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    Shangri Llama (Ice Age: Collision Course)

    Shangri Llama
    "That wall was the one thing keeping us young! Now, we're all doomed! DOOOOOOOOMED!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Selfish Llama
    Age: More than 400 years (Rejuvenated elder)
    Species: Llama
    Portrayed by: Jesse Tyler Ferguson
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ice Age
    First appearance: Ice Age: Collision Course

    Shangri Llama, as his name indicates, is a rejuvenated llama who is the spiritual leader of Geotopia. He is a former minor antagonist-turned supporting character that appears in Ice Age: Collision Course. He was voiced by Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

    Not-So Serene Qualities

    1. First of all, he's an annoying character who won't stop talking about yoga.
    2. He acted selfishly as he refused to cooperate with The Herd because he wanted to maintain his youth.
    3. For someone who practices yoga, he has a bad temper, such as when he overreacted when Sid (accidentally) destroyed Geotopia.
    4. He ignored the threat that the asteroid represented to the point of changing the subject to talking about yoga.
    5. He twerked two times disguised as yoga poses and prompted Manny, Sid, and Diego to do the same.
    6. Although its design is cool, there are some things that clash, such as the fact that it is too colorful next to the characters from The Herd who were more realistic and why would a llama have horns?
    7. His voice sounds very annoying sometimes, especially when he gets angry since it feels very faster.
    8. Although the posters made him look like someone important in the plot, he does not appear until the last act turning out to be another case of false advertising.
      • It gets worse because he has a very short appearance and is even shorter in the climax.
    9. Although he redeems himself in the end, it feels like he did it more out of obligation.

    Serene Qualities

    1. At least he got scolded by Brooke for refuse to cooperate, and he ended up helping The Herd against the asteroid, despite NSSQ#9.
    2. At least he redeemed himself in the end, even if his redeemed self barely gets any screen time.
    3. To some extent, his anger towards Sid for accidentally destroying Geotopia is understandable.
    4. Although NSSQ#7, it can be understood that his voice actor, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, was a newbie playing an animated character since it was his first role.
      • His voice can be pretty tolerable, as long as he's not angry.
      • At least most of Shangri Llama's international voice actors do a better job voicing him than Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
    5. His design is pretty cool and fits the Ice Age franchise pretty well, especially for an elderly llama, despite WHDD#6.


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