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    Rosalina (SML, mid 2016-present)

    "FAIRY GODPARENTS!'" — Denzel Crocker

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    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Domestic abuse, violence, and sex references.

    Rosalina/Rose Wilfred (SML)
    "Mario, he's just (insert unjustified defense for Jeffy here)"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Psychotic Moron
    Faux-Nice Girl Idiot Houdini
    Abusive Hypocrite
    Sadistic Spouse
    Pathetic Punching-bag
    Incompetent Coward
    Greedy Narcisstic Parent
    SML Peach Done Worse
    Age: Over 1000+ years old
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Elaina Keyes
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: SuperMarioLogan

    Rosalina Mario (or Rosalina Wilfred) or just simply Rosalina and currently known as Rose is a main female character of the SuperMarioLogan series. She is Mario's wife and Jeffy's adoptive mother.

    She is voiced by Elaina Keyes.

    Why She's Mostly Intentionally a Bad Wife and a Bad Adopted Mother Now

    1. Despite being intended to be portrayed as Mario's faithful partner in theory, in practice she seldom plays the part and is usually more of a foolish, immature, dim-witted, neglectful, and moody jerk, it's to the point that her good nature is arguably an informed trait of hers and making her come off as a mean-spirited Starfire from Teen Titans and/or Hugh Neutron wannabe and a worse version of Sarah Palmer from the Halo franchise often doing things like:
      • Beating Mario up when a prostitute shows up at the door without giving him a chance to speak in "Jeffy's Cellphone!" (which is also the episode that started her flanderization.
      • Smashing her plate of pizza against the wall in "Jeffy's Brain!," in a similar manner to how Jeffy does it when given green beans due to her not liking pizza with meat, disregarding the fact that she is an adult whereas Jeffy is a minor, and remarkably immature for his age at that. She also blamed Mario for raising his voice at her, even though she started it.
      • Tried to hit Mario with a hammer for just texting happy birthday to Peach and then blamed him for going to jail (plus Mario making a good point about her being hypocritical with her treatment of her exes, casually inviting one to her house in "Rosalina's Ex-Boyfriend!") in "Mr. Goodman's Revenge!".
      • Threatening to break up with him many times for minor reasons like unintentionally watching porn in "Jeffy's New Toy!". She even goes to the point of scaring Mario with a creepy doll because of him watching the accidental porn.
      • A complete narcissistic psychopath who goes into a fit of rage when it doesn't go Jeffy's or her way and is very irresponsible as well as the true cause of most of Mario and Jeffy's problems which is similar to how Sarah Palmer caused many problems for her Spartan-IVs but much worse and both of them want to antagonize, accuse someone for no reason and try to kill off Mario and Halsey then have no remorse whatsoever as well as unfairly humiliating them and both got the villains, Jul 'Mdama and Goodman, take advantage on both Halsey and Mario and barely even helped. They also unfairly insulted both Master Chief and Mario, they disobeyed Lasky and Mario and got both of them in trouble later on, and they got both Jeffy and Locke to put the entire blame on both Mario and Jul for their mistakes.
      • She is also way too talkative (especially in "Jeffy's Online School"), to the point that she won't shut up anytime she's on screen. What's worse is that she is doing this on purpose just to torture him for absurd reasons, making her a truly worse villain than Mr. Goodman and Nancy.
    2. Like Mario, she is a poor parent, though she is arguably even worse than Mario as she frequently enables and sometimes even encourages Jeffy's crass and unruly behavior, even in cases where he is doing extreme actions like swearing or destroying property. Many believe that Rosalina sees spoiling one's child rotten as good parenting, and any form of discipline as child abuse.
    3. Her former love for stars or space-related things, in general, got played out rather quickly.
    4. She is just another stereotypical ditz and acts as a bizarre combination between the ditz and a "mean popular girl character" stereotype. that is so stupid and troublesome that she makes Karen, a character intentionally written to be aggravating/bad, look harmless.
      • Her personality nowadays is nearly identical to Peach's despite her being meant to be a foil to her behavior.
      • Unlike her Nintendo counterpart, Rosalina is such a bonehead; she thought the sun was a planet just like Junior did. This makes even less sense than Junior's case because since she claims and shows that she knows all about the planets and galaxies (except for Earth of course); so, she should know what the sun is.
