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    Shnookums and Meat
    How can cookie-cutter, pale imitations of Ren and Stimpy annoy & bore many alike? This duo can sadly prove it.
    Gender: Male (both of them)
    Type: Idiotic Jerks (Both)
    Egotistical Smart-Aleck (Shnookums)
    Dimwitted Brute (Meat)
    Species: Cat
    Portrayed by: Jason Marsden (Shnookums)
    Frank Welker (Meat)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Marsupilami (1993)

    Shnookums and Meat are the titular cat and dog duo of the infamous The Disney Afternoon show The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show. They are voiced by Jason Marsden and Frank Welker, respectively.

    Why They're Intentionally Unfunny


    1. The duo are both very primitive, dull, and clichéd rip-offs of Ren and Stimpy from The Ren & Stimpy Show themselves, albeit with the roles reversed, with the cat being the smart, snarky, abusive jerk and the dog being the immature idiot instead of it being the other way around.
      • Especially when the typical 'cat and dog' duo has always been portrayed this way in countless kids cartoons and other fictional works from the past to now, especially when it comes to their levels of intelligence and personality traits (right before Ren and Stimpy attempted to change this style of the typical clichéd duo of a cat and dog). It's often been clichéd and overused to depict cats as smart yet mean, unlikable, or evil in contrast to dogs being depicted as clumsy, stupid and/or dim-witted with a soft/good heart (i.e CatDog themselves, Kitty Katswell and Dudley Puppy from Tuff Puppy, Chester and Harold from Bunnicula, Garfield paired with Odie, Tom Cat paired with Spike Bulldog from Tom and Jerry (depending on the episode), Rita and Runt from Animaniacs, and to some extent, Mittens and Bolt from Bolt (very slight) and even Peg-Leg Pete and Goofy from Goof Troop).
      • It doesn't help that Mean-Spirited Cats and Clueless Dogs are already two of the most overused tropes you see in many cartoons in the 20th century, especially in terms of comedy duos. Especially when it involves male dogs paired with female cats, dogs (like bulldogs) being brutes and the list of clichés just goes on.
    2. On top of being clichéd characters, everything they do is needlessly over-the-top, childish, undignified, rude, and repulsive on many occasions.
      • There are moments of them doing gross things like eating expired food to survive a lethal earthquake in the episode "Cabin Fever" or making extremely ugly expressions in many episodes to list; especially when this was either intentionally comedic or not.
    3. Most of their off-model designs range from being appropriately cartoonish and surreal to being downright ugly and somewhat hideous (even more so than Ren & Stimpy standards).
    4. They're quite destructive due to how much they continuously wreck their home, mainly because of their antics with chasing each other and how clumsy/accident-prone they generally are.
    5. Their voices are absolutely irritating. Shnookums' voice is the biggest and worst offender between the two, especially when Jason Marsden would go on to voice another unlikeable cat with a nasally shrill voice 11 years later after this show.
      • It's a shame that Frank Welker does an irritating job voicing Meat for the most part, as he is usually a great voice actor and has voiced several characters like a more familiar dog.
    6. In "Step Ladder to Heaven", they are really shallow, judgemental and disrespectful since they both abandon their newfound girlfriends at a drive-in movie theater, just because of their physical appearances being "ugly", even when these two gals did nothing wrong to warrant the rejection and were just looking excited for a date, which is just extremely petty and quite sad.
      • It doesn't help that this episode has an angel dog that describes how terrible the duo are as sadistic jerks at best and mean-spirited people who caused trouble at worst, and they send themselves to Hell for their lustful desires (meeting attractive female devils at first glance), and it's also shown that they enjoy being in Hell until their girlfriends they abandoned are revealed to be in disguise, making them scream to their dismay and deserving to be humilated for her jerkish behavior.
    7. They're both manchildren that are equally just as moronic as each other, much like a certain Disney duo that came 15 years after these guys.
      • In fact, they were so lazy. When they got morbidly obese in the episode "Weight For Me", both of them laughed at how jiggly their fat bellies were and thought to be total couch potatoes without thinking about exercising. Eventually, they were kicked out of the house as a way of being forced to lose weight. This got them to exercise, and despite this, they partake in the most impractical and dangerous ways possible.


