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    Another example of a character that is bland and has no motive...where have I seen that before?
    Gender: Female
    Type: Bland, Inactive, Passive Passenger Ripoff Character Who Is "Strong"
    Age: 14[1]
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Briana Leon
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: High Guardian Spice

    Rosemary is the main character from High Guardian Spice who is presumably the leader of the group of four girls. She is voiced by Briana Leon.

    Why She Should Be Expelled from High Guardian Academy

    1. Most of the problems related to the so-called anime, are linked or closely linked to her, considering she's uninspiring and boring overall and her actions are all a cliche checklist that's been done numerous times before and much better.
      • She is much like an anime version of Agent M from Men in Black International as both are bland characters that don't have much personality at the start or end of the story.
        • Yet her personality is also a poor woman's version of ChaCha from Akazukin ChaCha.
      • Also, as well as a knockoff of Luz Noceda, due to sharing a mostly identical goal of being a magical fighter (guardian for Rosemary, while witch for Luz), and both of them are anime-like plucky girl-type characters.
    2. She's just your stereotypical plucky, Genki girl type who's inconsiderate, self-absorbed, and annoying. That's it, nothing else.
    3. She also looks like a bland copy of Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, though to be fair, there are many pink-haired female characters, mostly from anime, with or without pigtails that look alike, and Rosemary looked a lot like Madoka in the original pilot.
    4. She has no narrative driving goals or objectives she's trying to fulfill. Sure, there is a flashback when her mom is gone, but it's not related to the main goal which is joining the High Guardian Spice which she did in one episode. You could keep her mom alive, and the goal and motive would be the same from the start of the series.
    5. Most of her actions mostly came out of sheer dumb luck or at best came from her friends due to her character never growing that much in the series run.
    6. The only reason that she exists as a character is to serve as a token and also to promote woke propaganda pandering.
    7. Her design, just like everyone else, while okay, looks way too simple and cutesy since she also looks like an OC from Tumblr/DeviantArt or something out of a How-To Draw Anime/Manga book. It also looks unfitting in an anime-influenced cartoon due to being rather too colorful.
      • Sometimes it may be okay to make character designs simple and colorful, but not like this.
    8. Similar to Allen Gregory De Longpre she is one of the very worst examples of a Karma Houdini as she never gets any sort of punishment for her bad actions.
    9. She's always a Mary Sue just like Amanda Banshee since she effortlessly learned magic very quickly without any struggles whatsoever and always beats villains without being scarred or injured, but it's cranked up to 11 in this show.
    10. Her voice, thanks to Briana Leon, is very annoying as she sounds more like a 20-year-old woman than a 14-year-old girl.
      • On that topic, most of her dialogue is unbelievably horrible. It acts and looks unfinished as if they only used the first draft script.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. At least she got a bit of character development, and she also cares about her friends as well, especially Sage, Parsley, and Thyme.
    2. Rosemary can be very funny at times, especially in her caring moments.
    3. She is very likeable in Treasure Hunt.
    4. Despite looking way too simple and cutesy, her design is okay.



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