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    Self deluded Paladin who insist he is a "God" and is the will of it. Yeah right.
    Gender: Male
    Type: God complex
    Arrogant Paladin
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese)
    Anthony Bowling (English)
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

    Saddler is a minor antagonist from the light novel series How Not to Summon a Demon Lord. He is a a holy knight with a severe hatred for demon lords and their followers. His god complex and lack of remorse for her actions makes him one of the two most unlikable characters in the series along with Keera L. Greenwood.

    Why He's Definitely Not a God

    1. He comes off as a one dimensional villain with nothing at all to like about as he's a self righteous, sadistic asshole and a massive dick, who serves as nothing more than a "plot device". It doesn't help that he comes right after Keera, another hated character.
    2. His motives are very weak, as his goal is to find and catch everyone being a Demon King Worshipper so he can arrest the people of suspect of going against the church and it's corrupt actions, tortures them until they confess to false charges, and executes them in the name of God and the church, because he hates the Demon Lord.
      • He goes after Diablo and his friends, where he condemns them for consorting with a Demon Lord and injures Rem with magic.
    3. He is a twisted church zealot who acts racist to any non-human and considers his own acts of killing and torture to be a work of God. He even uses his subordinates as shields without any regard for their lives.
    4. His character design is generic and uninspired and are wasted on him.
    5. He's so delusional that he keeps insisting that he's a "god", when clearly he isn't and believes he is living in a moral and upright manner, but he doesn't know right or wrong.
      • His overall characterization as both a character and villain gives Nobuyuki Sugou andEmbryo a run for their money.
    6. He's convinced himself that he's an invariably good and kind person, but in reality, he's a ruthless, cruel, arrogant, uncaring, selfish and evil human being.
    7. He doesn't take criticism well, as when Diablo calls him out on how he's disgracing the name of the Church, and when Rem defends Alicia against him, he takes it as an insult, when they are clearly just stating the facts.
    8. He tries to cast Cement Lock on Diablo, only for him to reflect it back on him with his reflection ring, turning him into stone and he very much deserved it.
    9. Utterly failing to learn his lesson, he goes after Rem and Klem when Alicia sells them out to Saddler and they are arrested. He announces his intentions to purify Rem by slicing off her ears. Klem tries to protect Rem, but when Saddler attempts to strike her, Rem shields her with her body and is cut through instead.
    10. Idiot Move: After slicing Rem, Saddler stabs several swords into Rem's back, causing Klem to expel a serge of energy from her body and fully awakens as Krebskulm. Still believing he is above "god", Saddler tries to finish her off with his "magic", but fails as her true power completely overwhelms him, causing his eyes bleed out. He loses his smug attitude and becomes hysterical in the process and yells out if he's really a god and he is killed by Klem soon after. With that, he basically answered his own question.
      • He practically sealed his own fate the moment he went after Diablo and his friends and when Alicia used him as her pawn without telling him Klem's true form, setting him up to die for her own purpose.

    The Only Redeeming Quality

    1. His death is so satisfying, as Klem made sure that Saddler suffers despair unlike any other and gives him an unceremonious death.
      • He even got his comeuppances by getting turned into stone by Diablo.


    • He dies differently in both light novel and anime versions. In the light novel, his body gets punched in half by Krebskrum, and in the anime, he gets disintegrated by the flames of Krebskrum's hatred.
    • His death is ironic, as he believes himself to be a god, yet dies very easily as a human being.


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