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    Ruka Sarashina
    I can't stand it anymore. Even if you think I'm weird... Or cringeworthy... just being like this makes me happy enough to shed tears.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Stalker With a Crush
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Nao Tōyama (Japanese)
    Sarah Anne Williams (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Rent-A-Girlfriend

    Ruka Sarashina is one of the main characters and occasional an antagonist of the Rent-A-Girlfriend series. She is a girl whose heart beats slower than the average person and she seeks a lover that will help her cope with her condition. She seeks to win over Kazuya Kinoshita throughout the series by any methods.

    Why She Is a Stalker and a Blackmailer

    1. Behind her gorgeous looks and cheerful demeanor, Ruka is very self-centered and will do whatever she deems necessary to get what she wants.
    2. She starts engaging in active relationship sabotage as her desperation to make Kazuya her boyfriend grows, making her a similar threat as Mami.
    3. She can be incredibly clingy, aggressive and even manipulative in her efforts to win over Kazuya, even if it means trying to come between him and Chizuru.
    4. She does everything she possibly can to get Kazuya to fall for her, and while he acknowledges that anyone else would be the luckiest guy in the world for it, he doesn't know why he won't let himself fall for her. He nearly makes their relationship official solely out of guilt because of his inability to break it off.
    5. She's extremely clingy towards Kazuya and becomes just as jealous of the girls that surround him. Specifically, the sight of Kazuya being around Chizuru, catching him thinking about her, or the mere mention of her throws Ruka straight into a fit, unable to stand the idea that there's something between them when Chizuru's a rental girlfriend and she's his (trial) girlfriend.
      • When they first start dating, she's very controlling and barely gives Kazuya any time to himself. For example, she demands that he call her twice a day and respond to all her texts. She eventually recognizes that she has this fault.
    6. She blackmails Kazuya into dating her by threatening to expose Chizuru as a rental girlfriend and constantly demands things from him with said blackmail, even dragging him to a love hotel blindfolded.
    7. It doesn't matter if she's a trial girlfriend or if Kazuya is in love with someone else, Ruka will absolutely not give him up and believes that if she tries hard enough, she'll eventually come out on top with him falling in love with her. She knows she's fighting a losing battle but will not accept it. She even forcefully kisses Kazuya against his will.
    8. She'll follow Kazuya wherever he goes, and because she's skeptical that there's more to his relationship with Chizuru, she's prepared to pop up at any time. She even joins the same karaoke bar he works at just to be near him.
      • Over time, her stalker tendencies have gone off the rails by ordering him to stay into his house and crashing into his house only because Kazuya wants to confess to Chizuru and break things with Ruka.
    9. She was at her worst in Chapter 187, where Ruka gives a used condom to Chizuru and lies to her saying they've had sex, which is going too far just to keep Kazuya for herself.
    10. She barely contributes to the story much, serving as nothing more than being a plot device. After the Paradise and My Girlfriend Arc, Ruka almost completely disappears from the story, barely making any appearances and seldom being mentioned by the cast.

    Redeeming Cute Qualities

    1. Nao Tōyama and Sarah Anne Williams do great jobs voicing her, respectively.
    2. Her design is cute and gorgeous, though not as cute as Chizuru and Sumi.
    3. Her backstory gains her a little sympathy, as Ruka was born with an irregular heartbeat, leading her life to be tormented for being treated differently from the others because she can collapse if she performs a hard working activity.
    4. Despite her motives and methods, all she desperately wants is to be the one girl that Kazuya genuinely loves, and believes that the reason her heart beats for him is because it's love and it's real.
      • Part of what got her interested in Kazuya was when she heard about how he risked his life to save Chizuru after she fell off a ferry. He then breaks her fall after she trips down some stairs, and her heart rate starts to beat much faster.
    5. She makes a valid point that Chizuru and Kazuya's relationship is dysfunctional, that they're lying to everyone, and that if it is just a fake relationship, then letting her take Chizuru's place would be the smart thing to do.


    • Ruka's favorite color is blue.
    • Ruka's heart condition is - or is similar to - bradycardia (low heart rate).
    • In the anime adaptation, the chapter that covered Ruka's past and health condition was compressed into a music video played during the credits for Episode 07.
    • Ruka makes social media videos that garners lots of hits, though Kazuya Kinoshita suspects that her beauty is the reason behind it.
    • At 153 cm (5'0"), Ruka is the shortest known female character in the series, parents and grandparents notwithstanding.


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