    5. Speaking of humor, most of her attempts at comedy are bland, annoying sometimes, and unremarkable, typically being stereotypical "dumb blonde" jokes.
    6. While her voice by Elaina Keyes is usually decent, it can get ear-piercing at times, particularly when she shouts, yells, and screams (and/or shrieks, etc.) that have been compared to chimpanzee screeches. Her crying is also infamous for sounding obnoxious and grating.
    7. Rosalina rarely gets her comeuppance for her actions and/or irresponsibility, with few exceptions (ex: "Mr. Goodman's Revenge" did have Chef Pee Pee and Goodman point this out when Mario was pointlessly trying to rescue her), making her a greatly amazing karma houdini.
    8. She is known for bitching/nagging when something goes wrong and she is sometimes a whiny crybaby towards Mario, whenever the latter does try calling her out for doing something completely stupid, she always makes Mario feel guilty for her and tries to play the victim card. An example is in "Jeffy The Country Singer", where she asks if Mario can pay $500 to see Trailer Park Danny in concert, and when he says no, she runs away crying like a big baby.
    9. She started to become a Mary Sue since mid-2016.
    10. With that said, she does not seem to realize her issues in her relationship with Mario and the stress she can cause him, or if she knows very well; it looks like she does this with malicious intent, the worst offenders being "Jeffy's Online School" and "Jeffy's Bad Word!".
      • Even when Rosalina apologizes for leaping to conclusions in "Jeffy's Online School", the apology is negated by the fact that it doesn't carry over to the following episodes.
      • Not to mention the episode "Shrek's Coma", where she acted like a flirty schoolgirl to the point of Mario calling her out on it.
    11. She wrongly labeled Mario as a pedophile in "Jeffy's Bad Word!". What makes it worse is that she saw everything Mario was doing and knew he never molested Jeffy.
      • Keep in mind that scenario could have been avoided if she just told the truth.
    12. Rosalina frequently rebukes Mario for moving on to other women when she frequently cheats on Mario and does even worse stuff than Mario does, making her look stupidly hypocritical. Examples of these include episodes like:
      • "Jeffy's 16th Birthday" and "Jeffy's Christmas Gift", Rosalina threatens to leave Mario for her old ex, Super D, and in "Jeffy's Christmas Gift", she does leave Mario for a brief amount of time.
      • "Shrek's Coma", she openly flirts with Shrek in front of Mario, to the latter's dismay. She tries to guilt-trip Mario for understandably getting upset at her for her disrespectful behavior, and the narrative of the video treats her as if she's in the right with Mario being forced to apologize to her at the end, even when Rosalina saw the consequences in dating people like Shrek (someone with bad taste and manners).
      • In "Jeffy's Brain", she begins flirting with Jeffy as he starts speaking French right in front of Mario. Not only does this come off as pedophilia and will most likely come off as incest, although this was somewhat excusable as she at first thought it was the brain of a dead French person before it turned out to be Jeffy himself.
      • In "Jeffy’s Easter Eggs!", it's implied that she had sex with Tyreese, who, by the way, is a chicken, which not only this comes off as both animal abuse and animal sex abuse, this also makes this come off as zoophilia and bestiality.
      • In "Don't Tell Goodman", she tried to commit sexual assault on Mario while not recognizing him while cheating on him. Not to mention that she just tried to commit adultery.
    13. Her new puppet design is absolutely ugly, creepy, and uncanny to look at, to the point that it makes Cody and Bowser's puppets look like masterpieces. It is commonly regarded as one of the worst human puppets in SML. Additionally, she doesn't even have shoes on anymore for some reason, so she walks barefoot everywhere she goes, which is dangerous considering her feet would be damaged, and scarred and it would be infected by germs to potentially get ill if she walks on the sidewalk. Nevertheless, she would have deserved it for her actions as karma.
    14. While not indirectly, she caused everything to go wrong around Mario, such as:
      • In "Where's Jeffy", she gives Jeffy her necklace, while it seems okay at first, it isn't a good idea when the necklace gets taken by a squirrel, thus leaving Mario in a state of panic yet somehow Jeffy got the necklace back with no further explanation.
