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    Sherry Palmer
    "I abhor what you've done, and I abhor what you've become."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Manipulative Narcissist
    Age: 30s
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Penny Johnson Gerald
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: 24
    First appearance: Day 1: 12:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.
    Last appearance: Day 3: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

    Sherry Palmer is a fictional character in the American Thriller series 24, portrayed by Penny Johnson Gerald. Initially the wife of Presidential Primary (later President of the United States) David Palmer, she serves as a minor antagonist and foil throughout the first three seasons of the series.

    Why She's Intentionally the Worst Would-be First Lady

    1. Unlike her husband, David, who's a wonderful person (and also President, the first black President on TV, in fact), she is utterly manipulative, spiteful, and constantly tries to justify her outright heinous actions throughout.
    2. She does countless horrible things throughout her time on the series, things which are not only illegal and morally reprehensible, but that ironically end up doing the exact opposite of what she's trying to accomplish anyway.
      1. She flat-out ignores the needs of both her husband and her son. Keith accidentally killed a man who raped his sister and eventually wants to come clean about it, accepting that burying it will only make the consequences that much worse. She, on the other hand, becomes so obsessed with burying it that she hires an agent who kills his therapist (who practically saved his life) and frames him for the murder.
      2. When David fakes his death after an assassination attempt (you know, TO SAVE HIS LIFE), she leaks that he's still alive, believing he would lose support after this, which only put him in more danger. This move was also just petty because it felt like the was going against him out of habit rather than any form of necessity.
      3. She flat-out spies on David with Roger Stanton to find weaknesses in his organization, only he also allowed a nuke into the country, meaning this selfish action put millions of people in danger.
      4. She also worked with Peter Kingsley briefly, a guy who tried to start a nuclear war to drive up oil prices, sure, she didn't have any part in his plan, but she did try to hide the hacker, Alex Hewitt, which made the CTU's job that much harder.
      5. Rather than threaten legal action against Alan Milliken, which she could do very likely considering he had allegations of a fatal hit and run, she took the coward's way out and intentionally caused him to have a heart attack and denied him medication, effectively making her a murderer.
    3. She constantly tries to avoid consequences for her reprehensible, illegal actions by manipulating a ton of people and threatening them, effectively expecting them to cover up the messes she made.
      1. As mentioned before, she hides the hacker Alex Hewitt from the CTU, even though his testimony could easily prevent a war, just to avoid being implicated in the whole thing (which she was a part of, considering that she worked with Stanton).
      2. She desperately tries to cover up her role in Alan Milliken's death, threatening his wife, Julia, and David's brother, Wayne, to that end.
    4. Hypocrisy: Towards the end of her run, she tries to frame David for being complacent in her murder of Milliken after he justifiably disowns her for greatly overstepping her bounds.
    5. She always acts like she's the moral center even though even people who do half of what she's done would at least know their actions aren't exactly acceptable, but would at least justify them with the ends vs. the means, whereas she constantly acts like they were acceptable even though they weren't.
    6. She can't accept the consequences of her actions, even trying to act like the whole world owes her something at pretty much every point.
    7. She doesn't care about anyone else's feelings, especially when her reprehensible actions, as mentioned before, are completely unnecessary at the very best of times. She intentionally makes Julia Milliken, a poor, neglected, put-upon housewife, be her unwilling accomplice in her murder of him to try and avoid the consequences of said murder, putting even more upon that poor woman who just wants to come clean.
      1. She also does arguably even worse to her son as her attempt to bury his involuntary manslaughter kills his therapist and even he wants to come clean, only for her to try and prevent all of this.
    8. In case you couldn't guess by all of this, she's a complete pathological liar at pretty much every point in the series and believes herself to be the moral superior to everyone, constantly falling back on this philosophy when things don't end up going her way.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She's entirely meant to be a despicable and unlikeable character, especially during season 3, and is arguably pretty compelling as a result of that.
    2. Penny Johnson Gerald is great in the role and sells her character very well.
    3. She's thankfully not a karma houdini and gets plenty of punishment for her actions.
      1. At the end of season one, for her selfish actions and for doing them again, David promptly divorces her, preventing her from ever becoming the first lady.
        1. It's also satisfying to see her try to prevent him from doing so as he leaves, only for him to finally turn a deaf ear to her.
      2. At the end of season two, she's arrested for conspiring with terrorists (though David prevents her from getting a life sentence).
      3. David disowns her for her murder of Alan Milliken.
      4. Julia Milliken kills her for putting her through absolute hell, which was an appropriate punishment at this point considering she'd gone far past the point of no return.
    4. She does some decent things.
      1. Instead of leaving Jack behind to get away from the consequences of her actions in season two, she decides to rescue him (as he has a failing heart) and help him prevent the war.
      2. She wears a wire and tricks Peter Kingsley into revealing he fabricated the recording to start a war to CTU, thereby preventing said war.
      3. She tries to get Alex Hewitt out of legal trouble as he genuinely didn't know what purpose he was forging the recording for and genuinely doesn't deserve to be treated like a terrorist since he didn't knowingly work with them.
    5. Her decision to try and bury Keith's involuntary manslaughter is at least somewhat justified, and at least somewhat motivated by familial love.
    6. She does try to bring Alan Milliken down legally at first, finding evidence of a hit and run he committed and covered up.
    7. Her husband, David Palmer, is a MUCH better person.


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