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    Sid's family (Ice Age)

    "That's totally incorrect. We totally abandoned you." - Marshall

    Sid's family are a group of ground sloths that constantly abandon him in Ice Age. Despite being mentioned in the first film, they made a physical appearance in Continential Drift.

    Why They Intentionally Should Be Abandoned

    1. They are filler characters serving no purpose to the film whatsoever.
    2. They abandoned Sid and Granny because they are being "screw ups" and "dead weights".
    3. Milton, Marshall and Fungus are all Gary Stus as well as Eunice being a Mary Sue.
    4. They lack empathy because they don't even care about Sid or Granny, who are apparently the only good people on their entire family.
    5. They leave Sid behind whenever they migrate.
    6. They fit themselves to be more of an antagonist instead of the family of a protagonist.
    7. They stopped Sid from following them by gagging him with a field mouse, tying his hands and feet, barricading their cave entrance and moving through water so that Sid would lose their scent, which is rather cruel and abusive.
    8. They never get ridiculed for getting rid of their eldest son.
    9. They acted like they missed Sid while visiting him on the fourth film only to have Granny dumped with him so they can get away from him and her.
      • Not to mention, that isn’t only being mean to their son, but also one of their mothers as well. She raised one of them.
    10. On the first film, while they are mentioned, they abandoned Sid at the beginning of the film.
    11. Fungus' design looks disgusting.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Their designs (expect for Fungus) aren’t too bad.
    2. Their voices are decent.
    3. If they got killed during the Pangea, at least they got their karma for mistreating Sid and his grandma.
    4. To be fair, they are clearly made to be unlikeable since it was established from the first movie that Sid had a terrible family and that Manny, Diego and the rest of Herd are his real family even if they are not blood related. Their sole point, outside of abandoning Granny with Sid, is to show that both Sid and Granny came from a terrible family, so at the very least, they do serve their purpose.


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