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    Sheen Estevez (Planet Sheen)

    Not to be confused with The Bedfellows character with the same name.
    Sheen Estevez
    This is why you shouldn't have the comic relief as the main and titular character of a spin-off (most of the time, that is).
    Gender: Male
    Type: Insufferable Obnoxious "Hero" Wannabe
    The Annoying Side of Sheen
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jeff Garcia
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Planet Sheen

    "The sad part is that, unlike Mater, I actually like Sheen in the original show. But that's because number one, he was a f**king character and not a joke and number two, he wasn't always in the focus and number three, he actually had some depth. Putting a comic relief character in the focus can get very grating very fast."

    Mr. Enter

    Sheen Estevez is one of the main characters in the 2001 Nickelodeon film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the 2002 TV series adaptation The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius and the titular character of its infamous 2010 spin-off series Planet Sheen.

    Sadly, he was badly flanderized in his own spin-off show, but he redeemed himself in Pixel Town.

    Why He Was an Ultra-Dork

    1. First and foremost, he has been badly flanderized from a nerdy, hyperactive, wacky, dimwitted, and hilarious goofball, and has turned into a completely annoying, obnoxious, self-centered and immature idiot. He barely has any personality as well, and it resembles that of Jar Jar Binks.
      • In the episode “Gotta Go,” Sheen refuses to tell Aseefa that he needs to use the bathroom because Aseefa might find him disgusting, despite Sheen normally being shameless and doing worse things in front of other people.
    2. His humor and gags have gone from being actually funny and intelligent to being unfunny, stupid, and gross. It gets to the point that he overuses toilet humor in the worst way possible.
    3. He doesn't even have concern about returning to Earth throughout the series. In fact, he decides to stay on Zeenu in the series finale.
      • However, in "Tomorrow Boys", an episode from the original series, it's implied that he did return to Earth. However, only he could make that happen, so he could likely stay on Zeenu forever.
    4. He has completely forgotten about Libby. Instead, he has become attracted to an alien named Aseefa, which means that he has cheated on her.
    5. Speaking of him being an idiot, there are many moments of him being unintelligent, to the point that it's not even funny and instead gets irritating, much like Patrick Star in seasons 6-8:
      • He forgets everything he used to know in the original series. Instead, he makes downright stupid claims.
      • He keeps calling Nesmith a monkey, even though the latter keeps telling him that he's an ape.
        • With this in mind, he never stops annoying him with that fact and in general.
    6. His arrogance and selfishness have been cranked up to eleven.
      • In particular, he frequently blames Nesmith for the mistakes and misdeeds he makes.
      • He keeps teasing Dorkus because of his name, which has the word "dork" in it.
    7. In the flashback in "This Is Cute", he literally almost murdered Carl by tossing him to a plane which is enough to get him arrested.
    8. His voice in this series isn't that great compared to the original series. While Jeff Garcia usually does a good job voicing the character, here the performance is downgraded here.
      • Not to mention, his Latin Spanish Dub is even worse since his voice actor(Paolo Campos) tries to imitate the Jeff Garcia voice but instead he sounds even more annoying.
    9. He never gets punished for any of the bad things he has done, nor does he get called out on it, which puts him into the Idiot Houdini category.
    10. His very own show most likely permanently killed the Jimmy Neutron franchise.

    Redeeming Qualities That Don't Belong to Ultra-Dorks

    1. He was a much better character in the original 2001 Jimmy Neutron film and even the 2002 series alone, which makes his flanderization even sadder, and he redeemed himself in Pixel Town, where he is reverted back to his original personality.
    2. He wasn't that bad in pilot episode of his show.
    3. Despite the downgraded voice acting, his voice actor, Jeff Garcia, does reprise his role in this series.
    4. He has some very funny moments on occasion:
      • In the pilot, he was a bit funny in a few parts, such as questioning about "J.N." (Jimmy Neutron) and asking where the bathroom was.
      • One of his lines, "I'm not a monkey," is actually pretty funny.
    5. His appearance hasn't changed at all from his Jimmy Neutron design, and as such, it's still identical to what he normally looks like.
      • His new design with his jacket is nice and cool to look at.
    6. There are a few episodes where he gets his comeuppance like "QuaranSheen".



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