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    Sean (Star vs the Forces of Evil)

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    Sean is a minor recurring character of the animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. He is the security guard at the Bureaucracy of Magic. He made his first appearance in the episode "Page Turner". He was voiced by Josh Sussman.

    Sean is depicted as an anthropomorphic moose-like creature with light lime-green fur, a large nose, angular brown antlers, a short tail, and black eyes. In all of his appearances thus far, he wears a security guard uniform consisting of a white dress shirt, a black tie, a yellow jacket, black sash and gloves, green pants, black boots, and a dark goldenrod hat with a gold badge on the front.

    "This guy is a rip off of Lumpy!" -Kenn Navarro's reaction to Sean

    Sean is a very polite and soft-spoken individual. He is loyal and obedient to the Magic High Commission, following all orders and reporting anything out of the ordinary to them, as shown in "Total Eclipsa the Moon" when he sees Queen Butterfly with Eclipsa.

    Sean also takes his job as security guard seriously. In "Page Turner", he scans for any magical artifacts that one has on them, including Glossaryck. He also expects everyone to follow the "No Magic" rule.

    Why He Sucks

    1. Despite taking his job seriously, he tends to be timid when people like Glossaryck or Moon get mad, and almost does nothing to solve it. This makes him half of an idiot when compared to other security guard characters from other series, who do solve it.
    2. Additionally, he, at least unintentionally, did a thing he shouldn't do at his job; he once inconvenienced a character to go through the bureaucracy at almost every turn. In this case, the character Sean inconvenienced was Glossaryck during his trek through the bureaucracy building.
    3. He doesn't appear to react quickly unlike real lifeguards' other security guard characters. This was shown in the episode "Total Eclipsa of the Moon", where he catches Queen Moon's unlawful activity, but Moon stops him before he has a chance to report it to his superiors, and with the inadvertent help of Eclipsa, Moon erases Sean's memory of the whole incident.
    4. He is very unpopular in the fandom, which hints that he has a bad reputation from fans besides haters, thus making him a Scrappy. He was rarely used in fanart and in any fan stories.
      • In Disney XD's Twitter, there is a tweet which contains a short video featuring Sean. A user named JFink mentioned that he found Sean's face annoying, further implying about Sean's bad reputation from fans.
    5. It is possible that his body shape rips off of that from Lumpy from the adult animated series Happy Tree Friends. In fact, two users mentioned Happy Tree Friends on the aforementioned tweet (Steven Maxwell Tan and Ronnie Grhaizi respectively).

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He at least helped on solving some problems, such as what happened to Meteora.
    2. His design is good, despite WHS#5.
    3. Josh Sussman does a good job voicing Sean.


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