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Not to be confused with the Planet Sheen character with the same name.
"Shut up!"
Gender: Male
Type: Perverted Douchebag
Species: Cat/Dog Hybrid
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: The Bedfellows

Robert Hunt, also known as Sheen, is one of 2 main characters of the comic and web animated series, The Bedfellows.

Why He Should Go To Prison

  1. He can be a huge asshole to people, making him an alpha bastard.
  2. He's so promiscuous, he gives Pinkie Pie a run for her money.
  3. His abusive behavior towards Fatigue.
    • He forced Fatigue to suck his dick instead of driving to the gas station (Roadtrip).
    • He taped Fatigue to the toilet (Restroom).
    • He raped Fatigue for liking a video (DISLIKE!).
    • He tried to force himself on Fatigue while he was drunk (Drinking).
    • He assaulted Fatigue while he was calling his mom (Mothers Day).
    • He gave Fatigue two black eyes, or in his case, three black eyes (whichever eye healed first, he punched again) (The 12 Rapes of Christmas).
    • He insults and assaults Fatigue (various episodes).
  4. In Asperger's, he thought that just because he had Asperger's Syndrome (he didn't), he could do whatever he wanted.
    • He parked on a handicapped parking lot.
    • He yelled at a woman because her baby was crying.
    • He loitered at a public area.
    • He thought he couldn't get arrested.
  5. In DISLIKE!, he disliked videos for stupid reasons, such as Fatigue not being a girl and nobody being badly injured.
  6. He's a psychopath.
  7. He shows his penis (albeit censored) in the episodes Roadtrip, Next Door, and Drinking.
  8. In the episode Dinner, he disrespects his mom.
  9. He says "Shut up!" too much.
  10. He stole a YOLO shirt.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He isn't always a jerk.
  2. His character design is passable.
  3. He has some funny moments.
  4. The Bedfellows would most likely not be as great as it is without him.


  1. He is bisexual.
  2. His bad behavior likely came from his shitty relationship with his parents.
  3. His name, Sheen, is likely just an alias he goes by whenever he sleeps around.


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