Sid Phillips

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Sid Phillps
Sid Phillips.jpg
"He tortures toys, just for fun!" - Rex the Dinosaur
Gender: Male
Type: Weak Antagonist
Bratty Toy Abuser
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Erik von Detten
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Toy Story

Sidney "Sid" Phillips is the main antagonist of the 1995 Disney Pixar animated film, Toy Story and a minor character in Toy Story 3. He is voiced by Erik von Detten.

Why He Intentionally Tortures Toys Just For Fun

  1. He is arguably the single weakest Toy Story antagonist in the entire series. At least the Toy Story sequels' other villains like Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2 and Lotso from Toy Story 3 (despite being the most evil and depraved of the bunch) have charm to their actions.
  2. He constantly abuses toys just for his own gain.
  3. He is often mean to her sister by making her toys into scary experiments like switching their heads or performing operations on them.
  4. He also destroys toys in many ways (exploding, burning, or in his "mad doctor" plays).
  5. He is just a generic bratty and spoiled kid.
  6. His design is pretty ugly to look at, even by 1995 CGI standards.
  7. His voice by Erik von Detten is extremely annoying to listen to.
  8. Despite him being the main antagonist of the first film, he has literally no connection to Andy, another toy owner.
  9. Overall, he is the only unlikable character in an otherwise astonishing movie franchise.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The comeuppance he gets for his actions at the end of the first film is extremely satisfying.
  2. He did get a tiny bit of redemption in the third film, although not by much considering it was just a cameo of him as a garbageman.
    • Likewise, he is clearly meant to be hated for being a massive jerk to not only the toys but his sister.
  3. Although extremely annoying, Erik von Detten did a great job voicing him. He even reprised his role as the adult version of the character in the third film.
  4. John Lasseter and the rest of the Pixar team eventually learned from their mistakes and therefore started writing better villains for subsequent films since then beginning with Hopper from A Bug's Life three years later, except for a few exceptions.
  5. He has a very funny moments here and there such as the scene where he says, "I wanna ride the pony", in his sleep.


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