Sae Taiga (Super Sentai: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger)

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Y'know what guess we all owe Saki an apology.

Sae Taiga is GaoWhite (ガオホワイト Gao Howaito) of the Gaorangers.

Bad Qualities

  1. She tends to be an overreacting teenage-brat, as seen a couple of times such as the times where two of his teammates teased her for being so careless, and suddenly after they left Sae acted like an overreacting, emotional brat, and even gave Kakeru a hard time of trying to cheer her up, and even raising her voice towards Kakeru.
  2. She could be a bit assuming at times, like the time when an Org, told a compliment, Sae thought the Org is impressed by her previous fights, and like her nature when the Org said that he was admiring Sae's weapon, She sulked like a spoiled-brat, then later she charges the Org only to get hit in the head and lose her weapon.
  3. It wasn't stated whether Sae really joined the same time as Kai, it was just stated by her in the series that She joined at the same time as Kai, but we don't get a flashback episode stating that this is actually true, but it could be possibly implemented that Sae was recruited days before Kai was, they just really left it blank without giving a proper statement whether if She was recruited by Gaku first, and it wasn't also stated on what location was it in her high school? was it after she left Kagoshima or when she was practicing martial arts alone.
  4. She gets verbally offended easily if a kid simply teases her old, however, she has the right to say the same to TsueTsue in occasional battles, but in her regards, she gets easily offended by a simple tease, so if you're fine teasing someone a grandma, why are you being offended if a random person teases you, that doesn't make any sense.
  5. She barely gets any character development, she does stand up to her Male teammates at times but that's when she is being belittled, she doesn't even go through proper character development instead at times she gets character derailment, and what's even worse is her bratty nature becomes even worse from time to time, and her personality is like a mixed-bag at times she could be this calm, level-headed teenager but there are times where she's a princess-like, immature, rude and cheeky person and there are times bubbly teenager, it's like they don't know what to do with Sae, to the point that she's a confusing character.
  6. At times she could be seen barely participating in the battle-field as GaoWhite, and even relying on special attacks or her personal attack, if she has some combat training due to being trained in a martial arts dojo, then why does she rely on her attacks and weapon only, why can't she fight using her own skills, at times Sae could be seen that she only attacks when the villain is in a disadvantage, or no one bothers to finish it off.
Sae Taiga as GaoWhite

Good Qualities

  1. Like Stated in BQ#6, Sae has her own personal attack called the White Tiger Cross Cut, which she prefers using over her other attack, while the attack is pretty basic it is nice to see her having her own personal attack.
  2. She does still have some moments where she could be really likable, like the time she tried to convince Tsukimaro to join the team after Saving her life as Rouki.
  3. She had every right to be mad at Kai in Quest 35 since his teasing wasn't teasing at all, not only did he mock Sae for being careless thus calling her a rookie, and even calling her missy as if She was recruitment was a joke and even stating why was a girl a Gaoranger, he even made an excuse stating that Sae's weapon was stolen first, and when Sae was finally calm, She never received a proper apology from Kai.
  4. Her acting was still better than her american counterpart.
  5. She is far more tolerable in comparison to Kagura Izumi and Fuka Igasaki.


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