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“We’re going to win this war, not by fighting what we hate, but saving what we love.”

Rose Tico (born 11 ABY on Hays Minor) is a character from the sequel trilogy of Star Wars. She first appears in The Last Jedi and later appears as a minor character in The Rise of Skywalker.

Why She Can't Save What She Loves

  1. They had Kelly Marie Tran wear a fat suit for the sake of body positivity.
  2. She tasered Finn when he tried to leave. The thing is that Finn was never actually a member of the Resistance, and was just tagging along with Han Solo before he died at the hand of his son, so Finn was within his rights to go off and find Rey. She also doesn't even have the authority to do such a thing. This shows how hypocritical she is especially since she says Finn is "selfish" even though Rose was so herself by trying to keep Finn from doing things that are within his rights to do.
  3. She removes Finn's agency.
  4. She spends most of her screen time preaching to Finn and by extension us, on the evils of capitalism and animal cruelty when the two are on an urgent mission to save their friends.
  5. Despite knowing what Canto Bight is like, she still commits a parking violation which gets her and Finn thrown into a cell.
  6. She complicated the whole plan by freeing a bunch of animals. Bear in mind that they were on a small island, so the animals would have just been recaptured later, making the whole thing pointless.
  7. While she is freeing the animals, she completely ignores the child slaves.
  8. She screwed up Finn's sacrifice, allowing the First Order to attack the base. Because of her everyone would have died if Luke and Rey didn't show up. It also shows how selfish she is since she saved Finn solely for her own benefit. This also contradicts her own motivations as her sister laid down her life to protect the Resistance while Rose risks her life to destroy it.
  9. Laughable dialogue like about how they'll win "not by fighting what we hate... but saving what we love", despite preventing Finn from doing just that.
  10. She has a forced romance with Finn despite the lack of actor chemistry. Finn actually looks disgusted when she kisses him.
    • She also sexually assaults Finn.
  11. She served almost no purpose in The Rise of Skywalker since she has a minor role and very little screen time.
  12. All these bad qualities make her pander to Southeast Asian audiences and Asian audiences in general. On top of that, many of them didn’t even like her.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Kelly Marie Tran portrays her decently.
  2. She is more tolerable in The Rise of Skywalker due to her role getting drastically reduced.


  • Kelly Marie Tran was subject to personal attacks and death threats for her portrayal of Rose Tico, to the point she closed her Instagram account.


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