Sharpener (Object Mayhem)

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"What the heck, again?" Well why the heck does he even exist?

Sharpener is a male contestant from a Object Show called Object Mayhem. He was eliminated in "Hit and Miss", also known as Episode 9.

Why He Sucks So Bad

  1. Similar to Phone, he does not have a clear personality.
  2. He has no point in existing and is a generic idler.
  3. He has no comedic moments and he had no development at all, he could have potential, but the writer of this show refused to, making his character to be wasted.
  4. He has hardly done any real challenges whatsoever and is shown to be the most generic Object Show character who gets left out of the show for whatever reason.
  5. His purpose of existing is to be filler.
  6. He is one of those forgettable Object Show characters that gets boring quickly.
  7. His voice is very bland and dull, to the point it's almost lifeless.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. His design is decent.


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