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    Royal Dandy
    Royal Dandy? More like Spoiled Dandy.
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown; as a painting he is technically ageless but seems to be approximately 8-10
    Species: Portrait/Human
    Portrayed by: Sergio Cilli (1st appearance)
    Paul F. Tompkins (2nd appearance)
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: WordGirl
    First appearance: Lady Redundant Woman Gets the Blues
    Last appearance: Art's Parts

    The Royal Dandy is the self-titled subject of a painting on display at Fair City's art museum and a minor antagonist in the second season of the PBS Kids series WordGirl. He was voiced by Sergio Cilli in his first appearance, and Paul F. Thompkins in his second appearance.


    It was first featured in "Lady Redundant Woman Gets the Blues", when the painting was being exhibited for the first time at the art museum, and Becky and Violet's art class went on a field trip to see it. However, the night before the field trip was scheduled, Lady Redundant Woman broke into the museum and attempted to steal the Royal Dandy, due to a customer at her copy shop stating he couldn't wait to see the art piece, and that he'd seen copies of it, but a copy of anything wasn't as good as the original.

    Why He Intentionally Doesn't Deserve a Horsey

    1. For starters, he is very impolite and greedy. It has been shown that he has little to no respect for other people or the authority. (e.g. stealing all of a lollipop peddler's wares)
    2. When he was first copied and he came to life, he started making ridiculous and greedy demands, such as for Lady Redundant Woman to make a "horsie" copy for him out of a horse painting, and whines when he doesn't get his way.
    3. He either gets angry, or cries, throws temper tantrums, or is completely disrespectful to those around him, including the innocent bystanders. Here are some examples.
      • After WHIDDAH#2 happened, he started being a whiny little jerk to people he met, going crazy.
      • Then in the next scene, when he realized that he "needed some friends", and went to see Lady Redundant Woman to get her to make him some, She refused. When she did, he started throwing a temper tantrum.
    4. When WordGirl arrived in the next scene and called him greedy, he got mad as well, showing he can't take criticism from anyone who dares stand up to him,
      • After that, he started "splosh"-ing blue paint onto everything in the copy shop, including Lady Redundant Woman's beloved copier.
      • To add insult to injury, he even started bouncing on the copier, which caused a completely enraged Lady Redundant Woman to feel at the end of her rope and erase the Royal Dandy copy from existence.
    5. Sergio Cilli and Paul F. Tompkins did poor jobs voicing him as their British accents both sounds equally annoying. What doesn't help is the fact that the former voice actor is best known as a contributor to the 2007 half-hour weekly satirical news-show InfoMania, and the latter voice actor is best known for his appearance on Mr. Show.
    6. In "Royally Framed", when he was accidentally brought back to life again, he tries to get himself mates, he steals some knickknacks, in said episode, he commits the crime and blames WordGirl, and whenever she rightfully tries to stand to him, he blames her even more, and more crimes get pinned on her.
    7. In both episodes where he makes a human appearance, he tends to be quite self-centered, often thinking only of himself and their desires without considering the feelings or needs of others.
    8. While his design isn't terrible, it is kind of misleading, and it looks like the Royal Dandy is a female when it/he is a male.
    9. And not to mention, also because of the reasons above, he can also be considered a scrappy.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He gets his comeuppance when his copies are erased from existence again, putting an end to their crimes.
    2. It was somewhat nice of him to try and get Lady Redundant Woman some friends, even though he turned sour right after.
    3. Its last appearance in the series is "Art's Parts", where it is among the artworks stolen by The Learnerer, and is destroyed by his "Art Analyzer" machine.
      • Because of this, it is unlikely that the Royal Dandy will ever be brought back to life again.
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