Sarina Shizukume

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Sarina Shizukume
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"Why should I think about a piece of garbage like you and your feelings. Just looking at you makes me want to vomit!! You disgust me!!! A piece of filth like you is better off dead!"
Gender: Female
Type: A generic, clichéd mean girl, pet murderer
Age: 14
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Haruka Yamazaki
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'Magical Girl Site'

Sarina Shizukume (Japanese: 雫芽 さりな, Shizukume Sarina) is a major antagonist turned anti-heroine of Magical Girl Site. She was introduced as the school's bully of Aya Asagiri, the main protagonist of the series at school. In this series, Sarina takes a pleasure to make Aya's life miserable, beating her up and vandalizing her stuff.

Why She Should Be Expelled From School

  1. She's a generic clichéd pretty rude mean girl.
  2. She is an unexpected villain that barely serve any purpose with the story and is shown to be a mean-spirited bully and a laughing sadist who cares much about making Aya's life a living hell, which is incredibly forced.
    • To get cat out of the room, she's an extremely juvinile girl who uses men to assault and torture people for her satisfaction.
  3. She, her friends, and Aya's brother Kaname are the sole reason why Aya was the most misfortunate girl in the world, after all the beatings they caused and led her to discover the Magical Girl Site that grants her "magical powers".
  4. Her delinquency makes the other juvinile gangs from Tokyo Revengers looks like amateurs in comparison.
  5. Just like Kyler from Cobra Kai, she constantly bullies weak people like Aya for her own gain and satisfaction for no reason, making her an unsympathetic antagonist who is a just a laughing lunatic who doesn't even get punished for her actions and pretends to be the victim.
  6. Just like Floch Forster from Attack On Titan, her hairstyle looks less ridiculous than nearly emo.
  7. She is used to being one-dimensional, who only bullies Aya just for being a weak, clumsy student who is ungrateful.
  8. She barely has any character development at all until later chapters.
  9. She has no mention of how she became a bully/delinquent and with her relationship with her sister, Saki, and their mother.
  10. She uses her friends Erika Kajima, Ai Kawano, and Shota Arai to bully Aya for no clear reason and they do not get punished, and in the manga, we never learn more about them.
  11. Her bullying antics gets old very quickly compared to Biff Tannen from Back To The Future. But, it will get you on your last nerve.
  12. She is cruel and very sadistic similar to Aya's brother Kaname, who both beat up Aya and are proud of it. But they caused sadistic troubles that are too juvenile.
  13. She treats Aya like a poor puppy who doesn't deserve good treatment even when she is very depressed because of her. Making her an unsympathetic mean girl and a remorseless one at best.
  14. She may be 14 years old, but Sarina bullies Aya nonstop, doing sadistically cruel things like:
    • Throwing a dodgeballs on Aya.
    • Putting bugs inside Aya's desk.
    • Throwing darts on Aya's phone.
    • Vandalizing her class locker, shoes, desk, and chair.
    • Throwing Aya's school lunch on the ground.
    • Drowning her face inside a toilet.
    • Killing a cat.
    • Sending an older male student to deal with Aya.
    • Scarring her with a box cutter.
    • Telling Nijimi about where Rina Shioi is.
    • Attempted to kill Aya and her other classmate, Tsuyuno Yatsumura for causing her trouble.
  15. She's a villain sue.
  16. She has no reasonable explanation for bullying Aya since her first day of school. She only hates Aya for being ungrateful as a weakling.
  17. She, Shota and their two feminine cronies have no character development and personality whatsoever. But they're just underaged sadists for no reason. Worst of all, they act like creeps just like Aya's older brother, Kaname, but more one-dimensional.
  18. Since Sarina and her friends may seem to be antagonists and sociopathic sadists, they act as selfish bullies of themselves who cruelly torment Aya and forced her to the point of committing suicide. If that happened, they would have showed no remorse or care for their actions. Not helped by the way that they never get any real comeuppance for their actions whatsoever. However, Sarina and Erika used an older male musclebound student named Shota Arai to assault Aya, but Aya teleported him and Erika to a train in death.
  19. Her "stop please" line gets old very quickly and will give you on your last nerve.
  20. She doesn't get punished or any comeuppance at all when bullying Aya.
  21. She would bully Aya if Sarina is wanted to stop by her, and is insufferably ignorant.
  22. She's a female rip off of Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Acadamia, who is also mean-spirited as well. Also, she's even another rip-off of Tomoo, from Elfen Lied (who is also an animal killer just like her), Henry Bowers, from IT, and even Chris Hargensen from Carrie.
    1. Just like Sarina, the four of them are all arrogant liars and are children even for an average bully and villain of their age.
  23. After Erika and Shota were killed by the train, Sarina became much more of a deranged killer as she was just 14 years old when she used a box cutter to scar Aya for revenge, while her crony Ai pleaded her to put down the cutter, but yelled at her friend by ignoring her warnings.
    • Since then, she is now more of a killer in her age by slicing apart Soji Udano (murderer of Tsuyuno Yatsumura's parents) with her Yo-Yo magic stick and shows no remorse of her actions.
  24. HYPOCRISY: She may have come across as a vengeful girl, but she is no less than a pathetic liar pretending to be the victim who just sent Shota Arai to assault Aya and teleport him with Erika to death in a train and thinks Aya was the reason she murdered them.
  25. IDIOT MOVE: She tells Aya to shoot the site admin, INSTEAD of turning it back into a human.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She does indeed regret her actions when Aya tries to stand up to herself saying she is done being tormented by her and rescued her from a falling building.
  2. In later chapters, she started having good terms and became much more likable when she teamed up with Aya and her friends to fight the site admins.
  3. Her voice acting is good trying to intimidate her like a tomboy.
  4. She did have character development in later chapters.
  5. In the new timeline, Sarina does get her memories rewritten and seemingly remembers the parts from the original timeline. As such, she no longer bullies Aya.
  6. Her design looks so adorable than she was.