      • In "Brooklyn Guy's Day Off", she lets Jeffy attempt arson when she allows Jeffy to cook which Jeffy's bad cooking is similar to Chef Pee Pee's.
      • In "Jeffy's Scooter", she got Mario falsely framed by Richard for failing to fix his scooter trying to fix scooter with scotch tape was a stupid idea, to begin with.
      • In "Jeffy's Show And Tell", she causes Mario to accidentally spill Pepsi on Jeffy's cat piano and fully puts the blame on Mario without remorse. She even caused Jeffy to throw a temper tantrum over the destroyed cat piano.
      • In one of her infamous moments in "Jeffy's Witness Protection", she and Karen wet Brooklyn Guy's bed and had him angry at Mario over it when thought it was wrong of Mario to wet the bed too but constantly for the fact that both Rosalina and Karen got Mario mostly yelled at by Brooklyn Guy was not worth it.
      • She almost got Mario choked to death after failing to cook the pizza rolls properly.
      • In her absolute worst moments in "Jeffy Sneaks Out", she caused two things to go wrong around Mario and this time also for Brooklyn Guy and Simmons in her second action in the video. The first is causing Drawing Jeffy to grab a knife in the kitchen because she forced Mario to throw a banana at him. Why did she even want Mario to throw a banana at Drawing Jeffy anyway? It makes no sense that Jeffy is not scared of bananas except Drawing Jeffy. The second worst thing she did was that she was overreacting over Drawing Jeffy having a knife when it isn't that big of a deal she and Mario got in a situation with him after calling the police as well as causing Brooklyn Guy to drop his gun to be grabbed by Drawing Jeffy and got Simmons almost killed by Drawing Jeffy.
      • In "Jeffy's TV Show" She records Mario being sprayed by Jeffy and Mario tackling Jeffy and puts it on the video to make him look like a child abuser to make matters worse, she didn't call him and Jeffy out when she thinks Mario and Jeffy were playing which is out of character of her.
      • She stubbornly caused Mario to get jealous 24/7 every time she brings an ex boyfriend over and even caused Mario to poison Brad which she nearly committed proxy murder in "Jeffy Almost Drowns".
    15. For some reason in "Jeffy Gets Captured", she was very disgusting on Mario when she had a grossed-out fetish of farting where she just farts in Mario's face for no reason which ends up giving him a pink eye.
    16. Despite claiming to be a good mother and a better parent than Mario which is not true, there are moments where she is a cruel, neglectful, lazy, and abusive mother to Jeffy and by far much worse than both Nancy and even Jeffy not to mention that her crimes proved her very wrong.
      • In "Jeffy's Witness Protection", she gets Jeffy to check the mail for her which is not only lazy for her but also the reason why Jeffy got falsely arrested for killing someone and why they are under threat of Mr. Meaner and takes no remorse for it.
      • In "Pregnant Jeffy", she doesn't bother helping out with Junior and Jeffy Junior taking care of Jeffy Junior II which is also very irresponsible of her, and also the fact that she decides to neglect not only Jeffy on this but also her grandson.
        • Speaking of neglect, she did this to Jeffy several times every time she went absent for absurd reasons.
      • In "Jeffy's Scary Movie", she repeatedly scared Jeffy with clown-themed items that scare him from a bootleg horror movie and shot some graffiti in Jeffy's eye which would have caused eye trauma and is considered physical abuse. While Jeffy did deserve it for disobeying Mario, that was still Rosalina's fault for letting Mario reluctantly allow Jeffy to watch a stupid horror movie which she should have been the one apologizing to Mario not to mention that what she did for torturing Jeffy was very cruel and antagonistic in this video. She even made Jeffy a punching bag in this and even abused him so much which is enough to get her arrested.
      • In "Jeffy Loses His Head", she wouldn't stop laughing about dead jokes from Brooklyn Guy on Jeffy when it was obvious that Jeffy was already completely dead after the run over and acts very sad about "realizing" that Jeffy was already dead when she already knows that much damage kills him then makes dead jokes with Brooklyn Guy on a dead seal which is very disrespectful to the dead, making her very heartless. She was supposed to rather stop Brooklyn from killing Jeffy, but the worst thing is that she chose not to. For that, this is one of her absolute worst moments of being a cruel mother and a complete monster.
