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    NOTE: Not to be confused with the other dog of the same name from Bone Sweet Bone,or the elephant character from George of the Jungle.

    "Faithful Ol'" Shep, oh really? You think letting in a burglar or trying to murder the president’s dog makes him a loyal dog?

    Shep is a one-shot character from the Looney Tunes series who only appeared in the 1945 short, Fresh Airedale, where he served as the main villain protagonist in said cartoon. He has no voice.

    Why He's Not a "Faithful Ol'" Dog

    1. He is a good example of a huge Karma Houdini since he never gets punished for his actions and he keeps hiding the evidence of his bad deeds.
    2. He keeps making his owner blame the cat when the cat is trying to be helpful, unlike Shep does.
    3. He keeps making himself look innocent and act like a hero like one scene where the cat fights off a burglar and Shep hides the cat and makes himself look like that he was the one fighting off the burglar.
    4. He steals his owner's steak near the beginning.
    5. He lets a burglar rob his owner’s house, though the burglar fails to get inside the house because of the cat.
    6. He even tries to murder the president's dog who was "No. 1 Dog", just so he can become "No. 1 Dog", though he fails because the cat manages to clobber him into a nearby pond with a club before he can reach said dog.
    7. He is never grateful, like after the "No. 1 Dog" saves him from drowning, a lot of people started to come and Shep picks up the "No. 1 Dog" to make it look like that he saved the "No. 1 Dog".
    8. He even outright gets rewarded for his horrible actions in the end, making him a Karma Houdini, it would've been way better by being punished instead of being rewarded.
      • Consequently, he gives a bad lesson to audiences that "being a detestable jerk to others will get you outright rewarded and celebrated like a hero in the end just as long as nobody knows of your bad deeds", which is just revolting.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. His design is decent.
    2. Thankful to us all, he never appears again, luckily being a one-shot character.


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