Rosa (Victor and Valentino)

Rosa, often nicknamed Rosita, is a character from the 2019-2022 American animated Cartoon Network television series Victor and Valentino. She is a young and studious girl who loves researching butterflies and views everything as a chance to learn but gets distracted easily. She was voiced by Arianna Villavicencio.

Rosa (Victor and Valentino)
"Sugar and spice, and everything nice" HEY! You stole that line from The Powerpuff Girls!
Gender: Female
Type: Little Bratty Girl who Barely Gets Punished
Age: 7-10
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Arianna Villavicencio
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Victor and Valentino

Why She's (Intentionally?) Not a Rose

  1. To begin with she is a spoiled brat who wants to forcefully make everyone get what she wants without thinking of others.
  2. She is also a mean popular girl, but not in a good way like these characters. (See Mean Popular Girl RQ#1)
  3. She was at her worst in "Churro Kings" since in that episode, she stole the highlight of Victor and Valentino.
    • She was also unlikable in "Aluxes" because she made fun of Victor's buffon costume.
  4. Speaking of "Churro Kings", nearly the end of the episode she tried to burn the churro stand into a lava pit, even though this can be seen as hilarious.
    • She also never forgave Victor and Valentino in that episode for trying to burn the Churro stand, which was very disrespectful.
  5. She never gets punished by her relatives for her mean acts, making her a Karma Houdini.

(Intentional?) Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her design is admittedly pretty cute, especially by 2019-2022's standards.
  2. She was likable in her first appearance, "Dead Ringer" and in "Starry Night", depending on your view.
  3. Arianna Villavicencio did a pretty good job voicing her.
  4. She once got a punishment in "Churro Kings" where Victor put salt on the churros and everyone left her stand, so she is not fully a karma houdini.


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