      • In "Drawing Jeffy" she and Mario are somehow blind and don't tell the difference between Jeffy and Drawing Jeffy She doesn't even listen to him though it was Jeffy's comeuppance but the moment that Rosalina did by wrongly going against Jeffy and does not defend him for the right this time was just wrong and didn't even care about a drawing pig. When she and Mario see the pig, she harshly thinks it is obvious it is just a normal pig at first. Because of how she sides with Mario at the wrong time against Jeffy in this video, this makes her more completely idiotic for that moment.
      • In "Jeffy's Flu Shot", she beats Jeffy with a spoon just to get the remote off of Jeffy's mouth which is considered both child abuse and assault at the same time, and again should've been arrested for that. Yes, she does that when Mario orders her to do it, but it's without hesitation, and is willing to do it as she hits him like a psychopath.
      • In "Jeffy's 17th Birthday", she doesn't bother to even do anything to stop Mario and Jeffy from stealing a Taco Bell sign then leaves Jeffy to get captured and assaulted by Nancy when she escapes from prison as the point of literally leaving him for dead.
      • In "Jeffy's 19th Birthday!", she decides to distract herself to celebrate Jeffy's birthday instead of worrying about Jeffy being in danger while doing nothing else about it rather than setting up the party while Mario shows more concern about it.
      • In "Jeffy's Mind Control Helmet", though Jeffy fakes being mind-controlled because of how the mind control helmet doesn't work, she doesn't seem to mind about the idea of Jeffy being brainwashed by the helmet and thinks it was a good idea. Also, she didn't even think that the helmet would short-circuit the moment Jeffy was about to take a shower because of how electricity and water don't even mix despite again the helmet doesn't work. Worse, she never even scolded Mario or Brooklyn for this, and again even though the helmet doesn't work, she didn't bother stopping Jeffy from taking a shower with the helmet still on him.
      • In "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", she stayed in a car because she was a coward and didn't bother helping out to rescue Jeffy. Also, it is revealed that she hates babies and when she is high on mushrooms, she says she wants to put a baby in a microwave which is child murder and ageist of her.
      • In "Goodman's Heart Transplant", she stubbornly made Goodman have a heart attack over a price of her purse and caused him to think he needs a heart transplant from a sticker and the result is that she caused him to hire an assassin to kill Jeffy which she literally put Jeffy in danger of death by endangering him.
      • In "Jeffy Gets Help", she causes Mario to give Brooklyn Guy a job to give Jeffy to take drugs by Brooklyn to give him tic-tacs which results to having dangerous side effects due to being allergic to them.
      • In "Jeffy Gets Ran Over", she got Jeffy almost killed from being run over by Mario and caused both Mario and Goodman to get arrested not to mention that she takes no remorse for her crimes of again endangering Jeffy and mindlessly incriminating both Mario and Goodman.
        • Because of this, this is another example of her hypocrisy when she wrongly scolds Mario for abusing Jeffy yet she's the one abusing Jeffy herself, even after she sees Nancy beating him in "Jeffy's Parents". She also doesn't even acknowledge that she abuses him and doesn't even think how her abusive behavior would affect Jeffy to make him even more aggressive towards Mario.
        • What is also worse is that the more she abuses Jeffy, the more she dehumanizes him to the point that she brainwashes him to become an insane manchild and purposely uses him to take advantage to make Mario's life even worse throughout the years because of her actions. While Mario did abuse Jeffy at times too such as how he unintentionally whip Jeffy with a belt and sold him to Goodman, it was understandable of what he was going through unlike Rosalina's reason who only abused Jeffy just to corrupt him, proving Mario to be the only right parent for Jeffy,
    17. She gets very repetitive with the gag "I love you, Super D" in "The Hypnosis Ray" while hypnotized. To put it bluntly, she was even worse when she was brainwashed to become a useless slave to him just to love Super D when all she did was just stand there repeating the gag and nothing else. While Super D did deserve to be kicked out of the theater, she was at her worst for torturing him.
    18. Compared to Mr. Goodman, she has the infamous moments of being very self-centered when she thinks everything revolves around her and moments that sometimes make her worse than Goodman.
