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    Sergeant Stokes (Dhar Mann)

    Sergeant Stokes (Dhar Mann)
    So you see, being a bad drill sergeant is pretty bad, but he took it to a whole 'nother level.
    Gender: Male
    Type: A cruel sergeant and a huge Karma Houdini/Gary Stu who was always physically abusive to Jay
    Age: Adult
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Levi Petree
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Dhar Mann
    First appearance: Mom Sends BAD KID To MILITARY SCHOOL, What Happens Is Shocking

    Sergeant Stokes is a fictional character and a recurring antagonist in the Dhar Mann video series. He is portrayed by Levi Petree. He is a sergeant who was always physically abusing Jay. His only appearance was in "Mom Sends BAD KID To MILITARY SCHOOL, What Happens Is Shocking". After that video, he was never seen again in other Dhar Mann video.

    So You See, This Is Why He's A Very Bad Sergeant

    1. To get the elephant out of the room, similar to Klaus Kickenklober, he is known for simply abusing Jay, being very strict, not giving him the recognition other cadets got, and treating him super badly during his time at East Point Academy. Oh, come on, Sergeant Stokes, Jay is just a beginner cadet, not a professional cadet!
    2. He is extremely cruel towards Jay to the point of even abusing him in various ways. Here are some examples:
      • Forcing Jay to do 40 push-ups after he brought out his radio and disobeyed his rules of all cadets being quiet at eight (Quiet Time) and ready for bed at nine (Lights Out).
      • Punishing Jay by making him do latrine duty after he doesn't wake up, get ready, and make his bed.
      • Almost punishing Jay by sending him to the Hole after he put saran wrap on the urinal in the staff bathroom. Fortunately, the teacher stopped him from doing that and further explained to Jay about not pranking him during his time at East Point Academy.
      • Punishing Jay by sending him into the Hole after he set several traps in Sergeant Stokes' inspection and during his exit from his inspection along with Cadet Thompson.
    3. He is barely punished for his mean actions towards Jay, thus making him a huge Karma Houdini.
    4. His acting by Levi Petree, while decent, can become quite over the top and frightening due to his compulsive behavior being quite realistic, his voice is very loud, and his facial expressions being quite creepy if something is wrong. Are you doubtful? Check out this example of one of his facial expressions after Jay puts the traps mentioned above and he walks out of his inspection furiosly and gets hit in the face with whipped cream.
    5. He gets to the point where he even gets disrespectful and racist towards Jay. For example:
      • As soon as Jay entered East Point Academy, he already suspected that there was something wrong with him, and that was until the moment he caught him dancing along with the other cadets, and soon forcing him to do 40 push-ups, like a punishment.
      • In the infamous scene where he uses a horn given to him by Cadet Thompson to wake Jay up, he quickly tells him if he's above everyone else, and he says no. The last straw was when he said that he was like a cockroach that he always stomped on with his boot if necessary. That is, Jay for him is like a lazy person who does nothing but be disorganized. This can also be seen as racist disrespect towards black people as well.
    6. He witnessed an infamous scene cited earlier in which he uses a horn provided by Cadet Thompson to wake Jay up after he fails to wake up, get ready and make his bed.
      • Another example of this is in the scene where Jay sets several traps just to teach him a lesson, but the "cheap was expensive". He ends up sending Jay to the Hole because of this, and goes on to say, "Be careful of the spiders in there!"
    7. His infamous quote, "I got my eye on you, Lawson. You cross me again, I'm gonna make sure you wish you were never born."
    8. Similar to Jimmy Crystal, he doesn't seem to care about the other cadets besides Jay.
    9. He is considered a great perfectionist, and thinks he is perfect and above the other cadets, thus becoming a huge Gary Stu.
    10. He treats Jay like he's a Butt-Monkey for the rest of the video.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Fortunately, at the end of the video, he finally freed Jay from the Hole after he realized from his mother that what he did was wrong.
    2. His acting, by Levi Petree, is pretty decent, since he looks a lot like a real sergeant, although it's rather over the top, realistic and frightening.
      • Furthermore, his performance is one of the few Dhar Mann's that are very good compared to the other actors who participate in the videos.
    3. He got a bit of karma in the scene where he's about to send Jay into the Hole after Jay puts saran wrap in the staff bathroom and the teacher arrives just in time to stop him, and further explains to Jay that pranks are not allowed at East Point Academy.
    4. He does have a good reason as to why he wants his cadets to push the limits. He just does his job at giving his cadets the best shot despite his problems.
    5. It was satisfying to see him almost being blindsided by Jay after he put saran wrap on the staff bathroom, him being about to have a sleep attack after Jay put his sleeping pills in his water bottle when he went to the staff bathroom, the various traps Jay and Cadet Thompson put in his inspection and in his path after he fell asleep, and Jay sticking his tongue out at him after being released from the Hole and East Point Academy, of course.
    6. In fact, he acted so strictly towards Jay because his own mother had told him about acting that way, so it's most necessarily Jay's mother's fault.



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