Rosalina (SuperMarioLogan)

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Rosalina (SuperMarioLogan)
Rosalina origin.png
Rose Puppet.png
"Mario, he's just being (insert any bad thing Jeffy is doing)"
Gender: Female
Type: Faux "Nice Girl"
Idiot Houdini
Age: Between 38 and 53 (is an Aquarius born between 1968 and 1983)
Portrayed by: Elaina Keyes
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: SuperMarioLogan

Rose, previously known as Rosalina, is a main female character of the SuperMarioLogan series. She is Mario's wife and Jeffy's adoptive mother.

She is voiced by Elaina Keyes.

Why She Sucks

  1. Despite being intended to be portrayed as Mario's faithful partner in theory, in practice she seldom plays the part and is usually more of a foolish, immature, dim-witted, neglectful, and moody jerk, often doing things like:
    • Beating Mario up when a prostitute shows up at the door without giving him a chance to speak in "Jeffy's Cellphone!".
    • Smashing Mario's plates against the wall in "Jeffy's Brain!" because Jeffy did it too, so she found it appropriate.
    • Tried to hit Mario with a hammer for just texting happy birthday to Peach (plus Mario making a good point about her being hypocritical with her treatment of her exes, casually inviting one to her house in "Rosalina's Ex-Boyfriend") in "Mr. Goodman's Revenge.
    • Threatening to break up with him many times for minor reasons like unintentionally watching porn in "Jeffy's New Toy!. She even goes to the point of scaring Mario with a creepy doll because of him watching the accidental porn.
  2. It's to the point that her good nature is arguably an informed trait of hers.
  3. Like her husband, she is a poor parent, though she is arguably even worse than Mario as she frequently enables and sometimes even encourages Jeffy's crass & unruly behavior, even in cases where he is doing extreme actions like swearing or destroying property. Many believe that Rose sees spoiling one's child rotten as good parenting, and any form of discipline as child abuse.
  4. Her former love for stars or space-related things, in general, got played out rather quickly.
  5. She is just another stereotypical ditz and is a mean popular girl character stereotype that is so stupid and troublesome that she makes Karen, a character intentionally written to be aggravating/bad, look harmless.
    • Her personality at this point is nearly identical to Peach's despite her being meant to be a foil to her behavior.
    • Rose is such a bonehead, she thought the sun was a planet just like Junior did. This makes even less sense than Junior's case because since she claims and shows that she knows all about the planets and galaxies (except for Earth of course); so she should know what the sun is.
  6. Speaking of humor, most of her attempts at comedy are bland, annoying sometimes, and unremarkable.
  7. While her voice is usually decent, it can get ear-piercing at times. The most infamous offenders being her shouting, yelling, screaming (and/or shrieks/etc) that sounds like a chimpanzee screech, along with her crying and wailing making it more obnoxious.
  8. Rose seldom gets her comeuppance for her actions and/or irresponsibility, with few exceptions (ex:"Mr. Goodman's Revenge" did have Chef Pee Pee and Goodman point this out when Mario was pointlessly trying to rescue her).
  9. She is always bitching when something goes wrong and she is sometimes a whiny crybaby towards Mario, whenever the latter does try calling her out for doing something completely stupid, she always makes Mario feel guilty for her and tries to play the 'victim card' regardless of her comparing what just happened to what she was trying to do.
  10. With that said, she never, if ever, realizes how problematic and atrocious she is to Mario, the worse offenders being "Jeffy's Online School" & "Jeffy's Bad Word!".
    • Even when Rose apologizes for impulsively leaping to conclusions in "Jeffy's Online School", the apology is negated by the fact that it doesn't carry over to the following episodes.
  11. She wrongly labeled Mario with pedophilia in "Jeffy's Bad Word!". What makes it worse is that she saw everything Mario was doing and knew he never molested Jeffy.
    • Keeping in mind that WHOLE INCIDENT could have been easily solved if she just told the truth.
  12. Rose frequently rebukes Mario for moving on to other women when she herself frequently cheats on Mario and does even worse stuff than Mario does, making her out to be stupidly hypocritical. Examples of these include episodes like:
    • " Jeffy's 16 Birthday" and "Jeffy's Christmas Gift", Rosalina threatens to leave Mario for her old ex, Super D, and in "Jeffy's Christmas Gift", she actually does leave Mario for a brief amount of time.
    • " Shrek's Coma", she openly flirts with Shrek in front of Mario, to the latter's dismay. She tries to guilt-trip him for Mario understandably getting upset at her for her blunders, and the narrative of the video treats her as if she's in the right.
    • In "Jeffy's Brain", she begins flirting with Jeffy as he starts speaking French right in front of Mario. Not only does this come off as pedophilia, but also somewhat incest considering that Jeffy is Mario and Rose's adopted son, although this was somewhat excusable as she at first thought it was the brain of a dead French person before it turned out to be Jeffy himself.
    • In "Jeffy’s Easter Eggs!", it's implied that she had sex with Tyreese, who, by the way, is a chicken, which makes this come off as zoophilia and bestiality.
  13. Her new puppet design is absolutely ugly and very uncanny to look at, much to the point that it even rivals Cody's puppet as well. If anything, she might have one of (if not) the worst puppets ever.
  14. Similar to Rosemary and Peppa Pig, she also counts as the very worst example as a Karma Houdini (and a Idiot Houdini) since a lot of times, nothing bad happens to her other than being stressed at times and even does not get punished a lot of times, but it goes too far to the point of being a bad role model.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At times she can be sensible, right-minded, supportive, and helpful to Mario.
  2. Despite the flaws, Eliana does a good job voicing her except whenever she screams.
  3. In spite of her foolishly defending Jeffy, she sometimes reprimands him for his bad behavior (when she either gets annoyed about his behavior or if she actually trusts Mario for once), especially in more recent videos.
  4. She got her comeuppance in Mr. Goodman's Revenge, where she gets arrested for a brief amount of time, though she is bailed out at the end of the video.
  5. At times she does manage to be a sweet and likable character, with "Pregnant Jeffy" being an example.
    • With that said, when she isn't dull or annoying, she can seem cute.
  6. She wasn't as bad as she is nowadays in the first few episodes she was featured in, she was just naive, a bit childish, and ditzy but still ultimately a sweetheart, it wasn't until Jeffy's introduction to the cast was when she really started became a bad character overall.
    • Also, she seems to be starting to improve and gradually shifting back to her older persona ever since mid-late 2021 with her starting to have fewer outright antagonistic appearances.


Before 2020, she was hated by many fans due to her cruel behavior towards Mario, ironically in recent videos, some fans now liked her since Mario becomes cruel towards Jeffy and the others, much to Rose's frustration and objection with Mario's "cruel and greedy behavior".

She was also SMR's least favorite character, until Bowser Junior took her place since "Taken Away!".



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