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    Sergio (The Sergio Show)

    Note: Not to be confused with Sergio from The Casagrandes.
    "IT'S THE SERGIO SHOW" -Sergio Dominguez at almost every single episode.

    Sergio Dominguez is the main protagonist from the series called The Sergio Show, which is also known as a internet show. He started his show at the year 2008. He is from Spain (possibly) and his show is below average in general.

    Why He Sucks

    1. He became a jerk to his friend Juan just because he got beaten up by his siblings when Sergio is standing next to Juan hurt by a shelf. He even got his show cancelled for this, this caused Sergio to be flanderized.
    2. His voice is annoying and ear grating, depending on your hearing.
    3. He constantly says "IT'S THE SERGIO SHOW" and "Have an Animated Day" at almost every single episode, which can get annoying very quickly.
    4. His character design is poorly drawn and crappy. Not to mention his character design has thicker outlines.
    5. In Episode 25, he hung his sister at his birthday, which was heartless and cruel from him. However it was unknown why he did that.
    6. He blames Juan for winning a Hockey Game as shown in Episode 3.
    7. He is mostly unlikable to his parents.
    8. He only cares about his show and money and other things that are related to his own show.
    9. He does gross stunts at previous episodes. EXAMPLE: Episode 2
    10. In 2020 he still acted like this.
    11. He has lost all of his charm and personality he had in the last 9 seasons, notably because he became a jerk to Juan because of a little mistake.
    12. He had some moments where he would be careless, unlikable at times and messes up his intro and his own show, most of this were from the second season where Sergio struggles to start his couple of episodes, this makes Season 2 mediocre and lackluster.
    13. Sometimes, he causes havoc such as destroying his homework, making his character unlikable.
    14. He is also shown to be a manipulative person in other episodes featuring unnecessary filler moments.
    15. Some of his fourth wall breaking can be predictable at times.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. At least he isn't always bossy to Juan.
    2. He can sometimes be a tolerable character.
    3. He got better in seasons 9 and counting. But this does not excuse anything.


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