    1. His role is a "know-it-all rude snarky cat" version of Ren Hoek from Ren & Stimpy but with none of the sharp wit, charm, intelligence, and likability Ren had (at least by the original series' Ren Hoek standards).
    2. He is always mean-spirited and far too mischievous towards Meat, as he keeps taunting, mocking, belittling and toying with Meat by inflicting dangerous, recklessly cruel & painful pranks on him, often without a shred of remorse for anything he does.
    3. He is also a compulsive liar and keeps attempting to gaslight Meat into doing bad stuff like inflicting situations onto him when it was Shnookums' fault, like ditching Meat to get attacked by a giant fish monster in "Something's Fishy!" or kicking Meat off of a bridge when the latter asked if he could have his butt scratched when Meat said that there was a flee on his back in "Bugging Out".
      • He even gaslights him into doing something he wouldn't do on occasion just to mess with him, one of the many examples of his mean-spiritedness being in episodes like "I.Q. You Too!"; all for trying to make Meat look bad for no good reason, and Shnookums is meant to be one of the titular main protagonists we're supposed to be rooting for...
      • There were many times when Meat called him out or reacted in retaliation for something bad Shnookums did, and he resorts to being so predictably bad at lying, this results in him getting mishaps that were coming to him, making it predictable and unpleasant to see him blabber and cower while knowing how guilty he is.
    4. He's also extremely self-centered, lazy, arrogant, brash and conceited enough to the point that he doesn't seem to care about anything happening to Meat as well, despite both of them being pets that their owners value very highly (even if it was leaving Meat into a deadly situation as discussed at S#1), which makes him less of an anti-hero and more of a selfish antagonist than anything.
    5. He hardly, if ever, gets his comeuppance for being a complete and utter jerk to Meat. He comes as both a opportunistic karma houdini/gary stu who has every single right to be a well-deserved butt-monkey at the same time.
    6. With that said, in "Kung Fu Kitty", he tries to get rid of Meat once he was first introduced to the family, after he made the big mistake of making Meat dumber and a lot less of a protective dog with his use of martial arts, he tries to frame the problem on Meat by having him work with the burglars so he could be the center of attention when he was brought into the family. Now who does that sound like to you?
    7. In the episode "Night of the Living Shnookums", (while this episode was well-written and hilarious to watch), he tried to dump Meat off a river of a bridge when Meat was in a trash bin and had also revealed that he was trying to make Shnookums realize how he was going too far with his pranks, and despite this, he is seen stuffing his face of fish with a smile and doesn't care about what happened to Meat, which makes him quite greedy and sleazy.
    8. Despite being the "smart one" to Meat, his plans and strategies he comes up with in the manner of a smart-aleck, don't make any real sense at all. He tends to tell Meat whatever he wants to do whenever he and Meat have to resolve something, acting like a problem-solving "voice of reason" even if Shnookums makes really bad or stupid ideas that weren't really effective to begin with.
      • In the infamous episode, "Pain in the Brain!", for example, he thought cleaning up his and Meat's filthy brains after losing them by being washed and shrunk (then inflated again) will fix the problem they had with repairing their brains; despite them still properly functioning without them having their brains being in their skull (which should make them act brainless and mindless instead of having any form of thought or intellect!). While the problem both of them made was resolved in the most impractical and aimless ways possible like them doing nothing and letting their brains go in the wrong bodies, it still seemed like a dumb idea from the start since this problem could be solved so easily.
      • In the episode "Bugging Out", Shnookums thinks of using chemical welfare to get rid of a house full of fleas. While it sounds like a fairly good idea in concept; in practice, however, he doesn't think to try seeing if the chemicals actually make them smaller since they just explode (with no real result of them getting bigger or not). Because of this, him using the spray without thinking of the consequences, just makes the fleas bigger than them (they even spray them without a gas mask on! Which could've poisoned themselves as well!).
    9. With that said from S#7, he is so delusional and obstinate that he never seems to realize how he can be just as dumb as Meat is. This is because he's always being supremely condescending, as well as being sarcastic and snobbish about Meat's low intelligence when Shnookums also has his moments with being just as clumsy, hare-brained, and imbecilic, if not dumber than Meat is!
      • In "Cabin Fever", Meat closely reads the manual for the food Meat just found and he tells Shnookums that the weenies he found, were expired since 1952 and thinks it is an solid reason to not eat the weenies in the first place. Despite this objectively smart and palplable observation Meat has made, Shnookums still tells him that's okay to eat it and encourages him to do it with no ounce of forethought in what he's saying, which causes the both of them to suffer from a severe and traumatizing acid trip as a result of Shnookums' arrogance, which makes them both act traumatized when their owners return home.
    10. His character design is incredibly unoriginal since it looks a lot like an orange-furred version of Sylvester from Looney Tunes. It's not helping that Shnookums as a character, even feels like a Sylvester wannabe with none of the wit, likability and charm he had (or even a Disney version of Claude Cat) as seen in the episodes like "Kung Fu Kitty", "I.Q. You Too!", and "Night of the Living Shnookums", all of which that depict Shnookums as a self-interested character who generally cares about nobody but himself and does selfish things out of his own desires, except much less likable and more unsympathetic than Sylvester himself.


