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    Sarah and James (season 6-present)

    Sarah Jones & James Jones
    Sarah: "Ohhhhhh, great! My brother, the slow coach."
    James: "My sister, the NAG!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Siblings that act like complete jerks to each other
    The Dark Sides of Sarah and James
    Age: 5
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Sarah:
    Tegwen Tucker
    Lily Cassano
    Steve Kynman
    (UK, seasons 6-7)
    John Hasler
    (UK, season 8-present)
    Jonah Ain
    (US, 2014-2016)
    Chris D'Silva
    (US, 2020-present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Fireman Sam

    Sarah Jones and James Jones are recurring characters in the British children's animated series Fireman Sam. They are 5-year-old twin siblings and are the children of Charlie and Bronwyn Jones, the grandchildren of Gareth Griffiths, and the niece and nephew of Fireman Sam. They are said to be the most well-behaved children living in Pontypandy, but as of the sixth season this has mostly changed.

    While they were good characters in seasons 1-5, they have been badly flanderized in season 6 onwards.

    Why They Can No Longer Cooperate as Much

    1. Much like Norman, Elvis, and Station Officer Steele, they have gotten flanderized in the CGI era, going from kind and caring siblings who both loved each other no matter what into problematic jerks who constantly quarrel and fight each other 24/7 for no real reason. Plus, in episodes like Froggy Fantasy and Spy Games, James is nothing but a punching bag for Norman Price, as he is sometimes the victim of some of Norman's irresponsible actions.
    2. Their UK voice actors, Tegwen Tucker (Sarah), Steve Kynman (James, seasons 6-7), and John Hasler (James, seasons 8-present), do very bad jobs voicing them as they try too hard to mimic the voices of a 5-year-old boy and girl but fail.
      • Sarah's new British voice sounds way too high-pitched to the point where it can make Dizzy's new American voice sound better.
      • James' UK voice also sounds way too similar to his Norman Price voice as he refused to change his voice in his runtime as the aforementioned character and decided to keep his James voice. Thankfully, they replaced Kynman with John Hasler to voice James instead starting with season 8 giving him a more distinctive voice, despite still not being good.
    3. They argue a lot more than usual, and it gets grating really fast. This gets to the point that their arguing was the cause of a fire in their mum's cafe in "Battle of the Birthdays".
    4. When they're not arguing, they're being Idiot Houdinis, like getting their dad to rush a pizza; thus, causing it to set on fire.
    5. Their new designs, while not bad, barely look like their older, better designs during seasons 1-5.
    6. They hurt each other's feelings, and sometimes they hurt other people's feelings too. For example, in the banned episode "Troubled Waters", they don't seem to notice that their grandfather, Gareth, feels left out.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. They're slightly more tolerable than Norman.
    2. They still care about each other despite always arguing all the time.
    3. Despite their flanderizations, there are some episodes where they are likeable.
    4. They were much better characters in the first five seasons, especially in season 5, and depending on your opinion, they slightly improved a bit in season 13, as they are shown to argue less often.
    5. Their American voice actors, Lily Cassano (Sarah), Jonah Ain (James, seasons 6-9), and Chris D'Silva (James, season 10-present), do good jobs voicing them, as they do better jobs at trying to mimic the voices of a 5-year-old boy and girl.
      • John Hasler's voice acting for James in the UK, while still not good, is slightly better than Steve Kynman's voice as the aforementioned character.


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