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    Scrat the Squirrel (Continental Drift and Collision Course)

    "Aaaaahhhhhh!!!" - Scrat when the writers ruined him in the fourth and fifth films.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Literally the reincarnation of god in Ice Age
    The Destructive and Dumber Side of Scrat
    Age: Adult
    Species: Saber-toothed Squirrel
    Portrayed by: Chris Wedge
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ice Age
    First appearance: Ice Age
    Ice Age: Continental Drift (flanderized/derailed)
    Last appearance: Ice Age: Collision Course (flanderized/derailed)
    Ice Age: The End

    Scrat is a mute sabertoothed squirrel from the Ice Age series and the mascot of the now-defunct Blue Sky Studios. He has appeared in almost all of the franchise's media except for The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild (due to Disney "losing" the rights to him, though this was all false in Scrat Tales as it was revealed that Disney didn't lose the rights to him and still managed to keep the ownership and rights to him). He is portrayed by Chris Wedge.

    Unfortunately, Scrat suffered both Flanderization and a character derailment during Continental Drift and Collision Course, but he redeemed himself in Ice Age: Scrat Tales.

    Why He Unintentionally Lost His Acorn and Never Got It Back

    1. He got ruined as character in Continental Drift and Collision Course, where his role as comic relief had become poorly executed, making him less funny than he originally was.
    2. First of all, his attempt at slapstick comedy, although funny on some occasions, mostly becomes repetitive and tiring.
    3. He is one of the main responsibles in charge of making the films more cartoonish than realistic, since his slapstick comedy is more exaggerated to the point of using cartoon sounds every time he was hit with something, this problem is more noticeable in Collision Course.
    4. He also became more destructive than he originally was. Before and after his derailment, he was somewhat destructive, but he had his limits; here, he was the cause of the natural disasters that were the main problem in both movies, making him look more like an antagonist than a hero. This remarkably got worse in the fifth movie, where his destructive role has hit rock bottom (See WHULHAaNGIB#6 for more details).
    5. In Continental Drift, due to his desire to want the giant acorn, he sank Scratlantis and in the process drained an entire ocean even if Ariscratle was warning him showing that he cares more about the acorn than anything.
    6. He was at his absolute worst in Collision Course, as all his bad qualities got worse as if that were his entire personality, making it look like as though they were trying to make him look funny, but to no avail. Not only he was responsible of the catastrophe, causing the asteroid to fall into the earth, but he also felt too overpowered like he was the Ice Age version of God since he created the Solar System and literally murdered all lifeforms on Mars by unintentionally crashing the UFO onto the surface which kills them off, which is considered both genocide and ecocide.
      • Due to everything previously said, Scrat is considered the main antagonist of the film since he caused the main problem.
      • Additonally, his scenes are too long, even longer than in the previous films, and adding everything mentioned above makes his subplot more boring than funny.
      • On that topic, in the middle of this movie, he tries to be a hero by trying to fix the damage he caused but ends up making things worse by bringing the asteroid closer to Earth.
    7. He also does disturbing things, which were not present in the previous three films; for instance, in Collision Course, due to the low gravity of the UFO, his skin falls off, revealing his skeleton, then he recovers it, and when his nipples become acorns for a moment.
    8. Because of his actions as the overreaching antagonist, he can be considered a generic doomsday villain since he caused everything just to find the acorn and subsequently bury it.
    9. Even after causing the events of Continental Drift and Collision Course, he is seen as a filler character, due to the fact that he doesn't contribute anything else useful to the plots of those movies.

    Intentional Nutty Qualities

    1. He was a better comic relief in the first three films, shorts and specials and he redeemed himself in the series Scrat Tales and in the process received development by having to be the father figure of Baby Scrat, and in the short The End, Scrat finally manages to eat the acorn, closing his cycle.
      • To be fair, unlike in Collision Course, in Continental Drift, Scrat was still hilarious and he had no intention of wiping out any life form, and the destruction was more accidental (Without counting the Scratlantis scene).
      • Even in Collision Course he can be funny aside of the previously said, like the button sequence scene.
    2. His design is still just as adorable and comical, and he looked better with each installment.
    3. Chris Wedge still does a clever job voicing him.


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