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Note: Not to be confused with Sergio from The Sergio Show.

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Let’s hope he flies very far away and NEVER comes back!
Gender: Male
Type: Wannabe Comic-Relief
Species: Scarlet Macaw
Portrayed by: Carlos Alazraqui
Status: Alive
Media of origin: The Casagrandes

Sergio Casagrande is one of the main characters from the 2019 Nickelodeon spin-off series, The Casagrandes and a recurring character from The Loud House. He is the Casagrandes’ pet parrot and appears to be kind of a smart beak, as he seems to tease the members of the family.

He's constantly causing trouble by stealing stuff, destroying things, antagonizing people, invading privacy, pulling pranks, insulting others, etc. His unfriendly actions range from being mildly obnoxious to downright villainous whenever he does something bad.

Why He Should Fly Away and Never Come Back

  1. He is narcissistic, greedy, annoying, one-dimensional, and only cares about himself, and barely shows that he cares for his own family.
  2. He undermines the down-to-earth tone of The Loud House and The Casagrandes by making both series less realistic and more cartoony by acting as an anthropomorphic parrot, in real life parrots don't actually talk, they repeat sounds that make it appear as if they are talking, but Sergio speaks full sentences.
  3. Unlike the voices of the humans, his voice can be annoying and grating to listen to.
    • It doesn’t help that his voice actor Carlos Alazraqui recycled Paco's voice from Maya & Miguel, which wasted Carlos's talent at all.
  4. He always makes a snarky comment and makes fun of his family.
  5. He is a karma houdini as he almost never gets punished for his actions.
  6. There are many episodes where he is arguably at his worst:
    • In "Power Play with the Casagrandes", he was responsible for causing the family's power bill to go up even higher by having an all-night party at the mercado and says "sorry not sorry" for nearly preventing Hector and Rosa's anniversary dinner.
    • In "Snack Pact", he blackmails the Casagrande family that if they don't buy him or do anything he wants, he'll rat them out to Rosa (who gets jealous when her family eat someone else's cooking) that they're eating tamales from a food truck behind her back, then he enslaved his family into his own personal servants.
    • In "This Bird Has Flown", he torments Bobby for his own amusement and emotionally manipulated the Casagrande family by pretending to go missing and guilt-trips Bobby for telling him to fly away and never come back and nearly got him in trouble with the police, and the Casagrande family angry at him for confessing and arrived at the exact moment the family blames Bobby and revealed that it was all to teach him a lesson.
    • He was pointlessly shoehorned in The Loud House episode "Don't You Fore-Get About Me", and appeared multiple times throughout the episode despite serving no purpose besides his scenes.
    • In "Cursed!", he intended the kids' plan to convince their grandmother Rosa that Great Lake City isn't cursed by filming lucky moments around the city to go wrong by sabotaging them in hopes of him winning a film award, which results in each one of them getting hurt instead of getting lucky:
      • Ronnie Anne tries to eat some cotton candy at the park, but Sergio orders his pigeon friend Sancho to overpower the cotton candy machine, causing a giant ball of cotton candy to roll over her.
      • Bobby tries to show how great it is to visit the mercado, but then Sergio orders Sancho to put a fish into Bobby's pants and cause a bunch of street cats to storm in and attack him.
      • The kids try to eat some pizza at a local pizzeria, but then Sergio orders Sancho to kick a sack of pizza dough mix into an oven and cause an explosion of pizza dough all over them.
      • And to add insult to injury, he showed the footage of the kids' mishaps to Rosa, furthering her belief of Great Lake City being bad luck and made the family move out of the city and Sergio gets off scot-free.
    • In "Bad Cluck", he tried to save his own skin by using Bobby as a human-shield, then later it was revealed that the chicken ghost haunting the Casagrandes was an old friend of Sergio named Alfredo, who is haunting them because Sergio wronged him in the past by pooping on his car, injured him on his birthday party, stole his wallet, and when he went to go apologize for hospitalizing him he stole his sunglasses from his head and takes off, which causes Alfredo to die off-screen as Sergio felt no remorse. In present day, the family forces him to make amends with Alfredo, but he doesn't accept the apology and possess Carlos because he wants his sunglasses back, but Sergio refuses to return them as the Casagrande family demands that he gives them back, but he downplays his actions then selfishly tried to weasel out of returning them and even suggested sacrificing Carl instead of returning them. Then the Casagrande family eventually forced Sergio to give Alfredo back his sunglasses which finally makes Alfredo leave and stop haunting them, then Sergio promised to wrong his friends ever again, only for a ghost cow to haunt the Casagrandes afterwards, meaning that Sergio never learned his lesson.
    • In "Meal Ticket", he prevented Ronnie Anne and Sid from ordering concert tickets from their favorite k-pop band Twelve is Midnight before going sold out. Later on, he and his pigeon friend Sancho secretly had VIP passes to Twelve is Midnight despite Sergio not knowing who the band or lead singer is and most likely did it to rub it in Ronnie Anne and Sid's faces for missing out on the concert.
