Sid the Sloth (Continental Drift-Present)

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Sid the Sloth (Continental Drift-Present)
Sid the Sloth.png
Oh Sid, whatever happened to you?!
Gender: Male
Type: The Idiotic and Unfunny Side of Sid the Sloth
Age: Unknown
Species: Megalonyx
Portrayed by: John Leguizamo
Jake Green (The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: 'Ice Age'

Sidney "Sid" the Sloth is one of the three main protagonists of the Ice Age franchise.

Sadly, he was badly flanderized beginning with the fourth film Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Why He's An Lazy Idiot Now

  1. Sid became nothing but a stereotypical, lazy bum during these films.
    • He also became more of a lazy bum in the fifth film.
  2. He is even dirtier than he was in the previous three films, such as vomiting out grape jelly, wiping his face with poison ivy, and so forth.
  3. Sid finding a mate, while a fine concept on paper, was very pointless and poorly executed; especially in the fifth film.
  4. Sid was careless to the point that he ate a fruit that paralyzed him without knowing it.
  5. Like Manny, Sid received even more flanderization in Ice Age: Collision Course and became even more idiotic and an even bigger butt-monkey than he already was.
  6. He is also more destructive than he was before as well, like when he destroyed Geotopia just so he can give a diamond to Brooke.
  7. He acts even more out of character than he already was in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, showing little to no care for Crash and Eddie, to the point of making inconvenient comments about them being dead, such as "I don't mean to be a negative Nancy, but they've been gone a while. Shouldn't we just be looking for bones at this point?", "Face it, guys. Crash and Eddie have gone bye-bye. They totally disappeared without a trace!", which he would have never said in the first three movies (and fits more to Crash and Eddie instead). He also ruins all the emotional moments the movie tries to have, such as Ellie's backstory about Mother Opossum and Ellie's encounter with the possums at the end by saying "You know, I lost my mama too. Well, technically, she moved away without leaving a forwarding address. But then I found Manny here. And then, when Diego came along and tried to kill us, we knew we were destined to be a family!" (if this was supposed to be a joke, it failed horribly), and "Aw. I love family reunions. But there's no buffet, so time to head home!" (let Ellie reunite with her brothers peacefully, please).
    • While the rest of the new cast members sound similar to the original voice actors, Jake Green, his new voice actor, sounds nothing like John Leguizamo, sounding a bit more feminine and higher pitched compared to his usual voice in the movie and his screams became very annoying, though this is probably due to John being busy with the well-received Encanto at the time, voicing the character Bruno.
  8. While his design is still pretty good since nothing changes, some of his facial expressions in "The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild" can be hideous due to the awful animation by Bardel Entertainment. Just like the previous films, his design doesn’t really seem to replicate the design of actual giant ground sloths unlike how Manny and Diego's designs replicate woolly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Sid was a much more likable and funny character in the first three movies.
  2. John Leguizamo still did an amazing job voicing him.
  3. He gave us a few funny moments from Continental Drift such as the scene where his face gets deformed from drinking saltwater and "Holy Crab"!
  4. Even though it was poorly executed, the idea of him getting a girlfriend is a pretty good concept, especially considering that nobody from his biological family but Granny loved him and even abandoned him, so it makes sense that he deserves to have some company and make a family of his own, improving on his own family's mistakes.
  5. His backstory is rather tragic since he was constantly left behind by his family because they didn't care about him. Is it really any reason why he acts the way he does today?


  • On the official social network Ice Age pages, in an imaginary Sid's profile of a dating site, it's written that Sid is 30. Since the Herd Valley is listed as his residence, Sid "would have created the profile" between the fourth and the fifth movie. Assuming this information is true, Sid would have been only about 7-11 during the first film.


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