      • In "Jeffy's Gamer Girl Problem", she is at her worst when she demands money from Mario after accusing him of cheating on her which is very greedy of her. not only that, but it's also revealed that she was likely a cruel gold digger. What is worse that the reason why she has many boyfriends is likely to have them not just for sexual tensions but also mainly use them for money which is prostitution which makes her once again compared to Nancy just like from WSABWTMABAMTJAWTPAN#15.
      • In "Jeffy's Witness Protection", she has a stupidly selfish obsession over roller skates and acts like an even more total child over it.
      • In "Brooklyn Guy's Credit Card", she was selfish over shoes that she got from Brooklyn whom she forced him to buy then complained that her feet hurt and her shoes didn't fit.
      • In "Brooklyn Guy's Big Fight", it was revealed that she once dated Candy Randy just because of candy which is a completely selfish reason to have him as one of her ex-boyfriends, and also didn't find him attractive she implied that she is also somewhat a sexist which makes her even much worse despite the fact on how she didn't mind Mario's bald head yet she despises Candy Randy's look which is a bad out of character move of her.
      • Another example is that in the canceled original version of the SML movie, she is one of the many people who didn't care about Mario being kidnapped and only wanted him back just for the house payment which makes her much worse than in the final version.
      • She and Mario were selfish enough to view each other as being more beautiful through Goodman's Apple Vision Pro and destroyed it in the process. Though it was put back together, both of them haven't learned at the end.
    19. She's shown to be very disobedient for example in Jeffy's Summer Detention when she didn't listen to Mario swinging on the hammock, though she deserved to get sunburned and bruised for disobeying him.
    20. From all her idiocy, she went extremely idiotic in a very bad and useless way in one moment in Jeffy's Butler Part 2 when she didn't realize that Patricia wanted to "thank him" while looking at his crotch instead of just calling her out and protect Mario from Patricia's sexual harassment. She would've known the obvious by now but this was at her own worst when she kept on asking without even thinking. She does the same thing in "Mario The Pool Boy" except she stupidly forces Mario to try to cheat on her with Suzanne as she doesn't care about her being perverted towards Mario and doesn't take defensive action against her. She even badly treats him like a child when she's not even a mother to him at all. For all of her worst actions, she thinks that Mario cheats on her and now she's trying to get Mario to cheat on her and doesn't care about any perverted women trying to have Mario for themselves because he is her husband and she's forcing him to cheat on her while purposely willing to have Mario suffer, which is much in her absolute worse than she has done in other previous terrible SML videos like "Jeffy's Online School" and "Jeffy's Bad Word" then did so yet again when she didn't bother saving Mario in "Jeffy's Piano Lessons". Doesn't that worse action of hers for trying to get Mario to cheat on her with Suzanne may again sound familiar? What is also worth noting is that in "Jeffy The Country Singer", she thought that it was completely normal that Trailer Park Danny was married to his sister, which is incest and wrong on so many levels.
    21. She is also much worse on everyone else such as:
      • She didn't bother to even let Chives escape when trying to help out with cutting off his testicles nor did he even stopped Mario or Goodman from doing so in "Goodman's Bad Request".
      • She almost killed Brooklyn Guy in a box who was disguised as a robot with a knife in "Jeffy Learns Manners".
      • She doesn't care about Jeffy's pet being paralyzed and only bought him just so he can't escape while not caring about how he is in so much pain and for some reason has an unsettling pleased expression with Jeffy dragging his pet when he was being strangled and leaves him to almost choke to death from Jeffy's incompetence and abuse not to mentioned that she paralyzed the dog in the first place which is pure sadism in "Jeffy's Dog".
      • She ran over a squirrel for absolutely no reason and nearly got Goodman to have a heart transplant from his corpse which is absolutely disgusting even to have a heart transplant from a dead animal.
      • She and Mario for some reason didn't bother to even move the table to get Goodman's cat. She then didn't bother actually trying to stop Brooklyn Guy from abusing or killing the cat in "Goodman's Cat".
      • As mentioned before in Pointer 16's pointer example 4, she made fun of a dead seal which again was dishonorable towards animal deaths and finding such animal death to be rather entertaining which is again very wrong and cruel.
      • In Jeffy's Daughter, she was lazy enough of not trying to stop Mario from calling in a Hawk to snatch and kill Jeffy's daughter. Yes, the way she gives birth to Jeffica was disgusting but not stopping Mario from hiring a hawk to assassinate her shows how much of a useless mother she is for not saving her life.
