Sheila Broflovski (seasons 1, 2 and Bigger, Longer & Uncut)

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Sheila Broflovski
Gender: Female
Type: Middle-Aged Shameless Control Freak and Morality-Obsessed Madwoman
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: South Park
First Appearance: '"Death"'

Sheila Broflovski is Kyle Broflovski's mother and Ike Broflovski's adoptive mother from South Park. She also serves as the primary antagonist of the film "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut".

Why She Intentionally Was a "Big, Fat, Stupid Bitch"

  1. She always gets outraged at anything she finds offensive and rallies up the other parents to take action in order to put a stop to whatever she believes to be a negative influence on children:
    • For example in the episode "Death", she lobbied with the other parents to have Terrance and Phillip taken off the network. Though it succeeded, she caused many lives to be lost when she had protesters take part in suicide attacks on the studio, and a worse TV show (She's the Sheriff with Suzanne Somers) was put on the air as a replacement.
    • Also in the episode "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo", she was angered at the school nativity (particularly how Kyle was playing Joseph), and forced the play to adopt a non-offensive theme. However, everyone hated it, ultimately provoking a riot in which she beat up Priest Maxi as he was restrained by Gerald.
  2. Her most infamous moments occurred in the film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, she is offended by the influence Terrance and Phillip's antics from their film Asses of Fire had on the children by forming Mothers Against Canada (or M.A.C.) which eventually instigated a war between Canada and the United States and had Terrance and Phillip sentenced to be executed.
  3. She acts very discriminatory against Canadians because she thinks that they are responsible for corrupting children with vulgar language and inappropriate media.
    • She is also a very pretentious and delusional hypocrite, as she thinks that murder, torture, and horrific, deplorable violence are acceptable in order to eliminate vulgarity and toilet humor, despite using some of these herself.
    • Also her hatred of Canadians comes off as very hypocritical, since her adopted youngest son and Kyle's adopted baby bother, Ike is Canadian himself.
  4. She acts like the female Jewish equivalent of Adolf Hitler (if not worse), as not only does her racism against Canada is just as bad or even worse than Hitler's hatred of the Jews, but her actions caused almost all of the Americans to become Censorship Nazis, attempted genocide, Canadians getting sent off to concentration camps, and Americans burning Canadian merchandise (very similar to the actions of the Nazis during World War II).
    • Mothers Against Canada (M.A.C.) is also a parody of the Ku Klux Klan, and the American-Canadian War is even revealed to fulfill an apocalyptic prophecy allowing Satan, his minions, and his lover Saddam Hussein to take over the world by the death of Terrance and Phillip.
  5. At the climax of the film despite her son's protests, she goes into a maniacal rage and fatally shoots Terrance and Phillip which summons Satan, his minions, and Saddam Hussein from Hell and almost causes the apocalypse. Even worse, she never gets any comeuppance for any of her actions, making her a Karma Houdini. (besides Chef shaming her).
    • However, she does show remorse at the end of the movie and apologizes for what she did, and all the casualties and damage are undone. But it doesn't completely redeem her for all the atrocities she caused, because she still ends up doing some of the same things she did before after this.
  6. In the video game South Park: The Fractured But Whole, she plays a role as a boss in the mission "Alternate Universes Collide Again" when Kyle Schwartz calls her after being beaten up by The New Kid. She comes out furiously and decides to attack The New Kid and his selected allies, therefore committing child abuse. Although this is justified because she was trying to defend Kyle Schwartz because Kyle was getting beat up.
  7. Her voice can get very irritating and grating, especially when she's constantly ranting about offensive media and Canadians being a negative influence on children.
  8. She never gets punished for her actions, therefore making her a Karma Houdini as stated before.
    • Pretty much the only reason she hasn't been punished is that she's Kyle's mom, which is a very pathetic reason to keep a character around and unpunished.
  9. She is the main reason why Eric rips on Kyle for being Jewish.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As stated in #5 despite never getting punished for her actions in the film (besides Chef shaming her), she does show remorse at the end of the movie, and apologizes for what she did. She also reconciles with Kyle for not taking the time to be with him when he needed her.
  2. She's become more tolerable in the later seasons as her over-protective and annoying personality and protests seem to have diminished a lot.
  3. She is a great "villain" character and is expanded from her role as a mother in the show. While her main goal of what she is doing is understandable (to make the world a better and safer place for children), she immediately goes way too far with this motivation and creates an organization that goes against the Canadians just because Terrance and Phillip's movie wasn't appropriate for younger audiences, and leads to the aforementioned war against Canada.
  4. She does mean well, and loves and cares about her family.
  5. Her funny quote: "WHAT, WHAT, WHAT?!"
  6. Despite being annoying, Mary Kay Bergman did a decent job voicing her.
  7. Despite most of her protests making things worse, there are a few rare instances where they weren't destructive and sometimes actually helpful:
    • In the episode "Conjoined Fetus Lady", she tries to help Nurse Gollum (who has a fictional condition called "Conjoined Twin Myslexia") by forming a special week devoted to everyone with the disease, with "everyone" being Nurse Gollum by herself. However, Nurse Gollum declares that she does not want any extra attention or special treatment and that by doing so they make her feel singled out and she only wants to be harassed and ridiculed just like everybody else, and she and the other parents wrongfully think that Gollum is ungrateful.
  8. With the exception of the last 3 episodes of season 20, she redeemed herself after the first 2 seasons and the film and became more likeable.


  • She was originally named Carol in her first appearance in the episode "Death", the name was then given to Kenny McCormick’s mother.
  • A few moments in the film (most notably the song "Kyle's Mom", as the background music during a boss fight) have been referenced in the Ubisoft game South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


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