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    Rose Wilson (Teen Titans Go!)

    Rose Wilson
    As if the Titans themselves weren't the only unlikeable characters in TTG, she proves us wrong!!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Mean Sexist Popular Supervillainess
    Species: Metahuman
    Portrayed by: Pamela Adlon
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Teen Titans Go!
    First appearance: Cool School

    "More like Titans Go Away" - Rose Wilson

    Rose Wilson, also known as Ravager, is a minor villain in Teen Titans Go! and the daughter of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke). She is voiced by Pamela Adlon. An rebellious daughter of Slade Wilson, and an edgy teenager who likes causing trouble. She is voiced by Pamela Adlon.

    Bad Qualities

    1. For starters, she's one of the most stereotypical mean popular girls in the show.
    2. As a villain, she is a thrill-seeker who enjoys causing crimes and chaos for no good or well-developed reason for being a nuisance.
    3. Following up to that, her stereotypical sarcastic comments are often foolish, petty, and rude. While the Titans do deserve it almost any other time in the show, they were doing what they were supposed to do here as superheroes.
    4. She's way too snarky to the Titans, minus Raven, easily defeats all of them, using sarcastic insults which mentioned sensitive topics, including part of Robin's leprechaun status except for Raven, with whom she has an exchange of insults. Making the viewer want her to get whatever miserable happenstance shall be coming to her.
    5. When she makes an appearance in "Operation Dude Rescue", she along with Terra and Jinx, to an extent, are mean-spirited and ruthless to the boys, although this behavior is justified because of how Cyborg, Beast Boy, and especially Robin usually treat the girls.
    6. Like Raven, she openly hates her dad Slade, but unlike Raven having a sympathetic and understandable background for this reason, Rose does this for no reason at all, which makes you feel bad for her dad.
    7. Thanks to her, she and Raven caused a ruckus, stole, and almost hurt Sticky Joe.
    8. Rose acts with the assumed authority of the Wilson name and has so much of an ego to think she is super cool. She will make fun of anyone who she thinks is lame with some clever psychological jabs, even if they do not deserve it. Making her sarcastic personality simply way too much for anyone to tolerate.
    9. For whatever reason, she always has the need to make an answer or comeback for nearly everything and seems to deeply despise authority, especially if she considers other people to be weak, dull-witted, or lame, and quickly becomes violent and aggressive over being told what to do or being talked down to by condescendingly asking anyone: "Are you telling me what to do?". Makes her prideful personality come across as far too arrogant and insufferable to put up with.

    Good Qualities

    1. Her design looks good and admittedly attractive.
    2. Pamela Adlon does a great job voicing her.
    3. Although she was mean, her cynical jokes can be clever and hilarious, and sometimes the Titans do deserve such commentary.
      • More often than not actually, as this episode was where Robin made the infamous no words after GO! line.
    4. Rose Wilson can be likable at times, especially when she can have her original personality.
    5. She is affable to Raven as an on-and-off friend of hers.
    6. She isn't as bad as the Titans themselves.
    7. Given that she serves as an enemy/minor villain to the Titans, it seems like she's meant to be loathsome as a villain.
    8. Rose Wilson does get her punishment in the episodes where she plays a big role as a villain.


    • She has never made an appearance in the original Teen Titans animated series; nor was she even mentioned or referenced by her father Slade, who was a major villain then. Same with her, in the new series.
    • Although she did not appear in the original series itself, she did, however, appear in a comic issue of the comic series based on it.
    • She became an Honorary Titan in the original Teen Titans comics. However, she is a villain again in this series.
    • This version of Rose Wilson is based on her counterpart from the comic series based on the original Teen Titans show rather than her Pre-52 Teen Titans comic counterpart where she was portrayed as a hero and a member of the Teen Titans.


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