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    Roffle and Lolz, also known as Pink and Blue respectively, are two characters from the Charlie the Unicorn series and its spin-off, Charlie teh Unicron.

    "Shun the non-believer! Shun! Shhhuuuunnn!"

    Why They're The Ones Who Should Get Shunned, Not Charlie

    1. They are frequently seen annoying Charlie by frequently repeating his name over and over again, stating the obvious (for example, the bridge scene in episode 1, where Lolz told him (Charlie) that they were on a bridge), etc.
    2. Lolz's design makes herlook more light purple than blue, which is confusing.
    3. In "Episode 3", they made Charlie grab onto their tongues, which is disgusting!
    4. Their voices are extremely annoying, with Lolz being the worst offender, even for FilmCow standards.
    5. They don't listen to Charlie and are oblivious to "safety first", as seen in episode 1, where Charlie states that there may be splinters in the bridge, yet they just ignore his warning and continue annoying him, as usual.
    6. They are sociopaths, as they only take Charlie on their adventures just to make him go crazy.
    7. They tricked Charlie into entering the Candy Mountain Cave just to steal his kidney, making them potential murderers.
    8. They are always agreeing with each other, which can get annoying after a while.
    9. Overall, they are bad examples of anti-heroes, to the point it makes them look more like villains.
      • Plus, they never get any comeuppance for their mistreatment of Charlie, making them Karma Houdinis.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Lolz's design in Charlie teh Unicron makes it clearer that she's supposed to be blue, clearing up the confusion mentioned in WTTOWSBS #2.
    2. They can be funny depending on your view.
    3. They are fluent in Spanish, as seen in episode 2, where they are seen speaking to a giant letter Z.
    4. "Candy Mountain! Candy Mountain! You fill me with sweet sugary goodness!"
    5. The webseries would not be as good without them.
    Their designs in "Charlie teh Unicron"


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