      • Likewise said like the previous example pointer, she didn't stop Jeffy from abusing his son, Jeffy Junior whom is her own grandson and leaving him to die being flushed in the toilet and refuses to take remorse of it as she frames Mario for the entirety of it proving how cold and remorseless she truly is.
    22. Similar to Rosemary and Peppa Pig, she also counts as the very worst example of a karma houdini/idiot hounini since a lot of the time, nothing bad happens to her other than occasionally getting stressed. She does not get punished a lot of the time for her insufferable behavior.
    23. Despite being a karma houdini and an idiot houdini, she can be a pathetic punching bag/butt-monkey at times which at times she refuses to stand up to people who criticize her the wrong way and how they treat her similar to Jar Jar Binks. In some cases she deserved it, but in other cases, this proves how even more pathetic and cowardly she can be without standing up for herself for the right reasons in the following examples.
      • She got her arm broken by Jeffy in "Jeffy Goes Bowling".
      • Dewey gave her a blank script and had herself get fired by him without standing up to him in "Jeffy's TV Show."
      • She got herself sunburned twice in "Jeffy's Swimming Lesson" and "Jeffy's Summer Detention."
      • Does Bad Things Guy tape her mouth shut and got hit her on the head, and almost killed her in "The Secret Door".
      • She got punched by Jeffy and didn't even call him out for it in "Jeffy The Boxer".
      • She somehow got herself locked outside and turned into a zombie and got shot in the head by Brooklyn Guy in "The Zombie Apocalypse".
      • Brooklyn Guy and Mario roasted her and didn't do anything about it in "Jealous Brooklyn Guy".
      • Goodman looked at her without even greeting her after she did in "Mario Sells Jeffy".
      • Brooklyn Guy kept being rude to her in "Jeffy The Pool Shark", to the point of asking Mario for permission to hire a hitman to kill her."
      • Jeffy told her that no one likes her in "The Lunch Lady".
      • In "Jeffy's Scary Movie", Jeffy kept interrupting her and mocking her, and she didn't do anything about it.
      • While she did deserve to be ejected to space in "Among Us", she framed herself for killing Jeffy by just coming into the room making herself look like the Imposter, and instead could've just said she was doing other tasks instead of just saying she was coming to Jeffy's room to say goodnight. Not to mention, Chef Pee Pee was the Imposter here.
      • She got locked in the closet by Mario and Jeffy in "Breaking Bad" when she tried to call the police.
      • In "The Taser Problem" she gets Simmons jealous for being a partner of Brooklyn Guy which comes to the point where she falls for Simmon's trap to attack Tyrone with her taser and she gets fired from being a police officer and thus is too much pathetic in it for bringing the torture on herself. In other words, she commits police brutality and just brings her torment towards her by making herself look like a total racist.
      • She temporarily got killed by Chucky because she thought he was a normal toy in "Jeffy's Doll", even when it was blatantly obvious that he was possessed. Even when the news told everyone the toys that Chucky was made with were killing people, she thought it was some sort of "Friday the 13th Fool's Day joke", which, as Marvin points out, makes absolutely zero sense at all.
      • In "Jeffy The Elf", Brooklyn Guy says everyone can come with him to the North Pole, but when she asks him if she could come as well, Brooklyn tells her to F off.
        • In fact, she allows Brooklyn to bully her without even standing up to him and doesn't even mind it at all, which makes her a complete useless wimp.
      • In "The Acorn", she lets herself get choked by a strangler and had to rely on Brooklyn to shoot him without even fighting back.
      • In "Jeffy Ball Z 5", she gets fat shamed constantly.
      • In "Shrek's Endless Cheesecake", she lets Brooklyn Guy bully her just for cleaning her own ears and helping Mario cleaning his ears and stupidly got Shrek to try to kill her for not liking cheesecake. Also, it is unclear why she hates cheesecake which she chose to let her opinion anger Shrek when she did not learn her lesson about pissing him off from the last time.
      • In "Jeffy's Big Idea", she stubbornly fails to protect herself from Simmons as she pathetically relied only on Mario to rescue her and harshly scolds him for not saving her and incompetently let Super D sexually harass her without even telling him to leave or even stand up to him.