    1. His role is a "unintelligent brutish well-meaning bulldog" version of Stimpy from Ren & Stimpy but with none of the humor, charm, and likability Stimpy had (at least by the original series' Stimpson J. Cat standards).
    2. Just like Patrick Star and Leni Loud, Meat is often pretty obtuse, simple-minded, and dense, all to the point of being too stupid in an unfunny way, even for a typically dimwitted dog.
    3. When his owners aren't around, Meat has moments of taking joy in beating up and scaring Shnookums, which is often done intentionally. This shows how his loyalty towards Shnookums can be somewhat sudden or forced since he can also be rather violent and mindless towards Shnookums at times, for good or not-so-good reasons.
    4. Despite this, his stupidity allows him to be pushed around by Shnookums more often than not, and he often never thinks for himself (nor grows a spine) when he really needs to. Which is a tad bit similar to that of the Adult Party Cartoon version of his competitor, especially when Shnookums' 'Karma-Houdini' status can make Meat a lot more pitiful most of the time.
      • He's even shown to be quite a huge coward who can also be pathetic and a whining crybaby on occasion; this is better shown in the episode "I.Q. You Too!" when Meat gets brutally deceived by Shnookums and gets easily sad to the point of acting like a child due to Shnookums calling him dumb and talking down to him about Meat being no better than many dumb dogs around him (which shows that Meat is often a punching bag and this episode is no exception for making us feel sorry for him).
    5. He has shown to be also impulsively (and unreasonably) short-tempered as well, like in his first introduction where he starts to chase after Shnookums after having a piece of food flung in his face by Shnookums by total accident.

    Redeeming Qualities


    1. They have had their moments of being likable or hilarious. The best example is Night of the Living Shnookums.
    2. Their designs, albeit unoriginal, are passable.
    3. They can be viewed as lovable or entertaining for their comedic personalities.
    4. They are probably not meant to be liked due to both of their jerkish behaviors that show up often.
    5. While not fully, they get a bit of redemption in Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.


    1. Even though he is a complete jerk, there were moments here and there where he did actually care about Meat. One example includes the episode "Ow, Hey!", where Shnookums asked Meat a couple of times if he was okay after getting hit in the face by a baseball (and this time he's not being condescending towards him this time) and told him that he needs to relax so he doesn't keep hurting himself with a baseball (even though Meat wanted to continue playing despite Shnookums pointing this out).
      • Because of this reason alone, this can be a good reason for why Shnookums acts sarcastic, especially when Meat actually does something senselessly stupid, like in the "Ow, Hey!" episode.
    2. He sometimes realizes his mistakes and tries to fix things, if foolishly in some instances.
    3. Despite seeming like a karma houdini most of the time, there are times when he does get his comeuppance (humorously or not) for his frustrating behavior.


    1. He can be kind-hearted and innocent many times and also shows to care a lot about Shnookums several times.
    2. Albeit a dog stereotype, he is also very loyal to Shnookums and his family as well.
      • In "Kung Fu Kitty", he felt really bad that he was oblivious to Shnookums' exploitative scheme of getting rid of him by manipulating Meat's stupidity into helping two thieves, which made Meat use his incredible brute strength, to restore his owners' property with true persistence.
    3. There are many times when he does have a good reason to beat up, torment, & sometimes reason with Shnookums at times since Shnookums usually acts like a very boastful, provocative, egotistical jerk towards him as Shnookums would always instigate the fight, conflict, and situation given the context from a certain episode like "Kung Fu Kitty" or "Night of the Living Shnookums" for example.
    4. He isn't always a stupid dog. Meat has had a lot of remarkable moments where he is actually smart, right-minded, and even, competent in several instances, far more than Shnookums even! Much to the point that he can come off as a neurotic dog who's genuinely smarter than Shnookums ever is at points (but was held back from things like pure naivete, ignorance, or insecurity), especially when Shnookums seems to think he's always the reasonable one when that isn't always the case. Meaning the audience can understand Meat a bit more.
    5. Since Meat's voice is a lot more passable and entertaining than Shnookums (voiced by Frank Welker), this means that several of Meat's one-liners can be rather funny, hilarious, and entertaining many times:
      • "I got SCAAARED!"
      • "Oh that's nonsense! I'm PERFECTLY fine! My toaster is just like a dolphin!"
      • "Maybe if we ignore them, they'll just go away!"
      • "Hey! Real dogs don't eat vegetable quiche, man."
      • "Toot-toot! Here comes the Nine oh Nine! Right on TIME!!!"
      • "Oh boy! HehAHAH!! You SHOULD'VE seen your face! (Wheeze) AHAHAAH!!! Oh that was a good one! (Chortling) No hard feelings alright, little pal? (Chuckling) Little pal (Chuckling again) Uh..."
      • "What have I done!?! Shnookums speak to me! SPEAK TO ME!!!"
      • "I'm better off with that stupid cat! Yeah yeah!! It's gonna be a LOT more peaceful around here now! Yeah yeah!! He always talks with his mouth full! And makes the place smell funny!"
      • "It's.. GOOD that he's gone! I.. I've done everybody a favor. Yeah! Yeah, that's it!!! That's for sure, yep! Uh-huh! Yes sir!!"
      • "It's... IT'S my heart!"
      • "(Cackling) I'm NOT really gone! I just pretended I was, to teach you a cool lesson!"
      • "I'ma I'ma I'MA I'MA ALLIIIIIVVE!!!!!"
      • "Trick or treat, SHNOOKUMS."
      • "Yeah. It felt like a piano landed on me."
      • What are we gonna do, Shnookums?! What are we gonna DOOOOOO?! We don't have any brains!"



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