Sal J. Beauregarde

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Sal J. Beauregarde
Sal J. Beauregarde.png
"Well, my friends, that's it. After 946 episodes, 7 theatrical films, and a Broadway adaptation, the entertainment juggernaut that is Spookyville USA finally comes to a close."
Gender: Male
Type: Insensitive Douchebag
Age: Unknown
Species: Devil
Portrayed by: Aaron Springer
Status: Deceased
Media of origin: Spookyville USA

Sal J. Beauregarde is the protagonist of the animated series, Spookyville USA. He is Jake O'Brien and the boyfriend of Wendy Murphy.

Why He Sucks

  1. For a protagonist, he's very unlikable.
  2. He constantly tortures Jake.
  3. In the episode, "Basketball", he uses Jake's head as a basketball which may seem a little disturbing to some of the viewers (albeit accidentally).
  4. He's an even bigger douchebag in the episode, The Last Episode.
    • He lied about his own show called Spookyville USA having 946 episodes, 7 theatrical films, and a Broadway adaptation.
    • He doesn't even bother to listen to what his girlfriend and friend are saying.
    • The parts where he says "What's that? Never heard of that. Sounds pretty stupid to me." can be annoying.
    • The infamous part where he shoots and kills Wendy, Jake, and himself.
  5. He is also a pedophile, as shown in The Last Episode where he had an obsession over Japanese Girls. (mostly in their teens, and even one picture of a toddler.)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. For all of his mean-spiritedness, he does die and ends up in hell.
  2. He loves his girlfriend.
  3. He has a good character design.


  1. Out of all of Max Gilardi's characters, he has the most known family members.


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