      • In "The Pot Of Gold", Mario and Jeffy leave to look for the pot of gold without her, even when she asked, but pathetically left it by.
    24. Since her parents destroyed 69 planets in "Turkey Tyranny" and didn't seem to mind it for some reason. It is implied that she is involved in these acts of mass genocide as well, making her a mass murderer by killing presumably billions of lives on some of these planets across the galaxy and mass terrorism for the destruction of each civilization on each planet she helped destroy which is enough to sentence her to death and something Nintendo's Rosalina would never do.
    25. For some reason, she doesn't acknowledge that Baba-Booey is her adopted brother despite the fact that she was from space raised by Alien and his wife and doesn't even bother trying to help her parents or her adopted brother escape from the CIA even after everything they did for her and decides not to help in return which is very dishonorable even to her adopted family not to mention that she literally betrayed them. In fact, she is a disgrace even to her adopted family.
    26. She literally committed drug abuse as revealed in "Jeffy And Junior's Hotel" when she once had a completely bad addiction to drugs which she would've got herself arrested which was another bad out of character move of her.
    27. Depending on your opinion, while she did improve in 2021, she reverted to her original ways starting with "Jeffy's Gamer Girl Problem!" but also badly flanderized into becoming worse than before later on. Sound awfully familiar?
    28. Though she did have an official Kable10 counterpart who would have the potential to be much more tolerable and likable, so far she proves to be much worse by being way too disturbing in an unsettling way in one nightmare scene when she eats Mario's Super Mario Wonder game in "Super Jeffy Wonder". While she was mentioned in "Jeffy's Raft Rescue", still not much is known about her or where she is at.
    29. She's so awful that she makes Chi-Chi seem like an angel, which is something considering she bitches about stupid things, although she isn't an idiot that spoils Gohan and Goten rotten nor did she ever purposely endangered or abuse them (except maybe the fact that she spanked Goten for nearly getting himself killed, even though it was mainly to teach him a lesson) or cheats on Goku with the hundreds of ex-boyfriends she doesn't have by being a prostitute or even forced Goku to cheat on her just to watch him suffer or even committed drug abuse or go that much worse on everyone else like trying to kill Brooklyn Guy, paralyzed her son's dog just to sadistically watch him suffer or run over a squirrel for no reason neither even implied to help destroy billions of innocent lives like a complete genocidal maniac.
    30. Overall, because of all those reasons stated above, Rose is deemed as one of the worst SML characters as well as being worse than Junior and even Jeffy and a worst villain than Peach, Nancy and even Goodman due to her being a one-note narcissistic psycho.

    Mostly Unintentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. At times she still can be sensible, right-minded, supportive, and helpful to Mario.
      • An example is in Jeffy's Brain, where she admits that she was wrong to throw the plate against the wall, and apologizes for it.
      • She still loves Mario despite all of her actions.
      • Despite being a cruel and abusive mother towards Jeffy, she still cares about him, unlike Nancy. Sadly, that doesn't fully redeem her from being a complete monster and a hate sink for abusing, dehumanizing, and brainwashing Jeffy then using him to ruin Mario's life even more.
    2. Despite the flaws, Elaina Keyes still does a great job voicing her outside of Rosalina's screams, putting a take on Mercedes Rose's and Kerri Kane's voices for Nintendo's Rosalina.
    3. Despite her defending Jeffy foolishly, she oftentimes reprimands him for his bad behavior (when she either gets annoyed about his behavior or if she trusts Mario for once), she also rarely rightfully defends Jeffy, especially in more recent videos.
    4. She got some comeuppance in "Mr. Goodman's Revenge", where she gets arrested for a brief amount of time, though she is bailed out at the end of the video and is still an annoying damsel-in-stress that made the video, even more, worse than Goodman.
      • She and Jeffy finally got their greatest comeuppance in "Among Us" through their ways, on Jeffy's side, he got killed by Chef Pee Pee's imposter, and on Rosalina's side, she got ejected from the house after Bowser Junior, Brooklyn Guy, and Chef Pee Pee's imposter thought she killed Jeffy. And they were all, extremely well-deserved.