    • In "No Egrets", he tried to get rid of the baby egrets chicks that imprinted on him when he fell asleep in their nest and endangered them by dropping them from a tree, not caring that he got them dirty in mud after bathing them, made them eat shoes from a dumpster while he takes the food for himself, and abandons them in an alley to be attacked by street cats so he can go off to a party with his friends. Later on he sees them in danger and out-of-nowhere cares about them and saves the egret chicks, which Sergio suddenly caring about the egret chicks feels forced and a weak attempt at trying to make him sympathetic and likable.
    • In "Undivided Attention", when Carlota thinks the tutor her dad hired is going on a date with her, Sergio gives her the idea to be an annoying jerk to make him go away by destroying his calculator, cause a big mess at a restaurant by ordering a massive amount of food, and Sergio stealing his wallet to pay it off.
    • In "Gossipy Girl", he pesters Breakfast Bot and uses him to text his girlfriend Priscilla, while unknowingly makes Ronnie Anne and her friends confess their embarrassing secrets to their school, and get picked on by their classmates, and when Ronnie Anne realizes that Sid is about to confess her embarrassing secret to the whole school because of Sergio, he tries to escape instead of owning up for his actions.
    • In "Skatey Cat", he consistently keeps making fun of Ronnie Anne's fear of skating when she's clearly shaken, including showing Lincoln her fail during her video call without even letting her explain, and even getting his other animal friends to see her fail video and laugh at it.
  7. Most of his annoying behavior is intentional and he is shown to be aware of it and actually takes pride in it, which is evident in some episodes like "This Bird Has Flown" and "Undivided Attention"
  8. Despite being supposedly a Scarlet Macaw (see the infobox), Sergio looks nothing like a real Scarlet Macaw (or any other real Macaw, for that matter).
  9. Hypocrisy: In The Loud House episode "The Loudest Thanksgiving", Lori shows Bobby while on video chat that Lynn Loud Sr. is cooking a "Turgoosen" (a pigeon stuffed inside a goose stuffed inside a turkey) as Sergio flies by as expresses his disgust and says "Triple Homicide!". But in The Casagrandes episode "Arrr in the Family", he finds and eats a chicken leg, which is not only hypocritical but also cannibalistic.
  10. He can't handle criticism, which is evident in "Face the Music with the Casagrandes" where he threatened to scratch Bobby with his talons after he told Sergio he was too sharp.
  11. He is often shoehorned into scenes or episodes and has too much screen time to the point where other main characters like Carlitos and Lalo are in the background without speaking lines in episodes.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His design is good, despite bearing no resemblance to a real-life Scarlet Macaw as mentioned above.
  2. He doesn’t always get away with his wrongdoings and gets punished for his actions in a few episodes.
    • In “Power Play with the Casagrandes”, he got some minor comeuppance when he passes out for chasing a laser pointer for being out of shape.
    • In “Snack Pact”, Rosa does find out what the family is doing, but the tamales from the food truck were made from her recipe. As Sergio tried making his escape, he is stopped by Rosa, who calls him out for blackmailing the family and they all decide to punish Sergio by making him their personal waiter.
    • In “Meal Ticket”, he does get some minor comeuppance where his feud with Breakfast Bot caused the cubano truck to crash on-stage during the concert and he passes out.
    • In “No Egrets”, despite his bond with the egret chicks feeling out-of-the-blue, he did save their lives and became less selfish, and got attacked by street cats earlier for abandoning them.
    • In “Gossipy Girl”, while trying to escape Ronnie Anne, he flies into a wall, and stepped on her, while Breakfast Bot laughs at him.
      • One could argue that his actions in this episode weren’t intentional, but that still doesn’t excuse him.
  3. Although rare, he can have a funny scene/line every once in a while such as "Triple Homicide!" despite its hypocrisy.
  4. He does have a few moments where he's helpful to the family and does show to care for them, helpful to other people too, and he's sometimes tolerable, or likable in most episodes such as “Just Be Coo” where he helps his friend Sancho become a model pet.
  5. Carlos Alazraqui does a good job voicing him despite Sergio's voice coming off as grating sometimes.
  6. The Casagrandes would most likely not be as good as it is without him, since he is one of the show's main characters and is involved in the conflict of multiple episodes.
  7. He did improve a bit in Season 2 and is a bit more likable in Season 3.


  1. Sergio is named after a famous comic artist Sergio Aragonés, who is known for his work on MAD Magazine and a comic called Groo the Wanderer.
    • Sergio Aragonés himself later received a guest role in The Casagrandes episode “Mexican Makeover” and “The Golden Curse” as a blue parrot named Paco, who is the pet to Rosa's mother Mama Lupe.
  2. He not only shares the same voice of Paco from Maya and Miguel, he might also be based off of him due to being an anthropomorphic red parrot that is bilingual and a pet to a Hispanic family. (But Sergio has none of the charm or likability Paco has.)
    1. His actor also voiced Felipe the Screwdriver, a much better character
  3. He is implied to be an old parrot because in his debut episode “The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos” Bobby shows surprise when he says that he's still alive.



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