  • Sarina can be compared to Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia, who is also a mean spirited bully:
    • Both are extremely mean-spirited along with their friends, insult and disrespect people to everyone they know, even bullying Aya Asagiri and Izuku Midoriya by discouraging them during their first day of school.
    • Both have a difference where Katsuki desired to become a number one hero and prove himself despite his egotistical-narcissitic attitude along with his unheroic actions, while Sarina cares about bullying Aya for no reason.
    • They are bullies who threatened their victims to contemplate suicide.
    • Katsuki's actions are unheroic and villainous, while Sarina's actions are unjustifiable and even more villainous.
    • They are depicted like delinquents.
    • However, they do redeem themselves and are aware of their actions and mistakes.
  • Sarina can also be compared to the bully Henry Bowers from Stephen King's novel IT:
    • Both are rapidly developed into hateful, loathing, insufferable individuals who would often display exccessive negative and stereotypical feelings toward those around them (particularly their classmates). And they often caused some troubles that are highly juvenile.
    • They both used knives to scar their victims.
    • Both lost one of their friends when they tried to chase their bullying victims, but the difference is that Sarina lost her friend, Erika Kajima, and older student Shota Arai when they were trying to torture Aya, their friend's classmate. But, of course, Sarina and Ai Kawano did witness their friends' deaths. In Henry's case, he and his gang tried to chase an obese student named Ben Hanscom when they tried to scar his body, and by that, one of their gang members, Patrick Hockstetter (in the 2017 film version of the novel and miniseries), is killed by It, or Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Unlike Sarina, Henry doesn't care or is even aware that Patrick died.
    • Henry doesn't apologize while Sarina does.
    • Both treat their friends very poorly.
    • They showed no remorse in killing people.
    • There is a difference in their fates where Sarina was revived in a new timeline where no one is misfortuned and still have good terms despite Aya rewriting her memories of herself in the original timeline. While Henry, as an adult, is killed by one of the adult losers, Richie Tozier.
  • It is unknown why Sarina treated Aya so poorly at school, her bullying antics may have something to do about the insecurities of her family or her friends.


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