Screech Powers (The College Years)

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Samuel Powers, better known by his nickname Screech, is the tritagonist in Saved By The Bell. He was a fixture for the entire run of the series and the franchise. However, while the main version of the character was decent overall, Screech got flanderized to death in the The College Years and the The New Class.

He's played by Dustin Diamond in nearly all of his roles.

Why He Sucks in This Series

  1. He's one of the only characters from the original series to not evolve in some way. He's still free-spirited and in his own world.
  2. Screech normally plays the comic relief role on the show, and has shown to be pretty smart in technology and other areas. But here his intelligence level dropped rapidly to the point where it became more annoying than anything.
  3. He voice started to get screechy and grating.
  4. He stops playing an important role on the show, and ends up existing solely for filler and reminders of the previous series.
  5. For some reason he became the assistant principal for his school which wouldn't really work out for him.