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    Scramble (The Eggs)
    "What if today is the day?"
    It is the day... for you to be on this wiki. Don't you think?
    Gender: Male
    Type: Nervous, Mostly Unlikable Egg
    The Masaya Kimura of The Eggs
    Age: Unknown (late 20s)
    Species: Anthropomorphic Egg
    Portrayed by: Terrence Scammell
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Eggs

    Scramble is one of the main characters from the obscure Australian-Canadian animated series The Eggs. He is voiced by Terrence Scammell.

    "What If Today Is the Day?" Qualities

    1. He literally farts when he's nervous. That in itself is wrong on so many levels (and yes it's really gross).
      • He does that in undoubtedly disgusting ways, with the most infamous example being "Counting the Beat" and to a lesser extent, "A Visit to Oogy" and "Music Trap".
    2. He is lazy and refuses to do chores.
    3. Just like Maggie Pesky, he is considered to be a Butt-Monkey character thanks to his crew not treating him very well and him being the butt of the joke by others.
    4. He used Eggor in the episode "Cinderbot" where he made Eggor put everyone (including Scramble himself) in extreme danger and caused them to almost have a near-death experience.
    5. In "The Deserter", he is incapable of discovering new stuff and that he needs to face it that way (he doesn't take that until by the end of the episode). He felt depressed because they had to go back to their home Kazoo.
      • In the middle of the same episode, he acted unlikable to his crew and abandoned them.
    6. In one episode, Scramble ate breakfast which had scrambled eggs in it, depicting him as a cannibal, in a kids’ show!
    7. While Terrence Scammell does a decent job voicing him, sometimes it can get pretty annoying, especially when he screams and cries.
    8. He often lies in episodes such as "Lost in Space", "A Visit to Oogy", and "Cinderbot".
    9. He sometimes insults some of his crew, especially Yolky and Benedict, showing how disrespectful and disgraceful he is.
    10. He sometimes acts aggressive when things don't go his way, especially in "The Black Hole" and "Too Much of a Good Thing".
    11. He (at first) didn't even care about saving his crew when they got frozen in “Water Music”.
    12. In the infamous episode "Too Much of a Good Thing" he was drugged by love gas (he acted up because everyone around him criticises him and he threw a sponge that broke a container that has love gas on it), which makes him being obsessed with everyone, including animals (like the worms, even he sings with them), and machines (Eggor and Shelly) and then he SEXUALLY HARASSED Min, who is a literal machine, in a KIDS' show. We're not even joking.

    Good Qualities

    1. He can be likable sometimes.
    2. As mentioned above, Terrence Scammell did a decent job voicing him.
    3. He doesn't fart in some episodes like "Copy Cat", "Country Music Blues", "The Silent Shell", and "Sunnyside Up".
      • While kinda gross, he farted once in some episodes as "Water Music", "There's Shelly" and "Now You See Her"
    4. He apologised at the end of some episodes like "Cinderbot".
    5. He rescued his friends like in the episodes "The Deserter", "Water Music", and "The Bubatuba".


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