrous strength and is one of the strongest females (and characters in general). She is able to lift the three hundred pound Owen with ease, fight off several baboons easily, attack several sharks at once, and hold up a rope carrying her whole team using only her teeth.
    • Sierra is the only girl on Team Amazon not to have kissed Duncan unless one counts Izzy, who hasn't kissed Duncan either.
    • Sierra's necklace is revealed to be a locket that has a picture of Cody in it in "Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles".
    • It was revealed on Total Drama Online that her hair is dyed purple because it is the same color as Cody's bruises, she carries pictures of Cody in her hair, she wears the same pants as Cody's mom, and she has six toes on her left foot.
      • This make Sierra the only contestant known to be born with extra body parts. (two extra toes)
    • In "Saving Private Leechball", she reveals her favorite of Mike's multiple personalities is Svetlana.
    • In the two seasons Sierra has competed in, she’s been the last one to be introduced to the cast both times.
    • It is mentioned on her Re:Fresh blogs profile, that Sierra moderates wikis.


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