      • She also got her comeuppance in "Jeffy Loses His Head" where she got left behind by Mario and Brooklyn Guy which is well deserving for being heartless with making dead jokes on a seal and laughing about dead jokes on Jeffy from earlier.
    5. At times, even when she's bland; she still does manage to have her original personality and be a sweet, cute, and likable character, with "Pregnant Jeffy" being an example when she isn't being too dull or annoying.
      • Rose surprisingly manages to be the sole bearable character amidst a cast of Sussys in "Jeffy Plays Genshin Impact".
      • She was also sympathetic of fur coats and didn't want to wear those (or glasses made out of baby penguin's spines) in Rich Mario.
    6. She wasn't as bad as she is nowadays in the first few episodes she was featured in, she started as a naive, childish, and ditzy person who has a bizarrely whiny obsession with stars but was still ultimately a sweetheart. It wasn't until "Jeffy's Cellphone" was when she started to become a bad character overall.
      • Also, she seems to be starting to improve and gradually shifting back to her older persona ever since mid-late 2021 with her starting to have fewer outright antagonistic appearances. Unfortunately in 2023, she slightly reverted to her old ways, by letting Mario be harassed or being greedy and cruel to him in "Jeffy's Gamer Girl Problem!".
    7. In The Divorce, she did try to help Mario with his obsession with Tom Brady though it didn't turn out well when Brooklyn Guy was also obsessed with Tom Brady.
    8. In "Mario Sells Jeffy!", she is shown to tell the difference between which is Jeffy and which is not Jeffy, which is an improvement over being blind to mistaking Drawing Jeffy to be the real Jeffy twice.
    9. Her original design is admittedly attractive and gorgeous and is completely faithful to her Nintendo counterpart.
    10. She saves Brooklyn Guy's life by cutting Mario's hair when it becomes a sentient monster and attacks him in The Hair Problem.
    11. While Rosalina is generally unfunny and obnoxious, she does have her handful of funny moments here and there.
      • In The Pizza Delivery, she immediately and humorously walked away from Mario trying to kiss her after she and Mario had pizza for dinner.
      • In Mario's Christmas Tree Problem, she told Mario it'd be so "hot" if he had a star on a Christmas tree in Mario's living room.
      • In Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Episode 3, she was unwrapping a bar of Snickers while Brooklyn was asking what candy was in outer space in a game show presented on national television (and almost fed the candy bar to Brooklyn like she was feeding a baby). It doesn't help that her saying the Earth is flat and being told to leave the game show for that answer, is also treated as a humorous moment.
      • In Rosalina's Parents, she teases Mario about how her parents will love Mario and jokes about his "bald-ass head" before laughing hard at that before her parents answer the door. She also had another moment of trying to reassure Mario to not shake so hard like a drug addict and she told Mario that her parents are not "Mexicans" when they are green-skinned aliens.
      • In "The New House", she (awkwardly and dramatically) laughed hysterically at Mario's question about living in her house.
      • In The Ring, she is so dedicated to finding that one piece of grass Mario told her to look for, and after Mario loses the wedding ring without her knowing, she comes back and brings Mario the greenest piece of grass she could find.
      • In Rich Mario, she tells Mario to sit down with her and suggests "Let's sit down and be poor" as a suggestion for leaving Goodman's gold alone.
      • In Jeffy's Anger Management, at the end of the video, she cheerfully exclaimed her beliefs for two Brooklyn T. Guys by saying "I knew there were two of them!".
    12. She shows some responsibility in Jeffy And Junior Sneak To Disney World, she rightfully scolded Mario for his Lego obsession (Though it was a minor childish obsession since she was a bigger manchild than Mario most of the time), and Junior, Joseph, and Jeffy for sneaking to Disney World without a mask.
    13. While she was at her worst in "Mario The Pool Boy", this is one of the times that she didn't accuse him of cheating on her. Sadly that's not enough to redeem her when she forced Mario to be sexually harassed by Suzanne.
    14. While she was bad as a slave to Super D in "The Hypnosis Ray", she wasn't aware of her actions as she doesn't remember anything from her brainwashed state, thus she asked him what he was doing here and didn't even turn against Mario that time.
    15. Most of the time, she was intended to be hated as we are supposed to root for Mario and (sometimes) Jeffy for her abusive behavior towards them.




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