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    Salami (Incredible Items)

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    Salami (Incredible Items)
    "WHAT!? I was doing that for an hour straight!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Extremely Annoying Filler Character
    Species: Salami
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Incredible Items

    Salami is a character who appears in the infamous object show Incredible Items. Ever since the events of Episode 1, his leg has been separated.

    Why He's Not Smooth

    1. He is very raspy and has a hammy voice to the point where it can make Sticks the Badger's voice sound better.
    2. Because of this, most of the contestants hate him.
    3. Most of his personality was ripped off of Yoga Ball from Fight in Flight, with none of the charm and likability of the aforementioned character.
    4. He comes off as very pointless and weird.
    5. For some reason, he thinks more of the challenge more than his friends do.
    6. His mere existence is to be a filler character.
    7. Just like Lighter from Object Overload, he is the hardest character to voice due to it being very rasy and overexaggerated, as such his voice actor has shown to hate voicing him. Does that sound familiar?
    8. Like most other Object Show characters, he does not have a clear personality.
    9. His design is lazy and it feels like it was made in less than 3 minutes.
    10. He hardly has any redeeming qualities to him whatsoever.

    The Only Redeeming Quality

    1. His design, while lazy, is kind of decent.


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