Rodrigo Ricardi

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Rodrigo Ricardi
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"If you thought Simoneta is the most unlikable character of the soap opera, that's because you didn't know this character."
Gender: Male
Type: Spoiled boy
Age: 7
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Hendrik Mariné
Media of origin: ''¡Vivan los niños!''

Rodrigo Ricardi is a character of the Mexican soap opera ¡Vivan los niños!. He's 7 years old like her other classmates and he's (With Simoneta Molina) the richest boy in the classroom. His only friend is Simoneta Molina.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is twice as snooty and arrogant as Simoneta is. This is for the following WIS's to come.
  2. Contrary to her, he isn't the least bit sorry for the bad deeds he does and does not even apologize or does so reluctantly.
  3. His mother almost never scolds or punishes him for his bad actions and on the contrary congratulates him.
  4. Often becomes irritating when crying and screaming from tantrums (A perfect example is in a part of the episode 89).
  5. He's always looking for a fight with someone in his classroom for no reason. The main characters are Lucas, Damián and Memo.
  6. His only good deed was at the beginning of episode 153 when some girls were frightened by a fierce dog. Other than that, there was no good deed from the character.
  7. For him, his only true friend at school is Simoneta just because she is as wealthy as he's. Although later even she got fed up with him on a few occasions.
  8. He almost always takes jokes and funny comments personally, even if they aren't dedicated to him.
  9. Hypocrisy: In episode 70 he says that he wants Ángel to be beaten by his parents as a punishment so that he learns respect, but he should also do the same with everyone.
  10. It's equally or more cruel to to Ángel. For example, in episode 94 where he purposely throws Ángel's food at the ground in the food school contest or in episode 104 where he tells him (With his friend) that he will never be a doctor because of his skin color and poverty.
  11. When it was his birthday in the episode 89, he insulted all his guests (who were his classmates, including Simoneta) by saying that they were "filthy".
  12. In episode 150, he went too far by saying that he hates his teacher and would do anything to get her removed from the school. Main reason why that episode sucked.

Remeding Qualities

  1. His father is at least aware of the things his son does and tries to discipline or punish him for his actions.
  2. In episode 152 he changes his attitude.
  3. He received his karma in some episodes. For example, in the episodes 72, 87, 90, 95, 130 and 150.
  4. At least he cared and felt bad for Damián when he received leukemia.


  • He is inspired on Jorge Del Salto from Carrussel (1989).


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