Ryan Clayton (Beyond Two Souls)

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Ryan Clayton (Beyond Two Souls)
Ryan Clayton.png
Jodie's manipulative love-interest.
Gender: Male
Type: Manipulative CIA Agent
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Beyond: Two Souls

Ryan Clayton is a CIA agent, first seen recruiting Jodie into the CIA in Separation, and overseeing her training in Welcome to the CIA.

Why He Sucks

  1. He abducted Jodie from the only family that she had which was Cole Freeman and Nathan Dawkins.
  2. He lied to Jodie about a democratically elected president named Gemaal Sheik Charrief and he manipulated her into killing him.
  3. He showed no sympathy for her refusing to join the CIA.
  4. He even bullies her.
  5. He left her on the bed crying when they got intimate with each other.
  6. He confesses his undying love for her after he manipulated her.
  7. He kisses Jodie even though she rejects him.
  8. He doesn't care about Jodie Holmes or what she wants.
  9. He along with David Madsen and Jane are Grade A Assholes and they deserve each other.


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